Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Internship- Part 1(Scene 2)

Archie had a good sleep. Her first job in the morning was to go to the other 3 girls’ room and give them the news.

Archie kept banging the door and then comes Priya, quite hyperactive. She opens the door, looks at Archie and exclaims, “Ah!! What’s the time? What’s the time???”

“Wait! Don’t get tensed. It’s 10,” Archie said calming her down.
How come all 3 of you still sleeping?

Pri: [In a sleepy tone] we were awake till 2 in the morning.
AN: What? How come you………….???
Then she stopped….
Priya gave her a warm hug.
Pri: Congrats! We all did it.
AN: So you 3 also know? Why didn’t you all tell me last night?
Pri: You said you’ll sleep early so we didn’t want to disturb you.
AN: Must have checked by a message na… Sunil told me so, I came to know. I woke up at 12 and I slept at 2.

By then, Archie was lying on Pri’s bed beside her.
Pri: Okay! Then sleep for some more time.
AN: No ways. All of you all get up. We better leave. We’ll meet the guys for lunch at the dhaba today. We need to discuss about our stay.

“Wake up you lazy…….,” saying this she hit Namu on her buts.

Namu: Oh! ho… you’ll never let me sleep. Go look at your eyes. If you give your eyes less sleep, I am sure you’re going to loose you beauty one day.

Namu pulled Archie by her side and said, “Sleep for some more time darling. There’s lot of time. We’ll go.”

Archie had to agree. She chose to sleep beside Sherin as she could fit in there. Sherin was sleek and thin. Archie cuddled her and pulled her blanket and tried to sleep for a while but she couldn’t sleep in peace.
After 45 min, she got up and woke them up again.
All three sat erect on their beds.
“We’ll be ready”.

AN: See you at 12:45 in the lawn. We must be on time at least today. Otherwise, the boys will get a chance to complain that we are always late. Let’s break the rule today.

As Archie closed the door behind her she heard Namu saying, “Oh! This girl. She’s a perfectionist. She will fight and fight. Who cares if we are late?”

Archie smiled and walked towards the stairs.

“Boys will say that even when we are on time. I am sure Ashu will take a lot of time. I wonder whether they’ll themselves be there on time.”

They all were there by 1. The girls were quick and for a change Sunil and Ashu came there at the right time. No complains.

Ashu: Hey! Hello girls! What’s up?

Pri: Do you always have to say what’s up? Come let’s sit. We’re very hungry. We missed breakfast today.

Ashu: What on earth were you 3 doing?

All four spoke together: “Checked our mail.”

Ashu: For?
Sherin: Internship, dumbo!
Ashu: What? You mean, we all got it?
Sherin: Then why are we here for?
AN: Sunil didn’t tell you?
Ashu: No! He said we’ve to go for lunch. That’s it.
[All 4 girls looked at Sunil at the same time.]

Sunil: Eh! You….. I told him. He was sleepy and couldn’t hear then what can I do?
Ashu: Oh! [He bent his head down].

Namu: He’s always like that. Don’t ever believe his words.

AN: Guys; order now.

Archie was writing down the menu.
2 paneer paratha, 2 aloo paratha, 8 tandoori roti, paneer tikka masala,Chucken 65, chicken tikka masala and 6 glasses of lassi.

Sherin interrupted, “4 glasses without malai bhaiyya.”
“Ah! Yes!” Namu, Pri and Archie joined her.

Ashu: You figure conscious girls. How much do you do to maintain it, still, no use?

None of the girls bothered to reply him.

Sunil: Oh! Stop. No more fights now. Listen, I called up one of my friends’ in Bangalore and booked a pg for 6 of us.

Namu: Are we going to stay together in one room?

Pri: Are... bevakoof!! Let him complete.
Sunil: We got 2 rooms and the rent for a month us 3000/-. Is that okay? For you girls it will be okay I think but we 2 have to shell out more.

Ashu: [Nodded his head] No problem yaar. We are getting 10,000/-.
Namu: It is costly! We’ve to spend for food and travel also.
Sunil: Food won’t cost much as lunch will be provided there. Breakfast and dinner will be provided by the aunty in house we are going to stay and… Agilent Tech is just 1 km from the pg. So, we can take a walk.

Namu: Hmmm...Then it’s ok with me.

Pri: Good!
Sherin: Good work.
Archie didn’t say anything but smiled. Somewhere she knew that Sunil would arrange everything.

Ashu: Here comes the food. Stop talking now and hog.
Sherin: Give me the salad...
Pri: Pass me the chicken.
Namu: Yummy… This panner paratha is so good here.
Sunil: I need coke. This chicken has to be digested.

Clutter, clutter clutter, the sound of the dishes being served with spoon went on.
Ashu licked his fingers. He couldn’t leave a bit of the paneer.
No body spoke. All ate.
As they were sipping their lassi, Sunil gulped his last sip and said, “Guys, I got something for you all.” He handed over some printed material to all.
“Read this. It is about the company and the work we have to do in the NGO and in the lab.”

Everyone flipped through the pages.
AN: Cool! When did you do this?
Sunil: At night. I mean, officially morning.
AN: When? You were talking with me till 2.
Sunil: After that.
AN: didn’t tell me.
Sunil: Nah! I didn’t want to keep you awake. See your eyes girl. You need sleep. Sooner or later you’ll get dark circles.
Namu: Yeah, exactly. I told her the same thing.
The other three also joined. Ashu needed a chance to scold Archie.
Archie kept quiet and bent her head down.
Sunil held her hand and said, “It’s for your good baby”.

AN: It’s ok and she drew her hand out immediately. It was as though she wanted that care but she didn’t want to accept it.

Pri: We got an idea now. Let’s leave. We need to go to hostel and do some cleaning work and packing also. Our internship will begin in another 3 days. We need to call up home also.

“See ya... bye bye!!”
“Bye, girls.”

............................ contd..

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