Wednesday, February 10, 2016

That Didn’t Fit Right during a wedding capture

I am sure we all have heard of wedding woes but we have never heard of 'Wedding Capture Woes'. Photographers covering a wedding have to be on their toes in order to capture every moment in the right way. To top it all if you are a 'Candid' wedding photographer, you not only have to be one your toes but also have to be eagle eye sharp and lightning fast to capture the delicate moments which a regular photographer would fail to notice. To make things worse, a candid wedding photographer has to make his/her own way amidst the crew of photographers and videographers who keep shuttling along with the bride and the groom and yet get the best moments which none of them would have captured. It is a constant struggle for existence. But, when the client has paid and expects so much from you, one can't really exist. One has to stand out. I have been there and done all of this from the past two years when I decided to read the marital vows with my better half of being a part-time 'Candid Wedding Photographer.' 

So, this was my first official assignment with my better half and I, being a total novice into photography was supposed to cover one of the major events, that is the garland exchange- Varmala/Jayamala along with my husband. I obviously had got enough practical lessons on photography and its techniques but I was still not prepared. Before the event was to begin I sat inside the room wondering what I should wear. I had not decided upon the kind of clothes that I should be wearing while capturing a wedding. Saree was a strict , 'NO-NO' from my husband as he told I would have to run around a lot. I wanted to settle in for a beautiful salwar or an anarkali when he suggested me to choose something simple like, a Jeans and a kurti. The kind of occasion specific fashionista that I am, I did not want to look ordinary. I told my photography partner, ' Look, I cannot wear something that ordinary when I am going to capture a wedding.' Saying this I continued hunting in my wardrobe but at last I took my partner's help in deciding the outfit that I was going to wear. I chose a knee length red tussar halter kurti and decided to team it up with black leggings. The kurti was simple, elegant, because of the colour and beautiful because of the fine embroidery work done on it. Problems with women and their wardrobe do not end here. I had to choose the right brassiere for it. I chose a normal black one which fit perfectly but the thin black straps were peeping out occasionally when I tried to move my hand a bit. Considering that I would have to do a lot of photography and my hand  and shoulders wouldn't be still, I decided to change it. So, I decided to go with transparent straps as there wasn't any other bra which was fitting well with this kurti. I had only one transparent strap which I hurriedly put and took one last look in front of the mirror. It was tight and at times I felt it was hurting me but I had no other option but to go ahead with it. I was not in a mood to change my dress and settle for something different. 

Here I was, at the wedding venue, looking elegant and nothing that could define me as an ordinary photographer. I roamed around with the camera and was feeling quite confident about everything. I was slowly getting a hang of photography. The D-Day's most important moment, Jaymala/Varmala was about to start. My partner had gone to a place near the center stage and taken his position, in order to get clear and close images. I was still searching for a place when I saw all the regular photographers and videographers in a single line , towards the front and close to the center stage. There was just a little space left between them which I wanted to take. Excusing myself from the crowd, I squeezed in and took my place. It was a perfect spot and I could get decent images from there. Well, obviously the other photographers felt strange seeing a girl dressed like this taking photographs like a professional. But the actual fact was that, I was neither an established professional and nor was I going to get extremely great images. I was just trying to capture the best moment with steady hands, without missing even the slightest one. I had to pass my first test which my better half was conducting. It was just the 3-4 minute session which I had to struggle and capture. I had to bend my arms, scoop in between other people and then take my shots without having any other photographer to block my view. Adjusting the camera, holding the lens correctly, keeping my hand steady and concentrating on the focus was a daunting task. It was too much to handle. I sat kneeling down on the floor and kept my camera in a position between two photographers, in orders to get the best image. I stretched my hand a bit to keep the camera in front when I heard a snap. The first instinct was to check with my hand if the camera sling around my neck snapped. Seconds later I started feeling very light at my shoulder region. That's when I realized it was my transparent bra strap that had snapped. Keeping my focus on the camera and the moment capture I sat there crouching with both my hands close to my chest and the camera in front. Thankfully, the ceremony got over soon. I got up feeling extremely embarrassed,without keeping my hands down. The other photographers looked at me strangely seeing me walk away so soon  I tried to act as if I was capturing images and went quickly to the washroom. Oops!!! It had snapped right from the center. I then realized my mistake of not using a proper fitted transparent strap. I realized only that day that the quality and fitting of bra straps is also so important. I tied a small knot to keep the broken strap in place and walked out from the washroom only to see my partner looking at me quizzically. He had a hearty laugh listening to my little wardrobe malfunction.

