Friday, December 7, 2012

“Going the distance”- My entry for the get published contest

This story talks about the trials and tribulations of relationships that are seen in the present day scenario. 

It is about a girl who’s the main protagonist and the narrator who is on the helm of a serious decision making part of her relationship. She is clueless whether to choose her career or sacrifice her love. On the other hand, the man who loves her is equally strong with his thoughts. If it’s not always about adjustment there’s also self satisfaction in life. Both refuse to budge from their thoughts. Holding the flag of eternal love for each other intact they proceed on a journey that doesn't have a good end for them. It talks about their struggle with their ambition, thoughts and their constant endeavors to work out the concept that – ‘love can co- exist with ambition’. 

Gone are the times when decisions about relationships were based only on love. Love is not only about sacrifices. Those days’ couples could even elope to be with their love but the present day situation doesn't seem to support blind love.  It is ruled by fact, self contentment, happiness and ambition. On one hand when gender biasing gets reduced, there are additional roles and responsibilities that couples take up. There’s struggle involved in maintaining any relationship.