Saturday, November 29, 2014

It is never too late to speak up!

Do we all need to speak up only when there are campaigns? It is like questioning our own morals that we inculcated all this while. 

All that was needed was a small push in the form of an initiative taken by #Strepsils, FacebookTwitter to make this very innovative website , where anyone could give their opinion on different issues that are of concern these days. These issues have been prevailing in our social and political system for a long time. Some are in a dormant state and some are half activated. We do not have the courage to face the consequences being a normal working class citizen of the country.

This is mainly because the mentality of the general public is not able to bring about a change. For instance, if one person stands up to go against injustice; say female trafficking, there is someone out there to oppose it just to keep himself out of the legal muddle. Media has become aware and is portraying such social issues on television and in movies, but practically all social issues are not being addressed. The current government headed by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has started taking some positive steps, which is why organizations are coming up with positive ideas because they know that someone out there in the government is there to help them sort issues and show them a ray of hope. Nonetheless, whether government helps 100% or not the voice of the general public that constitutes a nation is the most powerful. When one person stands against a cause no one will care, but when a nation stands for this cause, everyone cares. These can involve the  educated who have access to the Internet and are aware of the social calamities that are prevailing for ages.

In order to prevent our democratic system from rotting #AbMontuBolega have made an attempt to give a voice to everyone's thoughts. Those thoughts which have been stuck in the throat like bacteria, thus  preventing us from speaking up. We just need to gulp down a Strepsil and clear our throat in order to make ourselves heard. We are relieved of the so called congestion in our thoughts and mind. The fear of speaking up should go; just as a throat irritation can be soothed by taking Strepsils. 

It takes a lot of courage and creativity to bring out a campaign like this where one can talk about  #Make in India, #SwachhBharatAbhiyan, #ISL, # ShameGame etc. 

So, we all are those Montu's who keep listening to others advice and never have the courage to follow what our heart says and what is right. It is high time we spoke up what was in our mind. Anything that is even close to injustice should be voiced out and discussed so that a solution can be given. All we need to do is just get to this website and put down our thoughts. The more the number of ideas, the more will be options to provide a solution. It is we who know what are those issues which prevail in our area and if we out it out on public everyone gets to know the issues.

Let us take the example of the #SwachhBharat campaign. We have to retrospect whether we want our future generation to live in a clean India that progresses as a developed country to bring it down to a sham. A clean India will give rise to a healthy India. Healthy is  the only wealth that is going to ours forever.

When there can be cleanliness in a few places, why can’t it be maintained uniformly all over?
Why only the so called upper class gets the opportunity to live in a clean place? Why the under privileged needs to suffer? We need one Prime Minister and his team to instill these thoughts in us.

We are the future of our country. If there is hardly any cleanliness, mortality rate increases and a country which could progress so much starts having its slow downfall. We all want to breath fresh air, eat and drink  fresh food and water. It is only possible if we maintain a clean environment. A clean environment is a green environment. Disposing waste properly, recycling waste, building a proper drainage facility, sewage treatment and clean sanitation facilities can make our country a better place to live in.
Citizens will not try emigrating to other countries. This is something in which we can participate easily. Giving our 1% contribution also matters for 100% results. We have to maintain cleanliness in our surroundings and our home first and then talk about the locality.

Let  us all help build a beautiful nation. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Connecting people connecting lives

Lufthansa has brought in better options for Indians by introducing the world's largest passenger aircraft  A380 #LufthansaA380. In the recent years people have started travelling more and technology has advanced so much that booking a flight ticket from Frankfurt to nine (9) international cities ( Delhi, New York, Miami, Shanghai, Houston,Johannesburg, Beijing, San Francisco,Singapore) has become very easy .

The ease which which anyone can travel from Delhi, India to Frankfurt and back is commendable. Daily flight introduction has made commute easier for people. Travel and tourism industry is benefited, employment increases, people can travel in luxury, it can also help improve trade, meeting relatives and friends will not be a long lost dream where one has to wait for days and pass through the long passenger queues to reach Germany or India. Both ways, people are going to be happy. India will have more travellers from other countries. Indians who are working in Germany and other European countries have a easy access to travel to India. They don't have to wait for specific days to book tickets. Introduction of the airlines for India makes any communications related to India easy. One can go to the Lufthansa's office and clear their queries.

