Sunday, November 14, 2010

With you....

Courtesy- Ydntn( Vaidyanathan.S)

I look at your quizzical eyes,
I wonder what is in your mind my little one.
Is it fear, question, anxiousness, surprise or innocence?
Why do you look at me and wonder?
This is not the time for you to ponder;
I stand there thinking.... Life is going to be so wonderful with you.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Road Trip

Courtesy - Ydntn( for the above picture)

They say that in this journey of love, one has to travel through those deserted, mist covered roads, those paths that have never been taken by anyone, the paths that pave the way for a brighter future and an endearing life ahead. Sometimes, one has to travel those paths which inspire others to follow. Those mist covered roads look beautiful but they have an emotion to convey. One has to tread on such roads and make life worth living in the name of love.

“Pass me the helmet please,” Aditya said.

She didn’t listen to him of course and was busy admiring something in his bike.

Aditya called out again but she didn’t listen. He got down from his bike to see his girl bent down and admiring the rim of the wheel behind. He questioned in his mind, “What is she finding so interested about the wheel suddenly when it’s time to leave?”

He held the handle of his bike, bent close to her and tickled at the back of her neck and ruffling her hair with his leather glove covered hand.

She got up with start as she felt tickled. There was a gleam in her eyes as she turned towards Aditya. She looked as if something important had happened.

“What sweets?” Aditya asked her.

“Do you know how to change a bike’s tyre?” she asked innocently.

“I think I know but I haven’t done it practically. I never got a chance though.”

He paused and thought for a while whether he actually knew it or not but it was of course obvious that an adventure and bike freak like him would know.

“Why are you asking me this now? We are getting late. We need to travel a lot, you know that,” he said looking at her.

Aishwarya still seemed to be in her happy world. She didn’t react to what he said.

“It’s interesting,” she said.

“What’s interesting? Getting late?” he asked in a confused tone.

He was certainly not getting what she wanted to say.

She was back to her senses then. She hit on his arm and said, “ Stupid, I am telling about the changing- the tyre- thing.”

“I know it,” she said triumphantly.

“Oh, really!!”Aditya said.

“You must be kidding.”

“No my dear, I learnt this through a website and a demonstration to change a punctured bike’s tyre. It’s interesting but I haven’t tried it personally. Look I have this instruction panel also. I just took down some points,” she said handing over few sheets of paper where she had scribbled.

“Impressive,” Aditya said.

He thought, “I never knew my girl will read about all this too, apart from those fashion and gossip magazines.”

He smiled at her while she still seemed so excited about it.

He handed over the papers to her and said, “Keep this, at least when my bike gets punctured I won’t need a mechanic.”

Aishwarya felt a great responsibility on her shoulder. She was a little cautious and she said, “You have to help me. I can’t do it alone.”

Aditya came forward, cupped his hands around her cheeks and then nudged her head with his head.

“No, I am not going to help you; I’ll just watch you Miss Mechanic.”

She was smiling innocently but she had no clue what was going on in Aditya’s mind.

“Take the helmet. We have to reach there on time before others can,” she said.

Aditya thought, “Thank God she realized it soon.”

Off they went on narrow lanes, crowded roads, busy squares, honking the horn each time stopping at signals and ready to leave the city to unravel a photo adventure story which was the topic of this competition.

“Just note down the kilometer reading in your phone, we’ll need this for documentation,” Aditya said removing the front cover of his helmet.

“Okay”, Aishwarya shouted back.

She was busy behind, holding the camera which hung around her neck, adjusting the focus so as to capture all those important landmarks which they could document. Her mind was in full action. She let Aditya do his driving comfortably without talking to him much. She had to handle his tripod behind which kept moving from one side to the other at the same time manage the heavy bag on her shoulder, take care of her hair which was already flying in the air and had entangled badly. She managed to take out a pen from her pocket and jotted down the important details on her travel guide book. They certainly had to stick to the plan they had made or else they would lose track of their route. Their aim was to write about a travel experience they had while visiting a place not known to many and had to document it with pictures.

“Adi I am not able to take good pictures, my hands are not being steady. How to change to speed mode? I don’t know anything dear. I think I’ll spoil all the important pictures. Can you slow down a bit? Can you please tell me?” Aishwarya went on and on.

Adi was smiling to himself which was certainly not visible because of the front cover. He was enjoying the confusion she was going through. He did slow down and explained things to her and she did as told. She was feeling triumphant at those small instances where she could capture what she wanted to. She kept thinking and imagining about the story as she was going to write the story with Adi’s help of course. She had her job to do. Aditya kept talking to her and asked her about which route to take which not to. They got confused and she kept blinking thinking what to do. Nevertheless, there’s always an option to ask people. When one can communicate well, there’s no problem in finding out routes.

They had chosen to go to a place which was 20 km out of the city and they had chosen a small village which was near Kananbera. It was supposed to be famous for its paddy and miller crops as well as the scenic beauty.

Aishwarya had always wanted to look at a day in the life of a villager and had wanted to experience the joy of being so close to the essence of being an India. Aditya of course had his reason which was to go on a drive as well as take his girl along.

People kept staring at them as they entered into the rural areas where the roads were proper but narrow. The municipality had taken good care of the connectivity.

