Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Silent love

I never believed in the concept of a special day when I was dating my would be fiance and the love of my life. We met once a week just to spend quality time with each other. Each weekend was special for us as we discovered something new about each other being in each other's company. Among all these wonderful courtship days we have one such experience which I have marked in my calendar as my " Platinum day of love." 
The simple and caring gesture  made me see another side of his which was very helpful in giving me the confidence to take one step towards marriage. 
I was quite unwell few months before our engagement and it was that time we were asked my our parents to start choosing engagement rings for each other. Since we got time only on weekends, we tried to utilize most of our time usefully. 
Seeing my fever, cold and throat infection going bad, my fiance , Yd took me to a doctor. 
I can recall vividly the experience I had with him throughout this time when I was barely able to speak because of severe throat infection. 
The doctor said, “You are supposed to be on mute mode for 48 hours.”
“Mute mode, as in?” I asked finding it hard to digest what she just said.
“Maun- vrat,” she said with a gentle smile.
I gave a helpless look while Yd laughed away to glory.
How was I supposed to stay without talking? In one moment my weekend plans got shattered.
After thanking the doctor, we left. I was upset by the treatment she had suggested for me but at the same time my intellect contradicted, “It is the best medication that could have been offered at this point so go ahead and follow it religiously.”
Suddenly there was so much to talk and I wasn’t supposed to speak. I struggled trying to use actions and facial expressions. Thanks to Yd, I got some confidence to strictly adhere to it. He spoke all while and I could do nothing but listen to his instructions and follow the same. As advised, I took a pen and paper and started writing whatever I wanted to convey. If I held the paper close to me while writing he would peer into it with an eagerness to just know what I wanted to convey. This idea was successful in the initial phase.
While walking on the streets I couldn’t keep writing on chits. Eventually I resorted to actions and facial expressions. Playing dumb charades while walking was fun. I was thoroughly enjoying watching a troubled Yd trying hard to decipher my actions. He gave complete attention to my words unlike the other days. He was certainly impressed by my hidden talent to act when he told me, “This punishment is proving useful. I am able to see your hidden talent in mute acting.” That was the only way I could express the immense joy I felt. Half a day went in this way. I was not allowed to talk to anyone.
We had to go shopping for our engagement ring.  I was unable to express my choice and specifications to the sales person in the shops. We roamed around on the street which was best suited for all the jewellery shops. We were quite skeptical in choosing which ring to buy. ( Gold or platinum). 
Yd took the pain to get the exact specifications written down from me in each shop and explained to the shopkeepers on my behalf. Each shop that we went to, the shopkeepers looked weirdly at me when they presented something nice while I in turn looked at Yd to voice my thoughts. It was an opportunity to feel confident that he was aware of my likes and dislikes. A strange yet loving feeling brought us closer.  We hardly had any arguments, disagreements or misunderstandings during the whole day. At times I did feel irritated when he didn't understand my expressions but the irritation seemed to vanish when I saw the innocent look on his face. He was giving a real attempt to understand my thoughts.
There was complete silence and there were abrupt pauses while we were together because I was the one who always started the conversation. For Yd it was always a one minute talk. He found it hard to converse beyond a point when there was nothing new to discuss. Silence did its magic and so did our expressions. We had moments when only our eyes spoke. Being with me on mute mode, he also started feeling that it were better not to talk. He conversed with me in whispers or tried copying my expressions. Before starting maun- vrat I had presumed that I would not feel comfortable but it turned out to be beneficial in many ways. I could express myself by messaging, writing and showing actions. 
We went hopping from one shop to the other and Yd doing all the work of explaining about type of ring we wanted. After searching in 5 shops we squared down to buying platinum ring. Finally, jotting down all the specification I had given through actions and what he wanted we chose our engagement ring in Orra showroom. Exquisite piece if platinum rings . It was a platinum pair and we got our names engraved inside each other's ring. 
Someone has rightly said, “Love doesn't need any language and neither does it need a specific day to be expressed. 
Each day spent with love and care for the special one is ' The Platinum Day of Love." 
Co-incidentally ours was the day when we bought platinum rings.
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