Sunday, June 29, 2008

The End

The story gets over here with Part 8. I don't know how many have been reading this but I will surely love to have the comments from my readers. This story is just a very simple one but very close to my heart. I was in the train when I wrote it but when I started typing it, it was fun posting it in parts and then making my readers wait for the forthcoming updates. It was a tiring job to type but I enjoyed it.

It is not a real story. All charcters and situations are fictitious but the concept of 6 friends is from my observation. I had my circle of 6 friends in college and also saw some who were close had a group with 4 girls and 2 boys. Sunil is a character that is very close to my heart. It has a mixture of all the characters I would like to see in a guy who would be " My man". That's it.

Thank you all for reading it and giving your comments so far. Read the rest and enjoy.

Watch out for - Jaane tu.....ya Jaane na, releasing on 4th July. I think it'll have something like this. Again, there are 6 in this movie.


Ydntn said...

Hi Archana , YD here.. thanks for posting the comment... Saw few of your posts.. you share my passion to write stories in a easy to read language... :)
I've passed out from VIT this year and would like to know more about you..
If you are on Orkut, please add/scrap me ..
This is my URL:

btw, i've only read one post of yours and will soon read the others and yea, post comments :)
If you do get time, do check out one of my posts on First year in the same Blog :)


Power of Words said...

Thanks for reading my posts and giving ur comments. would look forward for more. I am on orkut and i sent u a friend request.
i have already checked the post abt ur first yr experience.:)
I am also a pass out of VIT this yr. I have finished my B.Sc in Biotech

क्षितीश said...

Hi archana, finally I woke up from a long sleep n able to see what u have wrote all these days... It was a nice story, a balanced mixture of fun, emotions n imaginations... a pure fantacy!!! U continued me to be ur fan for ur stories...!!!

डॉ .अनुराग said...

one more sugeestion archna to reach to more of reader try to write it in hindi.....simple story is always beautiful.......

Power of Words said...

Haan zaroor doctor sahab. i will do that. once i am back home i can get my hindi articles. they are in my diary so i will write in hindi also.

Ashwini Mayya said...

Hi Archana,
I've read most of your posts.
They are simply mind blowing.
Your flow of thought is very good and it made me to keep reading and wait for ur upcoming posts.
Continue with ur work.
All the best.

Power of Words said...

Thank u Ashu. A new reader of my blog. :)

the name sounds so familiar as it is the pet name of the character in my story.:)

Archana said...

hey ashu if u r reading my blog, can u give ur mail id or something!!

Ramkumar said...
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PD said...

आज जाकर सारी कहानी पढी.. मस्त लिखी हो..
अब अगला पोस्ट भी जल्दी से लिखो रिव्यू वाला.. तुम्हारा रिव्यू पढकर मैं नॉवेल पढूंगा.. :)

Power of Words said...

Ji Bhaiyya!! Likhti hoon. pehle book to padh loon poori:)