“What’s the plan of action now?” Aditya asked her.

“Let’s have breakfast somewhere here. I am very hungry.”

They got down from the bike and went to a small roadside tea shop that had only one wooden bench enough for 3 people to sit. They had no other option but stick to homemade ‘tava dosa’ with a white blob of butter on top. It was served with coconut chutney and to add on there was chilly bajji with it. Aditya was so lost in his food that he had no count of the number of dosas he had consumed. Aishwarya was enjoying her coffee sipping it from a small earthen cup and looking at the paddy fields that extended quite far.

They were near their destination but there was so much to do before that. Aditya got recharged after that amazing breakfast and took a few snapshots of the scenic beauty around.

The golden sunlight and the blue sky seemed to be a description that had come alive out of those travel guide books. This was worth their visit.

The smell of the soil which was drying slowly in the sun was something which one could experience just once in such trips. The dried soil had already covered their shoes by then.

Aishwarya tried to climb on some trees which were easy to reach and half the time was spent posing for pictures that Adi took.

They didn’t talk much but they seemed to enjoy each other’s company. They had learnt to enjoy with each other’s happiness.

Aishwarya was really interested in what Aditya liked. The path ahead was not as smooth as expected. Taking note of all the places they crossed and the lanes they were entering into, Aishwarya could figure out they were just nearing that village. Aditya kept driving and they went inside. The rural part of India was unleashed. The same description that was there in books was still alive. That was the exciting part. They kept moving ahead slowly and finally found out a place where they could keep the bike, lock it and then explore the village. There happened to be a helpful fellow in whose shop that massive bike stood.

Aishwarya had already worn her cap as it was getting hotter and hotter. Aditya kept wiping the perspiration on his head and adjusted his camera to do his job. Aishwarya was relieved that finally she didn’t have to adjust the setting so much. She was happily roaming around looking at everyone. There were kids playing near a hand pump. Splashes of water were flying in the air. She could see that innocence and sense of freedom in the eyes of those kids.

She looked at Aditya clicking some candid pictures and said putting her hand on his shoulders, “I wish I could just forget the world and enter into that pool of water. Girls have to be so conscious about things. Huh!”

Aditya took his eyes from the camera and look at her. He said with a big grin rolling his eyes and copying Aishwarya’s gesture, “Here comes your next dialogue: You lucky guys.”

He said this and started laughing. She glared at him and put her hands around her waist.

“We lucky guys- The losers,” he continued.

She heard this and frowned as he was still laughing. She made a face and turned around and walked off throwing the bag on the ground.

Aditya was still smiling at her. He dusted the bag and called her out in a very sweet tone. In his hearts of hearts he knew she’ll smile.

His camera was ready and as she turned there was that same smile that he always got flattered with.

There went the camera. Aishwarya could just see the wide smile as his face was covered by the camera.

She said, “Enough of photography. Let’s go to some of the houses here and ask them where we can get a nice staple diet of the villagers.

The shady place, the hot sun, the itchy grass didn’t seem to irritate her then. She took out her diary and started jotting down some points which she could mention in that coverage story.

Aishwarya thought, “I don’t feel poetic but I feel like a writer today.”

“I am enjoying this, “she said with a contented look on her face.

“So am I,” Aditya said.

They found some helpful villagers who showed the way to the paddy fields and they managed to go half way but Aishwarya was scared of insects biting her so she walked back.

Some of the helpful women were kind enough to let her into their houses and let her have a look at the lifestyle. She explained to them in the local language that she was taking all the information for a cover story. She boasted a lot just to get enough matter to write an amazing story.

Aditya said, “This is not done. Cheating!”

Sticking out her tongue at him she said, “Everything is fair.”

They continued this session for a while and had a typical lunch what the villagers had.

Boiled rice, dal, vegetables, cool water from a mud pot, few chapati’s and to end with, there was butter milk. Nothing could beat the homely food and the cool place. The best thing to do was to sit on the floor and eat in those huge round steel thalis. It seemed so much like a travel and living episode.

When Aishwarya’s mind worked more she spoke less and Aditya was spared this time with her non- stop talks.

They went back to the place where the bike was kept. The seat wasn’t hot, thanks to that shopkeeper, it received enough shade.

They moved a bit ahead. Aditya was a little slow this time while driving as the roads were not laid down properly. There were huge stones jutting out so every now and then he was losing balance. They managed to move ahead. It was time for rest. They found a huge banyan tree where they could sit under the shade.

It was certainly the time to relax and talk. Aishwarya was fully equipped with a small blanket to sit on and a packet of jiggery coated groundnut. They spoke for some time, closed their eyes and dosed off resting their head on each other’s shoulders and the back on the tree trunk.

Aishwarya was woken up because an ant bit her on her hand.

“Ouch!” she screeched.

They woke up with a start and there was a red eruption on her hand.

They had no idea that it was half an hour that they were still sitting there.

It was time to head back because their idea was to reach home before it was dark.

There was nothing much to explore while going back and they had no energy left to stop and look around. Aishwarya was doing her job well and while returning she held Aditya tightly as he rode and fell asleep while he was driving.

It happened so that Aditya spoke about his bike and the mileage for 5 minutes and this girl was already taking her nap resting on his back and holding him tight.

