Wednesday, June 18, 2008

3 mistakes of my life..

My Epilogue

Well the epilogue here just says that :
- One must try to realize ones own mistake and try to put them right.
-One must think before speaking or doing.
-Never yearn for anything too much that if you don't get it, it leads to depression.
- Life is not always meant to be handled emotionally.
- Business and friends. Be careful.
- Money can spoil relationships.
- Don't think about the pros and cons before doing something good.Rest all is up to our own self. Life will be easy.
- Hard work with a bit of luck leads to success.
- I can round off by saying : It's the POWER OF WORDS.

One saying of a lifetime : Don't let anyone become the priority in your life when you are just another option in their life."

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डॉ .अनुराग said...

aapne joaakhiri bat likhi hai,bahut aham hai par aapki umr me ise mana nahi jaata hai.