Sunday, March 2, 2008

It describes me!!

This is one song that i like and i think, Javed Akthar wrote this song for Zubeidaa in the movie, Zubeidaa... A.R. Rehman's ,music and the wonderful voice of Kavita Krishnamurthy certaily made it one of my favourites. All those who understand music will agree with me when i say somwhere or the other there are some songs that are made for us... be it a dedication, or be that a discovery of our own ...There exist songs and i am one of those people who realized it, a bit late though but i did!! and this song "Main albeli............" speaks a lot what i am. I can say it's 85% nearer to the person I am!!!
Here are a few lines picked up form this song.........

Rangeeli ho0n , Sajeeli hoon...
Main albeli, ghoomoon akeli, koi paheli hoon main ....
Pagli hawaaye mujhe jaha bhi le jaaye,
In hawaaon ki saheli hoon main
Hirni hoon van mein, kali gulshan mein,
Shabnam kabhi hoon main, kabhi hoon shola
Shyaam aur savere, sau rang mere
Main bhi nahin jaanoon aakhir hoon main kya??

Mere hisse mein aayi hain kaisi betaabiya
Mera dil ghabraata hai main chaahe jaaoon jaha
Meri bechaini le jaaye mujhko jaane kahan
Main ek pal hoon yahan,
main hoon ek pal vahan.....

Main woh armaan hoon jiska koi haasil nahin ,
Main hoon woh mauj ke jiska koi saahil nahin ,
Mera dil naazuk hai , patthar ka mera dil nahin
Main anjaani, main deewani ,
Sheesha leke patthar ki duniya mein hoon chali .......................
Main albeli..............

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The magic in those pods………….

It’s not an ipod I am talking about but these are those magical coffee beans inside the Coffee pods that make the difference. I am going to talk about my love for coffee and I know there are lot of coffee lovers who’ll be interested in reading this.
Coming from a South Indian (Tamil) family, I ought to be in the habit of drinking coffee at least once in a day (as the conception goes); it certainly is true but hasn’t gone to the level of addiction in my case. It’s bitter, it’s intoxicating and it rejuvenates our soul. For some it’s refreshing, for some it helps to make them stay awake the whole night or to relax after the long tiring hours. For me’s my love. A sip of good coffee changes my mood. I started liking coffee from the age of 10 . Mom used to just add a drop of the coffee liquor and then give it to me saying it’s coffee… slowly as I grew up I got to know that my mom was fooling me all these years and I got the actual taste of coffee. Nescafe and then Nescafe Sunrise also were really good but I was already used to having the proper filter coffee in the morning. As soon as I get up, there’ll be a cup of steaming hot coffee ready for me but I was never habituated to have “STRONG” coffee. That’s what helped me a lot in future in not becoming a coffee addict. I knew how much I could have and how it would be without having coffee. So I was without coffee for almost 3 months. I had seen coffee addicts who had spoilt their health by having coffee. Day by day the controversies over coffee increased. Some said it was good for health and some research articles said they didn’t. Not bothering about all this I continued my liking for coffee. I had been hearing about Café Coffee Day since long but had not got a chance to try out the coffee they serve there until I came to college. We had filter coffee made at home with the freshly ground coffee beans from Coffee Day.

Today when I sit back to think about all this I feel I have come a long way as I am one of the greatest fan of Café Coffee Day. I have tried most of the flavors out there and can really suggest people about the kind of coffee they must take there. Three years back when I was at home I wanted to try out coffee in CCD but didn’t get the right company but coming to college I got a chance to try out what I wanted. First of all the place attracted me. They made it a point to make it comfortable for people to sit and chat, talk for hours, have a nice sip of coffee and just enjoy the moment there. One this to consider is the right hand side of the menu card but I think, CCD coffee can be affordable once in a while at least for people to whom the left side matters otherwise for a change and it’ll be worth it. Second thing to consider is the coffee they serve….. Nothing to beat it (except Mom’s coffee). My favourites there are Café Mocha and Café Latte but I got with the former one often . I get elated when I see the red and white symbol. It also indicates one of my fav colour combo’s. so all the more my love for coffee increased.

This made me do some research on CCD. Set up in 1996 and run by ABCTCL( Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Ltd). The first CCD was set up in Brigade Road , Bangalore. Recently, when I was on my way to Mysore with my family , we stopped at CCD in the highway to have coffee. As I was standing at the counter waiting for my coffee , I read a message that was put up there on the wall. It read, “ You have something missing in your coffee.” There was a smiley that was with this message!!!! I think my previous blog entry, A Smile….goes along with my coffee too.

So…if u r a coffee lover and haven’t had a chance to sip a CCD coffee.. I suggest you…. GIVE IT A TRY. (Of course there’s none to beat the taste of a homemade coffee or the coffee we get in any ofour favourite coffee vendor’s shop ).