Saturday, January 9, 2010

What –‘A Girl’- wants…………..

Well the title that I have given might not be grammatically correct but I needed to emphasize on those words. It certainly has nothing to do with the movie that has been named in the same way or the book that has been written.

Girl: Don’t you realize that you have to give me more time?

Guy: I understand. You also understand my situation at times.

Girl: Okay. I will but you should also make an attempt. I can’t do so much always.

Guy: I am not able to get what you are saying.

Girl (frustrated): Never mind. Leave it.

Guy: I don’t know what you want. I can just say girls are confusing.

There goes the line- Girls are confusing. No matter how many times we try to decipher this fact men can never understand women completely. It’s a fact and it’s true. That’s the reason why books like, “Men are from Mars and Women from Venus” have been written and there millions of mails that are forwarded each day which give lessons to carry on a normal life. I am sure every guy would be feeling the same way when a girl confuses them with her words.

So, let me make things simpler. Based on my personal experience and survey that I made I have some tit-bits which I am sure can help to reveal what a girl exactly wants. I am also sure that even after reading these, things might not be simpler until you put into practice.

  • Learn to keep her happy. She doesn’t want someone who can bring stars down from the sky but we want someone who can keep her happy by making her enjoy those little moments in life.

  • She pays attention to detail. So, be careful.

  • She doesn’t want you to praise her every time and tell how good she looks but all she needs is an honest appreciation.

  • After a certain point of time a sensible girls stops wearing those pink glasses she has put on her eyes. She never wants to talk about fantasies. She sticks to reality.

  • Don’t be practical with her always. Be rational.

  • When direct statements don’t work, use something which is called, sweet talk according to the girl’s dictionary and see how things change. Love can tame her.

  • If a girl is not in a good mood and says, “I don’t wanna talk.” In a girl’s dictionary it doesn’t mean the same. It means, “Talk to me more and make my mood alright.”

  • If you ask a girl, “Anything wrong”. The girl would reply, “Nothing.” A girl’s nothing means that there is always something that is wrong and it’s your job to find out what it is.

  • Handle them with patience.

  • If you ask a girl, “What kind of guy you want?”

85% of it will be what she would like in you but she will lay stress on the 15% which is not in you and that would be her choice. Don’t get fooled because she will emphasize on her views later though.

  • A girl’s idea of an ideal man keeps changing as she passes different stages but ultimately what she wants in a guy of her choice would be something she has been seeing in her dad. She will make sure that the point is taken in by you.

  • If a girl says, “I miss you.” It means that she does miss you but she eagerly wants to hear what you have to say even though she will not express it out.

  • She wants you to be expressive and truthful.

  • Never take her for granted. She would make sure that she’s not the one to be messed around with if such a situation arises.

  • Make her feel important and show that you care.

  • She can get impractical, overly emotional, and overly lovable then don’t show that you are bored. Act mature and try to bring her round to your views slowly. She will understand and then come back to normal.

  • Follow those little advices she gives. If not all at least few of them. She will never get offended by anything you say.

  • Be a good listener and for once make her just shut up and you do the talking . She would love to be handled liked that.

  • Be authoritative but at the same time let her live her own way.

  • Give her all the love you can give and she will always be understandable.

I think this would be enough to make you guys understand what a girl wants and bring her round to your views too…..

I would like to conclude by quoting lines said by Oscar Wilde:

"A man's face is his autobiography. A woman's face is her work of fiction. "

So, best of luck guys!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's just luck....

Before I begin I would like to mention that I am writing an account of this incident only because my friend Yd told me to write about it. I have been still wondering about the incident.

I had recently been to Bangalore to visit my friends. As usual the hang out place for friends would be malls first. I was in Forum Mall with my friends where I had been to meet a friend of mine after a long time. It was a great evening in Bangalore. My friend asked me, “Where do u wanna go?”

It was 7:00 PM and after having a tiring day my answer was certainly CCD.

Forum Mall has a small CCD in the ground floor which is an open CCD. It looked a little congested unlike the other CCD’s but for me it didn’t matter as long as it was CCD coffee and I had a good company. We both ordered CafĂ© Mocha which is one of my favourite flavors.

The coffee tasted amazing and as we got engrossed in our conversation. Suddenly, one guy who looked like someone who generally would be seen at the roadside came up to my friend and asked him, “Yahan pe dhobi ka ghar kahan hai?”

My friend was smart enough to understand that this was some guy who had come to fool us so he gave him so weird direction which never existed and tried to ward him off.

When all this was happening I felt that something was wrong. I started thinking, why would some random chap come up to only both of us of all the people whom he found in CCD and ask for the address? He didn’t look good too. That’s when I realized that I had hung my hand bag on my chair. I turned to have a look at it and it was gone!!

I stood up immediately and told my friend that my bag wasn’t there. I was frantic and went and complained to the CCD people. My friend kept telling me to look around and see if I had mistakenly kept the bag somewhere else. Till then everyone who was there in CCD was looking at me helplessly.

My friend took me to the security and we explained about the whole situation. They told us that there was a camera facing CCD and they could probably see what had happened. They also did a good job by alerting all the security guards in forum about the loss. My friend was trying to calm me down but even he was worried seeing my condition. Thankfully I had my phone in my pocket which I could use to do the needful( contacting my parents, blocking my ATM cards, informing my friends and college authorities too) .

I had 2 ATM cards, my wallet with my PAN card, my train ticket, college ID card, my hostel room keys, my pen drive, money, my ear phones, charger, my one my most precious sketching and the bag was extremely precious to me as it was a gift from my brother.

It was just 2 minutes that all this had happened and I was thinking how to deal with the worst. I still had some hope so went around CCD to search for my bag. It was then when I saw a waiter from CCD and a security guard walking towards me with my hand bag and a plastic bag. It was the 3rd minute after the incident. It was that moment I felt as if I was face to face with the divine. I checked my bag completely. Not a penny had been stolen from it. It was intact and I could just give a million thanks to the security system in forum for giving me my bag back. I had heard about such incidents before so I could figure out the spookiness soon and took the right step at the right moment.

It was then the whole scenario was clear. While that guy who had come up to us and tried to keep us busy in the conversation, there was another guy who flicked the bag from behind, finding me distracted. It was the very right second that I became alert and reacted because of which he started running with my bag towards the other entrance. The security guards were very swift and caught hold of him before he left the mall. He threw away the bag and the packet. I went immediately to the security officers there and thanked them, I don’t know how many times. I wrote a nice feedback in their register. I held my bag close to me. My friend kept consoling me and he was himself wondering what had happened. He was as shocked as I was but we both had a big smile on our face. I was so happy that I went back to CCD to that waiter and thanked him. I always carry a chocolate with me when I travel. This time I had a big bar of Dairy Milk. I gave it to him with a big smile.

My friend was just discussing about the incident and advising me not to carry all important things in a bag always. It was then when I saw an unknown packet with him. I asked him if he had got something in that packet. He plainly refused and said he assumed it would have been mine. We tried to open it and saw some dirty clothes in it. It was certainly the thieves’ clothes. We went to the security officer and gave it back. In the end we both had a hearty laugh over this.

I couldn’t stay inside forum anymore. I moved out with my friend and felt the cool breeze.

I don’t know whom to thank, The Almighty, my lucky stars, the millions of prayers for me that my loved one do everyday for my well being, my alertness, the swiftness of the security guards or my lucky charm who was there with me then.