 There are different modes of seating. One can take an economy class also and get to travel to a different country. They have Economy, Business and First class.  This was the much required aircraft for our country because the travellers from other countries were having a lot of problems going back home or coming to India. It has improved the tourism industry a lot. Delhi, being the capital of India is the place where maximum passengers travel to and fro from different countries. Anyone can reach Delhi airport easily from any part of India and get connected to reach Frankfurt. The flight bookings have become hassle free and also daily flights help in reducing one time rush. Now it is affordable for different class of crowd in India and they can gain a lot from it. It saves money, time and energy for any traveller instead of hopping from one city to the other. More the number of seats, more the number of people travel at the same time. There is more scope for Indians to visit their international destinations. Now travellers will save time and reach the destination easily. No last minute rush or anxiety for not getting the tickets. Reaching our loved ones has become easy. Daily flights will help bridge the gap created by distance. One can meet folks back home in India by booking tickets anytime. 

In recent times, India has become more advanced and aware , when it comes to travel. More and more people want to explore international locations or take long vacation breaks. The food served is Indian. The aircraft has been made in such a way that it will match the Indian taste also. Travelling with family will no longer be an issue. Indians can also get a taste of royal and comfortable travelling.

The long waiting hours to reach any place abroad has reduced. These are direct flights without taking any major breaks . This will be helpful in providing comfort and easy travel solution for Indians. Gone are those days where Indians hesitated to travel to international locations for a tour. It was confined to only business trips. Now with increasing economical status of the Indians, many try to take vacations at least once to an international location. The ones who can afford to travel are blessed with this. The number of passengers from India will be more because the population is more. It will also become easy for citizens of Europe to come to India easily. They would land in the country's capital, New Delhi. The more the number of passengers , more will be the income. We can welcome people from different cultures here. Indians employed in the aviation industry also have an extra option for employment. As the number of airlines increase, more will be the number of employees working for the aviation industry.

Political connect will improve, trade will get a boost, tourism industry will improve in both countries and Indians can enjoy travel without any restriction. It is going to be best suited for the future considering the increasing population of our country. Overall, a wonderful experience.  

So, if you want to travel to Germany or any European country then you should check the Lufthansa India website and also have a look at A380 Timelapse video .

Sunday, November 23, 2014


A terrible state of mind, 
A deep sense of anxiety and insecurity,
In that deep-deep darkness that I dwell ,
That makes my heart full of sorrow swell;
Unfaithfulness at it's best, lest I regret, 
I know to talk, to share to ask to cry, to be emotional,
I stay put at one place doing nothing but thinking,
I go in that deep well and think my life has become a hell;
Dejection, rejection, jealousy everything comes in at the same time.
'I' am - Pessimism !

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Forgotten identity

Sana..... Sana....... Sana.....," Viren shouted and she still didn't respond. Angrily, he slammed open the bedroom door and walked out with a wet towel wrapped around his waist.

She was busy washing utensils in the kitchen, tap water was running, baby Neil was crying, sitting on the pram and the television was blaring out loud as Viren's  dad wanted the news to be heard loud and clear.
The early morning clutter was making him feel irritated inside but the moment he saw his wife innocently doing her work, his anxiety calmed down. Neil looked at him and gave a chuckle. Sana turned and looked at him quizzically. " You want something Viren?" she asked in a gentle tone. Hearing this, he almost forgot why he had come out irritated from his room. 

"Errr... nothing really....,"he said sheepishly and walked back. 

For the first time he felt he was acting selfish by asking her to help him with every small work he could do by himself at home . His mother had done everything for him right from childhood days and he had never stayed in a hostel. 

He thought, "Sana always felt very awkward doing things for me and would often retaliate. What has made her so calm now? She never questions." He kept pondering.

Every time she broached this topic of diving household chores he would be busy with work and the topic eventually would fade away. Had his mother been alive, Sana would have felt more relieved. Taking care of the child and his ageing father was a priority then. Things happened so fast that he didn't have time to express to her that he wanted to help her but  he just didn't know how to start with. He often took care of Neil when Sana was busy, but it was not the way he should be doing exactly. There was a housemaid to help Sana out too, but somehow situations were not going the right way. Mainly because Sana had stopped complaining or even pestering him to help her. 

