Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Internship – Part 6

Namu, Sunil and Pri exclaimed, “What! Are you out of your senses?”
Archie objected them saying, “Why can’t we?”

Sunil: See, we are not her parents and neither do we own her responsibility. Leave it to the NGO people.

AN: Why? Why do parents come here? They left her in such a condition and NGO people will take care but we can do……

Sunil didn’t let her speak more. He was quite hyperactive for the first time. Seeing that, the others became quiet.

Sunil: Remember, we are here for a month internship. We’ve just another 3 to 4 days here in the NGO. We can just make them feel happy with our care.

AN: So you mean it’s all temporary? Then, we are doing it only for money. Isn’t it?
Sunil: No. We aren’t. You are not able to understand me yaar.

Archie stood up to leave.

Ashu: Oh! Archie, sit down now. We’ll find out a solution.
AN: Look, isn’t it a good option? What do you feel?

Ashu supported Archie but rest all were quiet.

“I am not satisfied,” Sunil said rudely.

“Why do you have to be so rude Sunil?” Archie said with a kind of shivering in her voice.

Archie couldn’t believe that Sunil could be so rude to her.

Sunil: Use your brain. Don’t think with your heart. How can we do that?
AN: We can. We can talk to Ms Reena and tell her about our proposal and also talk to Deepti and see if she agrees.

Sunil: Now, where on earth will you find a groom for her? In the roads or Ashu, will you marry her?

Ashu: Hey, chill man. Why is this topic getting hot?

There was a sudden pause. Ashu was just taken aback by Sunil’s remark.

“Girls, can’t you say something,” Ashu said looking at Sherin, Pri and Namu.

Pri and Namu said, “We are just students’ yaar. How can we get someone married? How will we handle all that?

AN: Are you mad? We are not going to get her married. I mean we will but we’ll ask the NGO people to arrange everything. We can give the idea and let them proceed with Deepti’s consent. How can we search for a groom for her? We are still amateurs in this world.

Ashu: Okay. I agree with Archie. We can get this topic in front of the chief but do talk to Deepti first. We must not overreact. She might feel bad.

AN: Okay. I will.

Sunil didn’t speak a word. He stood up and went near the door. They paid the bill and left.

Archie was talking to Pri and Namu about her plan. Sherin and Ashu walked behind. Sunil was indifferent towards Archie. He wasn’t happy with her decision. Eventually, both chose to stay quiet.

Archie went to Deepti’s room as soon as she came back from the mini break. She spoke to her casually. She didn’t want to tell her about the proposal that day.

The day was over.

That night, Archie was feeling quite restless in the room as she thought about the day’s happenings. She couldn’t bear Sunil’s indifference.

She messaged him: “Don’t be angry dear. I want to talk to you. Are you awake?”

Sunil replied, “Yes. Come in.”

Archie went to their room. Ashu was also awake. Archie was quiet for a while and then started softly. She told him that she would put the idea before Ms Reena. Sunil explained his part again but Archie didn’t argue with him.

Sunil kept talking and then stopped just realizing that Archie wasn’t saying anything.

“Now what?” he said.

Archie’s eyes were red. Her head was bent down. She couldn’t bear the indifference. She didn’t want to face him.

“Archie, listen,” he said and then Archie nodded her head to show that she was listening.

Sunil continued talking.

“See, I agree that whatever you said is for the good but we are not the right people to take such decisions. Let us work. You become her friend and if you want to talk to her or visit her whenever you have time,” Sunil said calmly.

Archie nodded her head in agreement and said, “Okay.”

Ashu had to intervene to make the situation from good to better.

He said, “Sunil, you are also correct in your part but Archie isn’t wrong too. Let us try what she says. If it’s not feasible then we’ll leave this topic.”

“Hmmmm, okay. We will try,” Sunil said giving up.

“Now look up Archie,” Sunil cajoled her.

Archie didn’t look up. She wanted to hide her emotions before Sunil but she never could do that.

He put his hands around her shoulders. No sooner did he do that than she hugged him ever so tightly.

She said, “Don’t be so indifferent to me again. I am an idiot I know but I can also think of something good.”

Sunil said, “Yes, my idiot you can. Now stop those tears. They are very precious. Keep them for the best moments. What has happened to you? Is it a crying day?”

“Please, stop Archie. Sweetheart, stop now,” saying this Ashu put his hand around her shoulders and winked at Sunil.

“Sunil is not angry,” he added.

“Okay,” Archie said sniffling and wiped her tears.
“Now smile,” Ashu said giving her a chirpy look.

A smile flickered half way through her face.

“Nah! Nah! Not this,” Sunil said.

“Give that big big smile on your face,” Sunil requested Archie.

Archie couldn’t help showing her teeth.

She entered the room and the other 3 girls were awake.

“Fight solved!” Namu said.

Sherin said, “Look at her face. It shows. Now, let’s sleep.”

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