He realized that and said, “Girl, you are sleeping? Open your eyes and look around.”

“Dude, I am bored. Let’s just go back home,” she said in a desperate tone.

“I can’t sit on this bike anymore.”

She giggled and giggled saying this and in another 1 hour they were back home. Aditya could feel the tiredness once he got fresh and fell flat on the bed.

Aishwarya was full charged up after a hot water shower.

She sat down with her hair tied in a neat knot. Wore her glasses, took out the notepad, opened a new page on Microsoft Word and wrote: The Road Trip.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

One call away

That day I sat forlorn and wretched,
That day I felt there was nothing to do.
That day I felt my mind was a monster house,
I couldn't just stop thinking.
I wanted to do something but think nothing,
My passion, my freedom, my desires, my ideas were lost in thin air;
Staring at the walls seemed interesting.
There was a fear in my mind, reasons which were unknown.
Dreams were to be dreaded,
laughter was miles away from me;
The only motto I had was to think of something and get worried,
The leech like creature called 'something' was sucking the energy out of my mind.
My brain was as maim and crippled as ever.
The only solution left was to stop thinking and follow my heart.
My solution was just one call away.............

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Morning Walk

Jogger’s track seemed full that morning. Generally the population in the morning seemed scarce there unlike that morning. Ananya didn’t feel like taking that path today. Those married couples who seemed to give her an inspiration made her feel very insecure. There was a gang of boys of some sports group who had come with their coach. The sound of that whistle, the sound of the bikes that were screeching past in the silence of the morning, irritated her. She walked a little distance away from the hustle-bustle and managed to get some peace. Those dry leaves that looked beautiful reminded her of the Maple leaf effect in the movie Mohabbatein , seemed lifeless as they were. Something was pricking her and Ananya wanted to run away from the noise. She wanted a peaceful morning.

She walked nearly half a kilometer on that grey cemented track that certainly looked grey to her that morning. She spotted a couple holding hands and walking by and trying to argue on a silly topic like tying as shoelace. The girl bent down to tie her shoelace when her guy pushed her aside naughtily. She lost balance and fell aside. She got up brushing that mud off from her hands and her track pants and looked at him with fiery eyes but those eyes were sparkling with love. Ananya felt like smiling but she controlled her giggles and walked away. Finally she was at peace. She walked and walked and kept walking not realizing where she was going. There were just trees around her and she reached a different lane where she had never been before. She continued walking and came to a halt suddenly. That path seemed familiar yet strange to her. Where was her mind? She couldn’t recollect any past memory with that place but she certainly felt spooky thinking about her own behavior. Ananya closed her eyes and tried to calm down. Thousands of questions pooped up.

She asked herself, “How do I go back? Why was I so absentminded? What was I thinking about? What made come this far? Am I going to ask for a way back to my own house where I have been staying for the past 15 years? That place which has always been my home seems strange to me now. How did I manage to run away from the crowd and come here? Am I worried about something? Is something pricking me? I hope I have not become psychotic.”

Drops of perspiration accumulated on her forehead. Ananya was worried without knowing the actual reason. She took out her cell phone and looked at the time. It was 7:30AM. It was one hour since she had left home. She thought, “What if dad calls up and asks me where I am. I don’t know where I have come but I certainly have to find a way out to reach home.”

She wandered in that lane for some time. There was an abandoned house behind which there was a lane that could possibly lead her to a connecting lane. There was no way out but to jump over that fence. She climbed the wall and got to that lane somehow. A rough path led to the main street. “Phew, I have never done like this before,” Ananya said heaving a sigh of relief. She could now get an idea to go back home taking the right way.

She was back on track and finally gave forethought to her weird behavior. “I think I know the reason for this stupid behavior,” Ananya said to herself.

She took out her phone, scrolled down to N and dialed Nishant’s number.

“Hi, what’s up? Good morning sweets. How are you doing? I have been waiting for your call from past 5 days. Where have you been? Are you okay?” Nishant uttered in a single breath.

“I was not able to move out of the house these days so couldn’t call you. I have been feeling irritated and weird. I acted crazy this morning too but I think I know the reason now. I miss you,” Ananya said very enthusiastically. Finally, she knew the reason of that irritation.

Nishant smiled to himself and replied, “I know. I………”

Ananya’s cell phone battery gave away at the right moment. She cursed her fate and her cell phone and rushed inside her house.

It’s something called love…………..

They say that there’s always some madness hidden behind being in love. They say we fall in love but there’s also something, where one rises in love. There are wings attached and we fly high using those wings of imagination. It’s a journey to a world full of desires to be fulfilled, dreams to accomplish and those fantasies. Those sheepish smiles, bright sparkling eyes, wandering thoughts, dispersed attention, funny ideas, wondering at everything normal as if it were new and finding new things. Talks about romance become more interesting. Romantic movies that seemed a bit dull have an added spark as in all those the characters have been replaced by one and only one.

There’s always someone with whom the day ends and begins with. There’s always someone who is wanted and thought about. There’s this only one who knows everything and listens to every word one says. When in love, people become poetic, thoughts seem pouring in, there’s always something to laugh or to cry about. There’s a longing, there’s a motive in love, just to be with that loves one. Creativity soars high. The brain races fast but so preoccupied with other things the brain and the heart have a tiff. They struggle to manage the same person at the same time.

