Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Smile....

There's so much that it can say. We pass on this and it becomes an addiction. Doctor's say it's good to smile and it takes less muscles to smile than to frown but have we ever thought over the psychological effect a smile has????? Truely speaking, no one would have had this thought as it never makes us think as to why someone smiles at us?? Have u ever thought?? No , right??

Well i think... and as i was in my process of ransacking my brain i felt like writing this...... I was in my class i when realized..... i saw a TRA entering into our class for a substituition and she gave us a smile as soon as she came in . We didn't shout or trouble her saying," Ma'am please leave us free.... or make a hue or cry..". She took attendance and she left us..There was a smile in all our faces and we said," Thank u Ma'am"before leaving. Same thing happenes when our Bio Physics sir scolds anyone. He smiles and the effect reduces no matter however rude it is..

If we smile it passes on a positive vibe.... No body can comment saying," You don't look good when u smile."
As all look good when they smile but one can very well say," You don't look good when u frown."

'Smile.... It increases your face value'... a well known quote seen everywhere but do we realize it??

We realize it only when someone tells us and we smile all the more. It works a lot at times. If we smile, at a worker his burden is lessend by half and there's nothing less we get, than a smile. It can be can be categorized into a sweet, pleasant, rejuveniating, jovial, lovely, satisfying, notorious or be it anything............ it's a smile............. ad categorize it anyway it remains the same...

I have faced this a lot of times and I have learnt a lot from people this way. Basically, if people smile at me I feel they can do the minimum possible thing. That's the best way to make someone feel comfortable. When I go out anywhere i feel that i don't even know someone in the crowd but if those unknown people pass on a pleasant smile then it gives a wonderful feeling.

I can talk about a small instance which happened with me a few days ago. I was entering my mess hurriedly and as I was very hungry. The lunch in the afternoon wasn't so good so I was all the more upset seeing the food. Still, there was no other go so I had to go with whatever was there. I made a face and I continued. The mess worker whom we call 'akka' here saw my sad face and she came hurrying from the corner and served me rice and dal. It was nothing to be surprised about but she simply asked with a smile," U don't look happy today, not liking the food?"
It was not only her words but it was the smile.....
Seeing that I lost all my frustration. I just said," It's okay akka. I'll have it today."
I had my lunch properly after that though I had only rice and dal. The day went well and I felt everything was looking all the more good. It was just a smile that made a difference.

This is one such instance . There are many which happen everyday not only with me but with everyone.
That's why it's rightly said," Smile: It costs you nothing."

Friday, February 8, 2008

Everything round and round.....

Hmmmmm ........... I generally don't prefer to write too personal stuffs in my blog as i feel my personal diary holds a better position but still.... taking into account some valuable suggestions i am citing a very funny incident.... It was day when everyhting seemed round and round and round....

It was a very bright day.(Thursday,7th Feb) after having lunch with my friends Mayen and Ani .I was just about to leave for class when Mayen offered us 'paan', saying that the vendor near Punjabi Dhaba makes it really tasty. I was having cold and i have never had 'paan' with all the masala's added into it. I had just tasted beetle leaves before but never had 'paan' and today when i was offered by Mayen saying that it'll be good for my throat i had it. Just thought for a while before having but when i saw both of them happily munching it i also wanted to give it a try. I had just started chewing it when i felt something burning inside, Mayen told me that it'll be better if i keep it for long in my mouth instead of swallowing it as the juice would help me get better. I followed suit and then...... it was burning, my tongue... my whole food pipe.....i felt like spitting it out but kept it for a min more but it was too much i spat out, still some of those leaves were there in my mouth. I put a step forward and my head started swirling, i was feeling so heavy within, i somehow caught Ani's hand and walked till the water cooler and gulped down 3-4 glasses. Still i felt so giddy. I couldn't walk. I had to go to lab and i was skeptical whether to go or not. Holding the pillars i somehow walked slowly, shouting at mayen and asking him what had he made me eat.... He continued laughing and kept on and finally said," Pata hai maine tumhein kya khilaya hai??? Ise bolte hain, 'zarda paan'... It's a kind of masala pan and is good for cold but......." .

" But..... what????", I asked pensively.

"Par ek baat bolun, isse na addiction hota hai aur maine aaj tak kabhi taste nahi kiya hai", he said with a notorious grin on his face.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I felt terrible. Didn't even know how to react as i was not in a condition to say anything. I was just finding option to come back to normal and i felt i was in a trance.

I asked Mayen once again," Just tell me what is this that u made made me eat?"

He said," I am serious yaar . it's called 420."

Of course any uninformed person like me in these matters wouldn't believe so i didn't . I had a chocolate in my bag , luckily that made me feel better. I went to lab and saw Ram standing there. Both Mayen and Ram stood there grinning away to glory and telling me to take care as i could go high any moment. I took great care but my head was swirling.... by God's grace we didn't have lab for more than 10 mins. i rushed to hostel and lay there on my bed. The sound of the fan running seemed to me like a missile , ready for a take off..... my world was all topsy turvy and i slept for hours .... when i woke up i was feeling very uneasy and i threw up......

I guess after that the world seemed good to me. I was in campus and everything looked bright and clear. I was renewed and i didn't get high but the effects of 420 still remain................

guess what's the effect ???

This number is added to my name now....................Number 420.