Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thank You!

This is a gesture which is quite far away from the boundaries of formal and informal language. Anyone can use and this is complete in itself. I have observed this many a times. Sometimes we do what we need to and then we expect some appreciation or a credit for it, in such cases just a Thank you can do wonders. One must have the heart to say “Thank You”. Just like a ‘jadu ki jhappi’ which could do wonders in ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’ in the same way, a ‘thank you’ can have the same effect.

Ever realized, than unconsciously or consciously when our work is accomplished which had been facing a delay, our immediate reaction is:
We heave a sigh of relief and say “Thank God!”

It’s just having 2 words but they can express anything.
I used to ask two people (my brother, Sridhar and my friend Harshit), generally who have nothing much to say except a Thank You, even for a little thing or a big thing I do.

It’s so obvious actually. Nothing to wonder but I always had a doubt that why can’t there be a better word than Thank You??
I kept searching and finally I realized that there can be nothing more than this cause how much ever we sophisticate our language and try finding a word which could express better than a simple “ Thank You”, we will not be able to express so much.

One must just have the heart to Thank. Try this out and see.
It has got “Thoda Pyaar and Thoda Magic.”

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PD said...

Yes Archu.. you are right.. these two words are very useful every where.. and it is mandatory in professional life.. :)
By the way thank you for calling me bhaiya and such a nice blog..
this blog world is really amazing, when we were in college, we didn't know each other.. but we met in this virtual blog world.. so thaks to blog world also.. :)