Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Internship – Part 8

Finally, their hard work paid off. Their lab project got over a day earlier than it was scheduled to be. They planned to go to the mall, Forum.

All six were shopping addicts.

Archie was in Westside with Ashu. Ashu helped her select some nice fitted balloon tops that were in this season and he took some casual shirts for himself.

Sherin was in Landmark trying to find out some books.

Pri and Namu were in a shop, trying a hand at some cool bags that had been launched by some new company. They were very good at bargaining and they got the bags at a pretty good rate though the bargain wasn’t much. It was one of the biggest malls there and they had to keep that in mind.

Sunil seemed out of the picture. No one actually bothered as they were busy. They all had cell phones so it wasn’t a big thing to catch up with each other.

Ashu was standing in the billing section and waiting for his turn. It was done and they came out of the shop with three four plastic bags. They were done.

They were just talking as to what the others must be up to when Sunil came.

“Hey! Where had you been? See what all we got,” an excited Archie said.
She started showing him all that she had shopped. Girls generally had this habit. They wanted to show everything at that very moment while Ashu didn’t have much interest then.

“The other three girls are also somewhere busy I think,” said Ashu.

“Where were you all this while?” Ashu asked Sunil.
“Nothing, I was in Music world. Just caught hold of some of my favourite numbers,” Sunil said quite excitedly.

“Wow! Show me what you got,” Archie said grabbing the bag of CD’s from him.

“Wait, wait,” Sunil said getting a bit tensed.

“I’ll show you”

Saying this Sunil took out a CD from the bag and kept it in his hand and handed the rest to Archie.

“What’s that, in your hand?” Archie enquired mysteriously.

“Hmmm…Errrrr this is for you Archie,” saying this Sunil handed the CD to Archie.

“Oh!! Archie jumped with joy. This is my favourite. I love it dear,” Archie said jumping with joy.

Ashu was smiling and he was surprised seeing Sunil. Sunil had a different expression on his. It wasn’t usual. Sunil held Archie’s hand and prevented her from jumping more.

He took out a card from his plastic and gave it to her.

Archie was excited and her heart beat increased as she read the card.

It was a small card and just had one line written in it and there was a picture of a man giving a red rose to a girl.

It said: Are you the one for whom I was waiting all this while?

Then there was something that Sunil had written by himself.

I love you a lot sweetheart.

Archie kept looking at the card and at Sunil. She was blushing and the answer was there on her face. Sunil was so anxious but he was excited too. Ashu just patted his back and held him close. Archie didn’t know how to react.

She went close to Sunil and then turned back. She held the card tight and the CD. She saw Pri, Namu and Sherin coming. She ran towards them holding one of her best possessions in hand. She showed the card and CD to them.

Sunil and Ashu stood there wondering what Archie was up to.

“Oh! God! Sunil finally expressed it,” Namu and Pri chimed in.

“Did you say something?” Sherin asked.

Archie didn’t say anything. No body knew what was happening inside her. She was having goose bumps.

They all came near Sunil and Ashu. Sunil was still waiting with the same expression in his eyes. He looked so relaxed. He had said his part. Archie went towards him and hugged him tightly and just didn’t leave him. He held her all the more tightly.

“Yes. I think I am the one. Love you too,” Archie said with a lot of happiness.

“Idiot, for this you took so much time,” Sunil said caressing on her head.

“Hello, lovers. This can be done later. This is a public place. Do you want others to comment on you like we do,” Ashu said mocking at them.

All started laughing and then Pri, Namu, Sherin and Ashu shouted in chorus looking at both of them: So when do you know its love?

They all laughed again.( It was the punch dialogue of the movie Jaane tu..)

The answer is: No one knows until you realize it.

They went back to the pg house and the next day they left Bangalore and they went to college. They had to go home for a vacation. They had to pack everything in a day and they had to leave to their respective homes.

It was not the same for Archie and Sunil though. They would miss each other a lot.

Archie reached home.

She was talking to her mom one day when she got a call in her cell. It was an STD number and her cell was on roaming. She thought for a while and answered.

“Hello,” Archie said.
“Hello is this Archana?” the voice on the other side said.
“Yes, speaking. Who’s this?” Archie asked.
“Archana, this is Ms Reena.

“Oh, yes. How are you ma’am? How’s everything?

“Everything is fine with God’s grace. I called up to give you a good news.”

“The board has agreed to your proposal. We already consulted the other organization. We’ll get Deepti married soon. She has also agreed to this. A boy agreed to marry her. He’s working in a medicine shop as a sales boy and also a part of the NGO.”

“That’s great ma’am.”

“Thanks a lot ma’am”

“You are most welcome dear. I’ll keep you posted. Bye.”

“Bye ma’am.”

“Yippee!!!” Archie shouted.

Her mom got scared seeing her shout like this on phone. The moments were ecstatic for her. She had to explain to her mom and she was also typing a message in her cell phone. She sent it to all 4 but for Sunil it was different.

She typed:

Sweetheart, Deepti is gonna get married soon.
I just got a call from Ms Reena. I wish you were here.
I am so happy dear. Miss you.

I’ll call you soon. Take care.
Love you a lot. Muuuaaahhhh.

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