That’s what leads to absentmindedness. Thoughts seem scattered. Sometimes, hours pass sitting and staring into thin air or just those bare walls seem to bright that one can smile looking at them. There’s always something great about a good weather, a cool breeze, the pitter-patter rain drops that can seem irritating at times, the smell of that strong cologne, the sound of those bikes whizzing past, the very sight of messiness looks adorable. There’s always a reason to argue, to get angry and then wait for the time to sort it out so that there’s always more love. There’s a time when waking up in the morning one feels like just hearing one voice and sleeping at night becomes so easy on those terrible days when nightmares can replace beautiful dreams because of just one person. When even little things matter and every word is coded in the brain.

You look at your cell phone and smile, go back to those messages and read and re-read. Sometimes, one’s own pictures on the desktop replace someone else’s. Looking at that person and admiring him gives such a relief. That bright smile and those naughty eyes demand for more attention. There’s that one who just want all the love and appreciation. There’s someone who makes someone’s life meaningful and there’s this someone who makes one feel wanted and loved.

There’s always someone somewhere who feels something like this sometime in life. Everyone wants to be loved. It sounds a little complicated just as in reality it is. It’s COMPLICATED.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


"Hey...... wait!! You forgot your helmet,"Aisha screamed.

"Oh, thanks so much dear. I just love this about you," Vivek said with a wink in his eyes.

"It's too cold today morning and I forgot my jacket," Aisha said with a disappointment in her eyes.

"Ah, don't you worry baby, I have a spare jacket in my bag. Take that out,"Vivek said in a caring manner.

Aisha took that cream coloured soft jacket out and held it up to him with bright sparkling eyes that said," Please help me wear it, I would love if you do it for me."

Vivek put his bike on stand and then helped her wear the jacket. She was struggling with the zip when he held her fingers tightly and tugged them and pulled the zip up.

"There you go..... ," he said putting the collar properly.

Aisha smiled and looked straight into his eyes with love in her eyes. This small act made her so comfortable and she thought in her mind," This guy cares so much for me."

He turned her around and said," Look in this rear view mirror, how smart you look wearing my jacket."

Aisha looked at her reflection and smiled. That very smile which he could die for.

"Chalo, enough of admiring . We got to hurry," Vivek said sitting on his bike and indicated her to sit behind.

Kick start beginning of the day, for Aisha as well as for the bike. The noise of the engine echoed in the dead silence of the morning. Chilling breeze hit their face.

Aisha had put a clip on her hair but to feel that breeze through her hair she let it open and enjoyed the ride. She put her hands on his shoulder for a firm grip.

Vivek tilted his head a bit and said, " I like it."

She smiled and he put the rear view mirror properly to look at her face as she was going through various emotions while he drove with a great speed but with caution. She didn't realize that he was noticing her intermittently.

There were just some street dogs barking , the yellow street lights which were still switched on seemed to fade with the light of the dawn. The crows seemed restless at dawn.

The roads were wet with dew drops and mist that had condensed. The bike moved smoothly making a slightly splashy sound due to the water that had condensed on the road.

" Another half an hour honey and we'll be there," Vivek removed his helmet cap and told Aisha.

Aisha giggled and said," I don't mind roaming around like this without going anywhere. You drive really well."

What could have been more appreciative as this for Vivek from his girl. His chest was proud with joy. He felt triumphant again. The first time was the occasion when she had proposed to him and later he had accepted her love. She was that girl who had brought love in his life.

Half an hour post the amazing bike ride, there they were standing on top of a hill and looking at the hills covered with clouds. There was a mixture of black, green, blue and white. Somewhere between the white sky there was a tint of crimson which indicated that it was close to day break.

" I never knew this place existed. How did you manage to find something so mysterious and romantic," Aisha exclaimed.

"Ahem, mysterious?? Yes, I guess so but romantic, I guess it is but I am not able to understand that," Vivek said in a guy like innocence.

" Ah!! You will never understand what's romantic." Aisha said punching Vivek on his biceps.

"Man, your fists are strong," Vivek said, rubbing his arms.

He held her fist strongly cupping them into his right hand and pulled her close, tugged her by holding her lower back and then looked straight into her eyes. Her hands and her body wriggled to be set free but she didn't want to be left. She felt his possessiveness. Seeing a strong independent , cat -woman- like girl struggle and loose all strength made Vivek smile within. He loved to take control of that silly girl at times who always acted as his Wonder girl. He knew very well that she loved it when he did that. He held her for few more seconds and she stopped wriggling. His lips broke into a smile first and then changed into a wide grin, his teeth showing bright and with his left hand he removed a strand of hair that came on her face. She blinked her eyes continuously and then he just rubbed his fingers over brows and let her go.

She stood there still for seconds looking at him with an expression, " Why did you leave me and then also felt a sudden surge of embarrassment which made her face flush. "

Aisha's hands were still warm with his strong grip and she turned away from him to look at nature, just to hide her blushing pink face.

Her heart beat which had certainly crossed 80 by then made her stand on a rock. Vivek looked at his girl in amazement and followed her. She held her hands wide open and felt the breeze hitting her face and she was in a place where she could just hug the clouds. She turned around with a child like enthusiasm on her face and held out her hand towards Vivek, " Come on dude, come here. You must see the view."