I decided from that day that I would never wear something so uncomfortable, especially while doing wedding photography. Even it is as delicate as a tight transparent bra strap. #PerfectFit matters a lot. 

'That Didn’t Fit Right’ contest , by Women's Web and Buttercups gave me a chance to write about this funny incident.

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Our Quirky relationship

I totally agree with the message this video is trying to convey 'Love is better when you Laugh together?' A very cute video by Caratlane for Valentine's Day. 

Writing about funny love and laughter moments is actually difficult for me because I am more comfortable writing about love rather than laughter but the combination of both is just plain sweet when it is between a husband and wife. Among the two of us, my husband, Yd has a funny edge in his nature. On the contrary I am the one who is bent more towards the serious edge and catching all his quirky jokes which he calls intellectually made PJ’s is next to impossible for me. My days begin with such jokes. They are hilarious at times and often not so interesting. Even though I have been with him for two years and have known him for more years than that, I still fail to decipher his facial expressions. That's how he fools me and I end up being the '3 Dimensional Loser' among the two of us. Although I get irritated and also show intolerance to these funny and not-so-funny jokes, I know that I will miss this trait the most in him if he were to change his behaviour. I will talk about one such incident which makes me laugh each time I think about it. 

One casual evening, post dinner while I was washing few utensils at the kitchen sink Yd came around and sprinkled residual water left in his hand after washing. He knows very well that I get really irritated when he does this especially after he washes his hand post dinner. This time around even my spectacles were full of water droplets along with my face. I would generally react by getting irritated and angrily asking him to go away. This time, my reaction was spontaneous despite all the irritation within. While I was washing off the soap from my hand, I took a handful of water and splashed on his face. I did not care if that much water was enough to lash back at him but it was too spontaneous an action. It did sprinkle on his face. He was awestruck with my new reaction. I was laughing looking at his shocked expression but instead he had a stern look. It was always me who behaved that way but today when I planned to make it a competitive fight, he looked stunned. He walked out of the kitchen maintaining the same look. I stopped washing my utensils and rushed after him. He went into the room and refused to talk to me. I saw him wiping his face with a towel, his face still grim. I was worried if I had splashed the water too hard. I was arguing within whether I should be sorry for lashing back at him that way. His reaction was too much for me to handle. I chose to just let the moment pass and decided to continue with my kitchen work. Just when I was about to reach the kitchen, Yd called me, with his voice still stern and said, ‘You have left your clothes soaked in the bathroom from morning. The bathroom is stinking. Can you please wash them immediately?’ I couldn't digest anything that was coming out of the suddenly turned serious Yd. I was just about to reply back saying that they were just clothes soaked in lukewarm soap water and I had put them in the evening but the situation forced me not to explain. I knew that if I justified more it would end up in an argument. I went past him in fury and started washing clothes. I was mumbling something in anger and was trying to calm myself down explaining to my confused mind that I had not done anything so wrong that I should be worrying about his stern behaviour. Just when I was engrossed in rinsing the clothes, the water from the tap stopped and instead cold water gushed on top of me from the shower. I was dripping wet within seconds. Everything happened in lightning speed that I did not even get time to realize what had happened. With lather and half wet clothes in hands I turned around and looked at Yd who was now standing facing me at the bathroom doorstep and grinning. I laughed holding my stomach in my hands. I laughed out loud continuously so much that I was just short of rolling on the floor with laughter. Yd's mischievous grin made me laugh more and looking at me he joined in too. Laughter is contagious and a heartfelt laughter is even more. The next moment I was out of the bathroom with water all over the room while holding his hand and laughing more. He had taken his revenge. The tears of laughter mixed with water dripped from my eyes while I held his hand, still laughing. He did a swooping act trying to pull me closer to him. Since my feet were still wet, I lost balance and fell on the floor on my back. In the act of prevent me from falling he fell along and on top of me. Oh!!!! That was such an ‘Ouch’ moment for me. Firstly, the impact of the fall was so much that my butt went numb. To add on to the effect, a 70+kg man falls on me with full force. I did not know whether to cry in pain or laugh at the incidents that were happening in just a short span of time. For minutes we were lying down like that and my giggles did not cease even then. Yd then looked very romantically into my eyes and said, ‘This is called falling in love baby.’ Instantly my laughter stopped and my lips twitched into a frown. But, the situation made them curve into a sweet smile. I pushed him aside and got up to rub my sore butt. Who could have imagined that rosy the romantic scenes in movies depicting such actions could actually be so painful in reality? 

This #LoveAndLaughter Activity, by BlogAdda has made me write about such funny moments which I always thought of keeping to myself and laughing when I would be sitting alone thinking about the love-hate funny relationship that my partner and I share.

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