Sana, an independent and strong woman who was working as an HR Manager in an MNC before she decided to quit and spend a few years to take care of Neil. Viren was not too happy as he knew how independent Sana had always been. When she expressed her wish to be at home and take care of Neil Viren didn't object either. It seemed like an understood decision. It was hard for both, but someone had to take the first step towards a decision. That time, Sana had expected Viren would come in and convince her to continue her job, at least part time, so that they could take care of their child together. 

Viren was missing those sparks from her. Her attitude to fight for the right. She seemed to be going with the flow. Not one day had she complained after Neil was born. Viren kept wondering in his room thinking what could have made her that way. He realized that even during an argument, there were moments when she would cry and hold him asking him to understand the situation. She would show immense love and immense anger at the same time, too confusing for him to take either. Nonetheless, even her 100 % attention was towards him. Things were slowly changing but it was a part of their new role. He was the one who was not giving his maximum in the relationship. He had totally been carried away with work and saving  money for their future because Sana was also not working anymore. They went out occasionally for dinner, but it would be a quiet family outing. It was never about the two of them. Thoughts were also muddled up. He never dared to take a step ahead. 

Angry with himself and the situation he got ready and started leaving for work. Just as he was about to leave, Neil came crawling and tugged at his pant. The look on Neil’s face melted him. As if Neil wanted to tell him, “ Dad, don’t leave today without showing your love to us.”

Viren put his laptop case down, removed his shoes, closed door and sat down with his son. He held Neil close and gave him a small peck on the cheek. Carrying his son, he walked around in the house playing and tickling him . A feeling of innocent joy throughout his mind. He was always of the opinion that a  father required training to handle his own child. But, when he managed to keep his child calm for minutes together, he realized that there were certain things that just came naturally.

Sana, who had gone for a bath, walked out astonished. It was a loving sight to behold. A bond between a father and his child. It was 8 months now that Neil was born. Sana had always wanted him to be independent in handling Neil. She was unable to explain to him either. She felt so excited seeing this that she rushed up to them and gave the two best men in her world, a tight hug. 

Viren was almost in tears when he got her tight and loving hug. That was his partner Sana whom he had married four years back. He had missed that tight hug from months, but had never realized. They held their son tightly between them and kissed his either cheeks on either side. 

" This is such a wonderful feeling Sana. Holding our son together and taking care of him. It's been past 20 minutes now and he's still smiling. I was always so scared to hold him thinking he would cry with my touch," Viren said in a tone full of excitement.

" You were right, dear. It's as easy I could have thought," said Viren with a blush.

Sana was pleased to the core. Her heart bounced and danced. Tears had formed a layer in her eyes ready to flow out, just when Viren held her and Neil close and gently kissed the corner of her eyes. 

" We will do things together. I'll try to help you with household chores and also taking care of Neil," Viren said in an assuring tone. 

" I can conquer the world when I have your support," Sana said looking at Viren passionately.

Let us all bring back the touch in our lives in case we have forgotten to know that a touch could be magical.   #BringBackTheTouch with,  Just as they did here #BringBackTheTouch video

Living in Paradise

My dream home should be something that I can choose without a restriction in the usage of the money I have. I would prefer to decorate it the way I want. It should have luxury as well as simplicity. I would pick up a 4BHK ( Bedroom, Hall and Kitchen) as seen in website. Purchasing a home at this real estate and getting my interiors done with products from PORCELANOSA  is my dream. I would like to have as much money with which I can design my own comfort living. 

Home is the place where we feel the most secure so I would like to start from my living room. The place where my LED wall mounted television will be placed against a wallpaper made of Ceramic Wall tiles with an off white and maroon mixed combination. I would choose a flower shaped pattern with these colours running in alternate so that there is a balance. When light falls on them it should appear bright and lively. My television would be in the center. I love the ceramic make. It gives a solid feel to the room and also can be cleaned and wiped easily. I can get them made into designs of my own. Flooring for the room should be an Anti slip one with a complementing colour so that it provides grip while walking. Maintaining it will also be easy and when I carpet a small area where my coffee table would be kept, it would give firmness to the furniture kept and yet give a smooth look . The room should look wider than it is. A huge music system in the corner, home theater, reclining cushioned sofas and  huge teak wood open book shelf  kept against the ceramic maroon and off- white background would make the look of my living room complete. One side of the plain off-white ceramic wall would be left just empty to put up beautiful photo frames. 