Vivek followed what she said and they both looked at the beauty of nature. "Let's explore inside this cave like rock, " Vivek said.

They explored here and there for a while when Aisha looked at her watch suddenly. "Oh my god!!! I need to go back in an hour. It'll take one hour for us."

Vivek was busy looking around when she tugged his jacked and insisted on getting back. "We can come here again Vivek. It's an amazing place but please drop me back."

"Okay madam, as you instruct," Vivek said obeying her and understanding her plight.

"Don't you worry baby, your super hero will zoom his bike and you'll be there right in time."

They rode back through the same route but Aisha wasn't relaxed. She was perspiring. Her face showed tension and he saw that and raced his bike a little faster but he kept assuring her that nothing would go wrong. There was light already and people were there on the roads , sweepers with their bamboo sweeping sticks, auto drivers, health conscious people and daily working classes.

They were about to reach Aisha's apartment when she instructed him to drop her on the next lane in the corner. He didn't have any clue as to why she wanted that but at that moment he just chose to stay quiet and let her do whatever she wanted.

She asked him to put his bike on stand and said, " Move a bit."

He agreed without saying a word.

She took out her shoes from the bag , removed her slippers and replaced them inside. She rolled up her white socks, dusted her shoes and wore them. She took out her hair band and tied her hair in a knot and took a final look in the rear view mirror.

She removed his jacket and gave it back to him.

" That was a lovely ride honey. I love you. Bbye."

Aisha was about to turn back when he grabbed her hand and pulled it towards him and then his lips were on hers.

That was a strong and a passionate kiss and he left her immediately, she looked at him and turned around and jogged towards her house longing for more...........................

Monday, July 12, 2010

Love- आजकल

Photo courtesy:
Yd's Flickr blog

Gone are those days when couples met each other in college, fell for each other at first sight or met at a cousins's wedding or happened to meet each other at work place. This is the era of networking. With the advent of online chat rooms, socializing websites like- Facebook and Twitter apart from the already existing Gtalk and Yahoo messenger, we tend to find like minded people somewhere in one corner of the world. In some cases, networking leads to friendship, this friendship leads to good friendship and then one fine day when they find that they actually have more than just 'friendly' feelings for each other, ' Love happens'.

This might seem like a modern day fairy tale story but this fairy tale is certainly not as pink as it appears to be. Couples date each other online, talk to each other and meet up one fine day and set the wheel rolling.

Is this going to give a happy ending to it???? The answer is: NO.

The actual testing stage begins after that. This gives rise to a concept called LDR ( Long Distance Relationship). This abbreviation sounded strange to me when I heard it as the first thing that came to my mind was LTR( Long Terminal Repeats in a gene sequence). Probably, it's just the ' Bio- influence' on me that made me think this way.

LDR, something that certainly has to be dealt with patience and a lot of trust and confidence. Couples can be separated by country borders, state borders or just happen to be at a distance of 300 Kms but, whatever it is, distance does matter. This LDR seldom works and seldom doesn't depending upon how people handle it. There might be times when a couple feels terrible about the distance they have which they cannot bridge due to practical reasons. Education, work, career, family and certain other priorities in life that happen to act as speed breakers' in a smoothly running life. One can't ignore them though, as they will act as pillars of strength later.

It's not only restricted to couples who date these days or are thinking in terms of Long term long distance relationships( LT - LDR) but also for those married couples who have to stay apart for a short period because of their career. They happen to meet just, once in a while or are contented with intermittent short visits. It's even more frustrating then because there is nothing that can be compromised upon. With a battery of problems that are associated with LDR, one needs to find a solution to them.

Networking and technology certainly helps. When there were just snail- mails, mobile phones, chat rooms, Gmail, yahoo messenger and g-talk, there came something called Skype and online video chats that solved millions of problems right from phone bills, till the emotional level. The very fact that our loved one is just a screen away from us makes us feel secure and contented. The happiness to hear the same voice and not rack one's brain to think of the other person's expressions has made things easier. Earlier as said that the person is just a phone call away, the same person is just a screen away now. Distance doesn't matter when there are travel connections too.

It's just a matter of TIME. It plays an important role and teaches everything. We say, it flies but I feel it takes it's own sweet time. One can't hurry.

This distant tryst certainly makes the heart grow fonder and develops a sense of maturity that actually makes a relationship last for long. If it survives the distance then it can survive all those trials and tribulations of this testing game.

There's something to learn from each couple who face this.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Manipal and it's unpredictable weather

"Oh, what a horrible day! Can it not rain today? I am feeling so hot and sticky," I exclaimed to my lab partner looking outside the window from my lab.

I went out of the lab for lunch. There was no sign of the blazing sun. I think, the sun had heard my comment and went to hide behind those clouds. I felt one or 2 drops of water on my face. Even before I could think that it will start raining and I should open my umbrella, large drops of water hit my face and it started pouring. I managed to open my umbrella before I could get drenched. It seemed as if someone had just poured a bucket full of water on us. No sign of thunder or lightning but it poured for quite sometime. Those strong water droplets hit the ground hard only to make my dress wet. It's only because of this that we need to carry those huge umbrella's always like warriors carry sword to protect themselves.

