Saturday, June 13, 2015

Follow 'Daadi ma ke nuskhe-' and #ComeCloser to Radiant Skin

When it comes to skin care it has been assumed all this while that women are more conscious about looks than men. But situations are changing. Men have also started taking interest in skin care. Although, they don't want to spend time going to salons and wait to take appointment when it suits their time. For them home remedies work the best which can be used anytime and are very simple. For women, going to a salon has always been for relaxation. They don't bother about the waiting hours much. They manage to fix appointment in advance and adjust their schedule accordingly. Now that the new budget plan has announced a hike in the service tax for salons from 12.36% to 14 % everyone is thinking twice before choosing the services at a salon. There are some services which cannot be done on our own, for example getting a hair cut. Skin care is one of those services which allures everyone when they enter a salon. For some reason or the other the service team at the salon is always able to convince the customer that their skin is not radiant enough and they should consider taking up a facial or a clean up or a bleach. They explain everything in detail and finally convince us to take one of the best package which might cost a bomb but just because we have been convinced we will see a significant change in the appearance and the feel of our facial skin we take it up. Some packs work but they also don't show any effect for many. They vary according to skin type. When a customer doesn't see results even after 2-3 days of a facial, they feel cheated and consider never to do it again. This feeling is however short lived. The same story continues the moment anyone enters the beauty salon once again. In such cases home remedies are the best. 

They are also called 'Daadi ma ke nuskhe' ( Grandma's secret tips). They can be home remedies for skin care or for health benefits. The most ancient and common tip which any one would suggest, including a beauty expert is a pack made from fresh crushed Neem leaves and turmeric powder to apply on the face which is very oily and is prone to pimples and acne because the fresh extract from neem leaves and turmeric has got antibacterial effect on the pimples. This prevents blemishes and also prevents the pimples from bursting and causing pain. This fresh and simple two minute home remedy is fast as well as very effective. If included with sandalwood powder it helps in removing excessive oil from the face and also gives a natural dryness and smoothness to the skin. There is also another home remedy for reducing pimples and scars left by then. A face pack made from sandalwood powder, clove powder, one or two drops of tea tree oil and cinnamon powder mixed with fullers earth and applied by mixing with rose water. This combination works even now as many beauty products suggested for acne and pimples have neem, tea tree oil,cinnamon, turmeric in them as ingredients. 

Just like this there is another home remedy which  helps to fight dark circles under the eyes. Mash potatoes  and apply as a pack under the eye. The results are not immediate but they are seen. 

In the similar way skin tanning can be removed by applying fresh crushed tomatoes mixed with honey and curd. This pack should be allowed to dry and then washed off. It removes tanning and also helps the face to retain its moisture. The skin feels soft and fresh after the pack is washed off. 

We can also make a simple face scrub at home which can help in removing the dead cells and also black heads. This can be applied at least twice or thrice a week. Make a dry powder of Red lentil, raw rice, split black lentil and few almonds. This powder can be stored and used whenever required. Take this with little water and apply in circling motion on the face. Once the scrub is washed off, one can take steam on the face and finally a face pack made with fullers earth, rose water and little gram flour(if it suits the skin). 

The best and the most common home remedy for keeping the skin glowing which is still followed by any bride to be few weeks before her D-day. It is a mixture of turmeric, gram flour and red lentil powder with few drops of lemon juice which is rubbed against the skin to remove tanning and also dead cells. These simple tips help in maintaining the skin and also reduce the number of visits and services required to take care of our skin.

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