We enter into the most beautiful part of my house. The kitchen. The kitchen flooring should be again Anti- slip as it does not allow any problems while cooking or get affected with spills. It can also be cleaned easily and continues along with my living room so the flooring make should match. However, my kitchen wall should be like Mosaics where I want to use natural stones of different colours. I should be able to decorate them with alternate natural stone colours so that it has got a lively yet a dull appeal from far. When I enter the kitchen I should feel like cooking and the mosaic is easy to wipe and clean in case of oil splashes. The kitchen furniture should be G680 Roble Camel Vintage / G480 Blanco Mate which has got a mix of white and brown with a small space to keep a four square dining table looks neat and yet my kitchen would look chic. The sinks would be in the center. Storage of utensils would be inside the brown cabinets. For me it was a good balance of colours. Kitchen- Dining table should be made of : Table : Dreams KRION and Chairs Clever Negro / Cincha Negra. It would complement the white kitchen table top and also my flooring. The chairs and simple and beautiful for seating. There would be different colours in my entire kitchen.  Kitchen taps should be in  Monomando Loop make. It is sleek and smooth and the shape is beautiful. The lusture of the taps looks perfect against the dull mosaic background. Kitchen workshop should be one that matches my kitchen furniture set up.  RION would be my choice as it is white and long. The colour will brighten up the area and the length will give lot of space for me to keep my dishes and cook. This makes my kitchen complete. I would love to keep some indoor plants on this kitchen table to add to the colour. 

I wanted the flooring and the walls to be same for all three bedrooms and a little different for my study room. I wanted Natural Wood for all my bedrooms because it gives a very earthy and cosy feeling. The first thing that I sould do after getting off of my bed and step on the wooden flooring, I should feel like I am transported into some sort of a tree house. A soft touch. I wanted the same feeling for all my bedrooms. The wall tiles should be made of  Natural stone
Pizarra Delhi Natural Home Bioprot 40 x 80 x 1,5 cm, Pizarra Delhi Pulido Bioprot 30 x 30 x 1,2 cm which would be the best use as it will give a cool effect and a earthly match with my wooden flooring. A cosy look, easy maintenance and yet a luxurious feel. For me, home should not be like a business suite, but a very comfortable place where I would love to be back after a hard day's work. Wardrobes in my room should be - Terra Nogal Tenue / Lino CancĂșn Textil  that would match up with my flooring and provide a lot of moving space in the room. I wanted lots of cabinets inside yet they should be hidden under one single door. This would make my room look spacious and look classy at the same time. 

For my study I wanted PAR-KER -Ceramic parquet for the flooring and the wall tiles. It is easy to maintain and also is resistant to any rough usage. It would give a uniform and soothing appeal. The very thought of being in the study, reading and enjoying the books should be fun then. 

For my bathrooms I wanted the flooring to be made of STONE-KER and wall tiles STON-KER Estocolmo Natural 22 x 90 cm / 14,3 x 90 cm , STON-KER® floor tiles Estocolmo Natural 22 x 90 cm / 14,3 x 90 cm. This would add beauty to my bathrooms and also add a lot of mirth. When hot water splashes on the stone floor it would be perfect for a very natural living. It would be like going to some resort and staying. My bathroom should also include accessories from KRION  Bathroom collections Epoque that would fit in perfectly with the flooring and the wall tiles. 

Overall, this would be my choice to make a dream home. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Swachh Bharat = Swasth Bharat( Clean India = Healthy India)

Our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has started the "Swachh Bharat" campaign and from then, his noble initiative has become viral. If not all at least one citizen in the locality has started maintaining cleanliness. Probably an encouragement and initiative like this was long overdue. Cleanliness is not just about sweeping the road or clearing garbage. It is also about providing hygienic environment for the people around by building clean toilets for public use. Building them more in number should be the motive so that it is easy to match up with the increasing population. Second step is to clean them regularly and provide adequate water supply. 