Sometime later, the sun peeked out from the clouds. There was soft sunshine, yet it hit the eyes. The stagnated water in the puddles and on the road seemed to shine like diamonds spread wide. One part of the sky seemed cloudy with it's magnificent blue-black colour while the other part gave a slightly clear appearance. I looked up wondering, " Is nature playing a game ?"

I felt so uneasy walking with my sticky, muddy and wet slippers and still feeling hot. I came out of the mess after lunch and there it was, the rain was back.

It was drizzling. I walked ahead for 5 minutes, suddenly the intensity increased and the effect of the wind that made the rain drops fall at an angle. It seemed as if someone had suddenly increased the speed of the water tap and the water spurted out from a hose pipe. It was raining hard.

Now, this is what is Manipal's weather. One day it will rain like cats and dogs and we pray that the rain should stop so that normal life resumes again. The next day, though our prayers are answered and the rain does stop but in turn it becomes so hot that we wish that the rain were back again. That's called the complexity in this weather. Half the time it puts us in a confusion weather to like the weather or not.

The cool breeze is heavenly and visiting End point during the rain is heavenly. It's one place where climate change is so evident. Fixing the gaze at the valley and enjoying the weather makes stay in Manipal worthwhile.

It might be chilling cold and a weather so conducive that once can sleep the whole day doing nothing but just relaxing and having coffee and the very next day weather will become such that we can't think of sleeping.

That's what making it interesting!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Seasons of Love ( Part- 3)

Shruti calls up Aditya and says, " Can we meet up tomorrow sweetheart?"

(She is expecting a yes but with that long pause after her request had been completed she senses that her request could be turned down.)

Well her intuitions were right.

Women have a very active sixth sense. They know exactly well how their man will react. Sometimes they just want their intuition to go wrong.

Aditya, " Hmmmm... errrrr.. actually sweetheart, I have got some work. I don't think we can meet tomorrow. What about day after?? Will that be fine with you?"

Aditya wanted to agree to her request as he wanted to meet her as much as she wanted to but he had practical constraints. He felt sad when he tried to turn down her request but he had to do it.

Men don't rule everything emotionally. They have a more practical approach. That's how they set their priorities.

Shruti ,who was very upset with her request being turned down didn't know how to reply to him. The first thing that came out of her mouth was , " It's okay dear. We can meet on Sunday."

She did not want to meet him a day later. She wanted to meet him the very next day but understanding his condition she acted sensibly and said a yes. She was fully upset as her plans had not worked accordingly. She tried to cheer herself up by planning to go shopping and trying to do other important things which she had decided to that particular weekend. This made her feel a little better and self-dependent.

The best way to relax in a woman's dictionary is to shop. It can be anything. Women shop more when they are upset or depressed.

Shruti had made these plans within minutes while she was in a conversation with Aditya.

She told him about her plans which made him feel even better.

Aditya replied in a relieved tone, " That's great. At least you can spend time doing something good instead of wasting it because of my work. We will surely make it on Sunday dear. Once again I am sorry."

When Shruti decided to be self dependent and didn't let her plans of the day be spoilt because of Aditya, he felt relieved. He felt he was not blamed and when men are out of this guilt of the blame game, they have enough reasons to make the woman in their life happy.

They have the freedom to do what they want and when that freedom is entwined with understanding from their partner they feel happy.

Aditya is all set to finish his work as soon as possible and surprise his girl by meeting her on Saturday. He has another reason to make her even more happy so he plans something special for Sunday too. He tries to take her out on a outing on Sunday without her knowledge.

He feels excited to work faster as he is not under pressure. On the other side, Shruti, also starts feeling good slowly and plans things for the day. She decides what she has to wear and also plans what she needs for herself.

Men like women who are independent and they feel happy for those women who do not depend on them for their happiness. A man thinks that a woman should be capable of keeping herself happy even when he is not able to.

Shruti goes for shopping and ends up enjoying half of her day. She is quite content with herself and the happenings of her life. On the way she drops down at one of her friend's place and spends her time there. She gets her house all set and clears up the mess that had been piling up and she also gets some time out for herself to make herself something good to eat.

It's 9:00 Pm and Shruti just wonders as to what Aditya would be up to at work. She looks at her cell and tries to type a message when it says : Aditya calling.................

She eagerly receives the phone.

" Yes sweetheart," She replies in an enthusiastic tone.

Listening to her chirpy voice Aditya feels overjoyed. He is excited to even imagine how she would react when she would see him in a while.

" Listen dear, can you please come down. I am outside you apartment. I need a little help, " he tells this in a very serious tone only to see the mixed emotions in her.

Perplexed, Shruti runs down her apartment wearing her home slippers, her hair tied up in a careless knot with a clip and few strand falling on her face. She looks relaxed yet red because of the sudden flush of emotions when she sees Aditya.

" What happened? Are you okay?" she asks in a caring tone.

Aditya kept smiling at her seeing the confusion on her face.

They didn't talk much but kept looking at each other. Shruti somehow senses the playful attitude of Aditya and begins to smile.

She looked even more beautiful with that mixture of expression on her face.

