Monday, February 7, 2011


Wasn’t Darwin right when he used the phrase “Survival of the Fittest?” Leaving apart the theory that he gave regarding the origin of species we can take some time out to think about the practicality in this phrase. If we just consider man as the protagonist here and just follow the journey he has to take to survive till the end.

It all begins from the time a sperm tries to struggle. Out of the millions of them only 1 is able to fertilize; the one that is considered to be the fastest and chemically, the strongest to cross the barrier. The fetus needs oxygen, blood supply and adequate nutrients. When the child is born, there comes a series of responsibilities on that tiny head. Parents always there to teach us values, education that begins from kindergarten and doesn’t seem to end. It’s take a lot to be jelling among the peer group, get on with the happening life and yet retain the values, to excel in the field we have taken, to shoulder responsibilities, to maintain relationships, to fight with our own thoughts and ambition and to survive this whole system. It’s a roller coaster ride that doesn’t seem to end so soon. In the end we struggle to even die at peace.

Every living being need to struggle and the fittest one survives.