“Toilet for Babli" is a great step taken by Domex -// towards maintaining cleanliness and hygiene for a healthy India. A healthy India is a rich India. As the healthier the people are the better the resources get utilized and we get more manpower. A healthy child when educated can be one of the best contributors for making India the best among the developed countries

The ill effects apply the same for a male and a female child. Sanitation is one of the basic modes of hygiene everyone has to maintain because urine and feces are the major source of attracting bacteria and virus which can spread through contact.  This is one of the main causes of diarrhea, intestinal worm infections, typhoid, cholera and hepatitis. Among these major source of contamination is drinking water. This decomposed matter mixes with the soil and get washed into the rivers and ponds or it can gets mixed with soil. The villagers around use the same contaminated water for domestic purposes. Thatis how everyone carries infection home. Open defecation attracts mosquitoes and flies that breed on them. In return these transfer microorganisms to food and water that is left uncovered. Sometimes these feces are unknowingly consumed by children who are unaware of the sanitation issues. Children live and play around that infected area , not knowing about the health hazards. Parents are also  uneducated and are not able to teach their children about hygiene. Passing urine in public also has extreme health hazards and mainly female children are more vulnerable to contracting  Urinary Tract Infections ( UTI). Young girls hesitate to urinate and defecate in public because they are very shy. They try to hold urine  while searching for a proper place to urinate. Holding urine for a long time causes bladder distention and leads to urinary problems mainly in females. Major cause of a  social and psychological impact on the future women of India. There are also safety issues for our young and innocent Babli who goes to an open area where the chances of sexual abuse are very high. This issue is very common since girls prefer isolated and dark areas to urinate and defecate in the fear of being seen in public. They fall prey to untoward incidents. Many cases of rape have been reported when young girls have gone alone around thick vegetation for urination or defecation especially when it is dark.

If the young generation is affected , the future of our country is at stake. We should join hands for this cause and bring a revolution. 

Educated citizens like us who are aware of the consequences should help such organizations like : Domex , to make their campaign and their noble initiative a success. 

Our contribution is just a Click! away.....

So, readers please participate  by clicking on : Contribute Now (You Click Domex Contributes) in the website

Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life. 

Remember its you who can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Health is wealth

We struggle for years together, get educated, slog at our work place in order to earn a living and lead a good life. The modern day lifestyle has become such that we are becoming a slave to technology and the sedentary way of living. It includes round the clock lifestyle working inside air conditioned rooms, increasing stress and mental disturbance. We cannot change the way we are living and eating the way we do today. We can only improve our lifestyle and make changes in our diet and way of living so that we can prevent our future generation from the ill effects of the environmental changes that are happening day by day, If a disease prevails in the elderly generation today at the age of 40 we are prone to get it at the age of 20 if we do not modify our lifestyle. We cannot even think how our kids will be. They will be far more advanced when it comes to education and technology and at the same time they will be surrounded by all the immune system attacking terrorists.

As parents, its our responsibility to make it a disease free environment for our children. We give them the right kind of food in the right amount and allow them not to succumb to all the disadvantages of modernization. The child will create our future and for a child to be health we need to be well aware of all the dietary supplements we are supposed to give them at the right age. There have been cases reported of children suffering with diabetes when they are born or they develop it as they are growing. We, as parents must ensure that a child doesn't have any difficulty to progress further in this competitive world just because of health issues. We educate ourselves so much today so that we are parents who are aware of the ill effects of health issues. Immunity reduces with lifestyle and if parents don't follow a good lifestyle it certainly affects the children.

While working in my lab, I encountered a couple with a 6 month old baby boy who had come to us to get their infant screened for inborn errors of metabolism. They was global developmental delay that was observed and also some other neurological symptoms had slowly started to show. The despair in the eyes of the parents was unbearable as they had been gifted with the wonderful child after lot of complications during the mother's pregnancy. A proper consultation with the right doctor and strictly following the diet control did improve the child a bit, two months from then. They kept coming regularly for constant check ups. One fine day they were so tired of following the diet regime that they reverted to the normal way of supplements, which was not right. The child started suffering again. Whatever money was earned by the parents went in treating the child and also affected the child's education often.

I couldn't bear to see the agony and pain the parents would go through while bringing their child for blood tests and doctor's consultation. That's when it struck me that its better to prevent something which we have in hand and if there's something genetic we cannot predict or prevent we need to religiously follow the  regime suggested by a clinician. Lets all think of being healthy . That's how money that we earn will be utilized for all the right thing and make us wealthy automatically.

This post was written for IndiBlogger for 3X immunity-