Men love to see all kind of emotions on a woman's face when they know they have done a good thing. Anger is something that they love to see on a woman's face when they know how to do away with that anger. Otherwise, a woman's anger is something a man can't bear.

Aditya walks up to Shruti and gives her a hug even before she could speak a word more.

" Let's go for a walk dear," he says in a very demanding yet lovable tone.

" Oh, how am I supposed to come like this ??? Give me 5 minutes to get ready," Shruti requests in a child like tone.

She's so happy and excited seeing him that she doesn't know what to do.

Aditya says, " You look good like this. Come on... we need to hurry."

Aditya feels proud that he could do something to make his girl feel even more happy.

They keep walking for a while without talking much and just feeling the silence.

The presence of each other being there makes them feel happy and secure. It's not words that counts here. It's every breath that each one takes in their presence that matters.

Aditya asked Shruti, " So ... how was your day sweetheart?"

Shruti very excitedly replied, " It was just amazing. (Pause)It's even more amazing because of your surprise."

Aditya was on cloud 9.

Everything he had thought was happening and he had finally managed to give that extra happiness to the girl.

It was the time when both had learnt to make each other happy after all those seasons of endurance.

There was a time when they hardly had any time to talk to each other or meet other in their busy hectic schedule. They hardly communicated and there were times when both thought the relationship on a stand still. That's when Shruti tried to break the monotonous schedule and bring in some life. They needed to meet and be with each other in order to welcome the spring in their love after a cold winter.

Generally this is a time to rest, reflection and renewal. It welcomes home the season when there's only love, caring and understanding.

Aditya and Shruti had somehow managed the situation by understanding each other and giving time.

Communication is very important for women. They express easily as compared to men. So, when a woman communicates it is easier for a man to understand what she goes through and he tries to help her out in his own way.

If men are asked for support and they have the full freedom to say ' NO' then they will be more willing to help and support. That's how their brain works.

" Thanks a lot for this cute and lovely surprise," Shruti said looking at Aditya with lot of love in her eyes.

Aditya smiled and he smiled wider looking at her.

He held her hand softly and gave it a squeeze to show that he was really happy that he could make her feel good.

He could feel her trust and confidence in him.

Women have this magic. They say the most difficult things in a very simple way. Men speak better with actions.

Men feel better when asked for support.

Aditya started talking, " You know dear it was horrible day at office today. There wasn't anyone to work and we had a very irritating client."

Like this he continued with his office woes and Shruti listened to him with extreme interest and admiration. Finally, he had made an attempt to share everything with her. She felt important. It wasn't that she meant any less to him before but when one shares it feels great.

Women in Venus believed in sharing and caring. That was one of their ways to show love.

They took a walk for almost one hour and then finally it was time for Aditya to leave.

He said good bye and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

Shruti was walking back to her apartment when he called her back and said, " Be ready tomorrow at 8:00 AM sweetheart. We will go out somewhere."

Saying this he gave a big grin. Shruti looked surprisingly at him and said, " You are one surprise package."

Women love surprises and men love to surprise women just to enjoy the look of their face.

She came close to him and gave him a kiss and said, " See you tomorrow then."

This was the end of Winter and beginning of Spring.

They tried to overcome their shortcomings and took time to understand each other.

Love is always in the air. It's all about the various seasons which need to be enjoyed. It requires a lot of endurance. After all it's everyone's cup of tea.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Seasons of Love ( Part 2)

Shruti kept staring at the cell phone for sometime.

She picked up the phone and in a very cold voice said, " Yes, tell me."

Aditya said, " I know you don't want to talk to me but if you wish to, do listen to me."

There was a pause.

Aditya expected her to give him the green signal but she was not in a state to give that. He broke the silence again.

" I do care for you."

(Pause)( He expected her to react again but she didn't).

" I did not do anything wrong by not talking to me much, right?"

Aditya wanted Shruti to say , " Yes, you didn't do anything wrong."

She didn't say that for obvious reasons. His enthusiasm which was on its peak initially had begun to deteriorate.

He again continued....

"At least I manage to talk to you for 5-10 minutes even though I am extremely busy."

When men do not get appreciation they try to appreciate themselves because that is the only way to prevent them from loosing their confidence and keep them interest.

On the other hand, women need a lot of appreciation and they appreciate too but only when their love tank is full.

Men do need appreciation for their little efforts but they hardly have the ability to appreciate always. Not that they don't want to but they do not realize that in Venus, (where the women come from), it is a very good gesture to appreciate about little things.

When Aditya couldn't bear her silence anymore, he asked, " Are you even listening to what I am saying?"

Shruti who was in no mood to be convinced and whatever Aditya said was not going to have any effect on her at that moment.

She was hurt and she couldn't get back to normal so easily.

Fortunately or unfortunately women are not so open and welcoming when they are hurt and that's when their man is full of love. They can't accept anything they are given. It'll have a very slow effect. This is exactly the time when men become disappointed as their gift of love is rejected.

Rejection is a man's biggest fear. Especially when it's from a woman.

That's exactly the reason why guys take time to proceed in a relationship even though they tend to know the girl's feelings.

Finally Shruti replied, " Yes, I am. You may go on."

It pricked him badly.

