Friday, June 6, 2008

Love! Why this biasing???

I always have a doubt?? Everytime questions come up in my mind in the wrong time. During exams, when i think in various angles....What not????? This time I think it is... love. Why? I don't know, but a topic of good concern. Poor Love, which stays in everyone's heart, a medium between two friends, two lovers, two sisters, parents and their children... but the bond varies. It has got different definitions but the present day generation fails to accept it. As we say "LOVE" the first thing that comes in our minds is the love that exists between a boyfriend and girlfriend. All don't think in such a way. Nobody has ever realized that this love is pure but not biased. When we can love someone of our own gender considering as a best friend then why not a person of the opposite sex, be considered as someone to be loved. Why is there a change of thoughts in this case??? People mistake it to be the kind of love' that is between 2 people of the opposite sex!!!

I feel: It's very much wrong!!! I feel in such case one must come up in thoughts as well as try to come up in thoughts as as well as try to understand the word 'love' itself. Chinese Philosophers follow this saying that there are three sentences which are really important and must be expressed in life.
-"Thank You."(Don't feel low to say that)
-"I love You."(Don't hesitate to say that to people whom you love)
-"I am sorry."(Don't feel embarrassed to tell this out)
In the same way if we say if we say” Love you......"to someone whom we love (of the opposite sex) whom might be our good friend, there’s a hype... people gossip, people comment. Well this is usual, general attitude but why not be different???? Isn't it?Why can't 'Love' be saved? It is one of the best emotions we can feel. God has created human beings for a mission:” To spread love." it can be in any form. It can be love towards a child, towards a life partner, a colleague or a friend but it has got different definitions with all. That's what people don't understand. To say," If we express our love to all whom we love, we will not be fair, when it comes to expressing it to our life partner", would be partly correct but why can't love be understood at different levels. Why is this biasing? Why can't we spare it, it's so... so.. pure.

So today you really feel you love someone go and say” I love you" without considering the gender biasing and also considering the person to whom you are saying would be better provided the other person understands the concept.

What do you feel??


डॉ .अनुराग said...

time is generation is like you.even in our medical college days...there are so many friends of us who are of opposite sex....they are even good friend ,although married..we used to talk so freely..i think its a matter of time which people a professional college where you you are going to stay for yrs..its quite easy....otherwise its all depand upon the which you live or brought up or you exposed...

PD said...

कहां हो?? इतने दिनों से कोई पोस्ट नहीं?? कब चेन्नई आ रही हो??