He put a little more effort and tried to give it a last try. Convincing her and bringing her round to his views was like doing push-ups. It was as if he were just 2 steps away from his target when he was about to collapse out of tiredness.

He said, " Seeing your response I feel I have failed miserably in being the good guy. Now suddenly you seem to not like me and don't want to talk to me. I've become bad for you and you are showing cold behaviour which I can't accept. Aren't you happy with me dear?


" How many time do I have to tell you that I love you and you are someone really special I've met."

This the last thing that a girl would like to hear. She can be cold to her guy but can never see him loose his confidence. Aditya had expressed that to her so she had already started melting.

A woman can never get angry for long for small things. Her heart just melts when she feels the need to empathize with someone.

Shruti couldn't speak at that moment though. She felt the need to tell him that she did love him and nothing could make her love lessen for him. It was just a phase and she would be fine and her love was always going to be the same.

Aditya being a man from Mars, where intellect is not applied to think what the other person might be feeling. They believe what they hear.

Shruti still seemed very cold to Aditya.

Aditya said, " Why are you doing this to me?"

Shruti said in an irritating tone, " What am I doing? I don't want to talk to you about anything right now. I have work too. Don't spoil my day Aditya."

Aditya felt a stab on his heart.

Shruti wanted to cut off as she couldn't see her guy feel miserable and she knew very well that she was equally responsible for the present condition. So, she needed time to get back to him with love.

Aditya said with a heavy heart, " Okay! Do as you wish. Talk to me whenever you want to. I'll be waiting. "

He meant what he said. That whole day nothing would have worked for him. His mind would have been totally pre-occupied with the events that had happened. He couldn't concentrate on anything. Unknowingly or knowingly he kept checking his cell phone to see if she did respond.

He convinced himself by saying that he was not disturbed and he was checking the phone only to see the time. This was not the truth. His heart forced him to do that.

He couldn't dare to message or call her before she did as it was against his ego and he did want to stick to his words.

Women on the other hand did just the opposite when it came to this situation.
If a girl had said that she wouldn't talk to him she would call him within half an hour after she had uttered those words.

The thought process in Shruti's mind had already started. she thought about the situation again and tried to justify both sides.

When a woman takes a step forward to be understanding she really does it in an unbiased manner.

Shruti thinks and she thinks and she keeps thinking until she has the courage to type this message and send it to him.

It goes like this:

" I am sorry. I've not been equally understanding I think. I shouldn't be so unreasonable with you but I just get hurt when you blame me for your unhappiness. It's not that I am scared and insecure but I only need is your love and the expression of love. I am not so great to understand what you think even after knowing you so well."

Message sent.

She expects a reply immediately thinking Aditya would be looking at his cell. Coincidentally , It is the time when Aditya stops noticing his cell. he gets busy and he doesn't realize that his cell was vibrating..

Shruti, on the other hand feels, he is not yet out of that miserable feeling and she feels helpless.

She sends another message:

" I love you a lot Aditya. All these trivial matters are not going to lessen my love for you."

Aditya had actually come out of that feeling after a while. Though he was worried about her response but there were other things to be prioritize.

Shruti couldn't get over that until he replied to her messages. She couldn't get over that and kept lazing and doing nothing but just thinking about all that he had said.

She was coming out of her deep well. His words had started doing the magic. Women show late response but it does work. She would see all the good things in what he had mentioned. She could see his little efforts to nurture the relationship and she realized a fact that it was important to let him be himself. It was the key to their happiness.

Dr. Louann says, "Let men be men."

If they are left in their territory they would love to cross their boundaries and reach the woman's land and keep her happy as they love to act brave and dare to do things. If those efforts are appreciated they feel triumphant.

Shruti sent another message, " Please , do not misunderstand my behaviour. I am trying to understand your point of view also. We both have to keep each other happy in our own way. I always want to be the reason for your happiness. Forgive me if you can."

After asking for forgiveness, Shruti felt a boulder down her heart. She had said what she wanted to.

Aditya suddenly realized that his cell light was blinking.

He eagerly read all the messages and smiles.

With each message his smile broadens and he feel relieved.

He felt that his words had finally affected her.

He reads the last message again.

He replies, " Of course. I do!! Love you too. I am little busy. Talk to you later dear. "

Shruti jumped on her bed to see his message. She had expected him to say something more but seeing the message her enthusiasm did go down but she wasn't sad. She did feel happy.

She expected him to reply, " I love you a lot and I can never be angry with you."

What Aditya had messaged meant the same as above but just that the words had been put in a different form.

Men can't play with words. Their words mean what they say.

For them, SORRY, is a very big word and if they don't get a response like, " It's okay! they feel that they have committed the biggest crimes on earth.

On the other hand, SORRY, is a very common word in a woman's dictionary. She uses it for the slightest of things going wrong. Even if she forgets to call him back she says sorry and to get a reply like, It's okay, is not enough for her.

Women need full assurance by words that their sorry had been accepted but what they do hear from men is just an , It's okay. From a man's point of view they mean what they say but the woman thinks that they are just trying to put this off.

Such a confusing mystery with two different kinds of brains.

This is called the Autumn in love. This is the time when both learn to nurture their love. They learn to understand and give time to realize what they feel.

It takes time but it does have effects.

To be continued.................