Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sleep well my baby!

"Oh God! It is 4 :00 AM and my baby still refuses to sleep," cried an anxious Reena. She is a recently turned mother of a six month old baby boy. Too inexperienced to manage this problem she consulted a pediatrician who looked through the entire routine she follows for her infant right from feeding the baby to putting him to sleep. Finally after a lot of discussion the doctor advised her few changes in the routine and slowly her baby started co-operating. Gone were those days when Reena used to have sleepless nights with the baby waking up crying at the break of dawn. She had found out the reason finally.

The doctor had told her that despite her feeding the baby on time,  giving the baby a nice oil massage, giving the baby nice warm sponge bath, playing with the baby she was missing out on the fact that the diaper she was using was irritating the baby at night once it was wet. Though the bedsheet would not get wet but the baby would still feel wet and irritated inside. The first change that Reena made was that she started using Pampers Baby Dry Pants especially at night when the baby was trying to sleep peacefully. She too wanted a peaceful sleep for herself and her husband. Reena started seeing those changes soon. This diaper unlike the other ones was keeping the baby dry from inside as it had special absorbing property without making the baby feel wet and itchy.

Reena always made sure that she would start preparing her baby for sleep two hours before they could start falling asleep. Only then did he fall asleep after playing for few hours. He used to get very active only at night so she made sure she could utilize it in the best way. She used to feed him some time before he started becoming more active in order to avoid the regurgitation of milk. She took him for a short night walk in the terrace so that he relaxes a bit. Post her dinner she made sure she changed his clothes if they were wet and also put a Pampers diaper. She keep his pillow and bed cover fresh and warm so that he has a peaceful sleep. She used to keep a warm yellow bedside lamp so that it is easy for him to fall asleep. She tried not to watch television or listen to loud music before he started falling asleep, in order to keep his mind calm.

She usually washed him up and wipe him with a warm towel before putting the diaper and also added some Johnson's baby powder around to avoid any rashes to occur and irritate him while sleeping.

She used to recite sweet and short lullabies to him and make him fall asleep on her lap. Even after that if he didn't fall asleep she kept some toys around on the bed for him to play with. She made sure she made it a routine for him to sleep by the same time daily. It was the most difficult task for a mother but she was slowly managing it. It seemed helpful to her over the course of few weeks once she started getting him used to this routine.

She made sure there are no mosquitoes so that the baby doesn't have any disturbance while sleeping. Slowly her baby fell asleep when he got tired of playing. The atmosphere around was so conducive to sleep that he got habituated to this timings. One some extremely active days he used to be wide awake but those occurrences were becoming rare. 

Check out Pampers website( know how you can give a good night's sleep to your baby. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My dreams shall come true - I will live Befikar UmarBhar

Recently a friend of mine went on a world tour with her husband. The moment I heard it I felt a voice calling out inside me," I wish I could go too. “I realized that it was not with me only but every second person I speak to, always has something or the other that is left incomplete for them to experience or acquire. We all have hopes and dreams. Though we have got everything that we could get with a great education and career, our needs keep increasing. Human beings that we are! - We always want something more. Our heart and mind is never satisfied. We slog hard attempting to fulfil those dreams. 

Wish we could all be #BefikarUmarBhar as shown here:

There are many such wishes that I hope get fulfilled over the course of time  but to list out , I have a few as top five in my list. 

1. I want to stop paying for my health insurance policies and utilize that money for my savings which could be used for something better. I wish to have a healthy lifestyle and have lot of endurance and strength and time so that I can be #BefikarUmarBhar without having to run to the doctor or hospital. I want a disease free life. I want lot of time to take care of my health and do all kinds of physical activity, eat the right thing and also save a lot of money. 

2. I want to complete my PhD in Neurochemistry as soon as possible without worrying about money and time. I want to be free of tensions and duration to complete my doctorate degree. I don't want to worry about getting old which could prevent me from pursuing my research. I want to serve poor patients with my research and breakthrough work and ideas. I want to work for the Ministry of Health care with my degree.

3. I want to travel around the world without having to worry about money, holidays at work or any family tensions. I want to go around with my husband and know about different cultures and the people, visit attractive travel destinations, participate in adventure sports and do everything possible because it is just one life and I want to do everything that is possible. While all this keeps happening, I want money to keep flowing and also have a job that offers me to take breaks like these without any pressure. 

4. I want to buy a Royal Enfield of my own and take training at an all-woman driving institute and do a backpack solo travel in and around Goa. Currently I don't have the monetary means, courage and experience to do all this. I want to be a #befikar nomadic woman. I want to travel safe everywhere. I wish to eradicate the reason for women in this world to feel unsafe. I want to be a carefree bird who doesn't have to bother about anything. 

5. I want to publish a romantic novel. I want to be a scientist as well as a romance writer. My dream is to become the top writer under the Harlequin publishing brand. 

There are so many wants like these and the list is never ending. I want all the means like, money, health, time, energy, happiness and love. I want be like a superwoman and do everything possible under the sun. I want to be able to multitask, be a great daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, a super mom, a great friend and above all a great human being. 

Whatever wishes I have, I thank those lucky stars and the almighty for keeping me #BefikarUmarBhar.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Valentine this year- Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG

Valentine's Day doesn't really mean we really need to hang out with someone of the opposite sex only. One can celebrate Valentine's Day with family, friends or also enjoy alone.  All we need is a good company. I was not too lucky to have a Valentine even this year so I thought of treating myself to an awesome Italian dinner and celebrate the entire day out. Since it was a Saturday, it was easy for me relax and plan a day out with myself. I took out my car, looked my best and started on a long drive. Well, I was bored after driving for some time because I needed some interaction. I realized that I was not the type to be cut off from the world. To my  rescue came my Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG  which I had bought three days before Valentine's Day from Flipkart - Valentine always keeps the other one happy. If a phone keeps one happy and gives great company then it can be the best Valentine. 

I was using a Gionee G3 before this. I loved that phone too but I lost it while travelling in a bus. I wanted to buy something that could give me a good feel just as my Gionee G3. I am not someone who is into technology so I looked through Flipkart's reviews and checked all the specifications of the Asus Zen phones there. Asus has got a wide range in Zenphone model. They are of different price range too.

The first thing that attracted me was the varied price range. I could pick any one of my choice based on my budget. The one I chose had white and black as the colour options. I chose Black.  I wanted this more because of the Long Battery life. This could help me in my long journey. I wouldn't have to use my car battery also much for charging. This feature will help mainly when we need to use phone for a long time continuously. This  is because of the Intel® Atom™ Processor. I could use it for 18 hours at a stretch. This would help me especially when I go to remote places where there are not many charging points available. 

I can store many favourite songs because of the 16 GB expandable memory space. This could be a nice way to enjoy a beautiful ride with my favourite numbers. I don't have to depend on Radio coverage always. 

I can't even think of travelling out on a solo trip without the help of google maps and internet. These phones provide good internet connectivity as well as speed in accessing the web pages.  This is due to the  Intel® Atom™ Processor and  Intel® hyper -Threading technology1 .

How I can travel and not be able to take good pictures for storing those beautiful memories ?? I needed a good camera. I didn't have a budget to buy a DSLR so I thought the 13 megapixel HD camera with 6" HD display. It would help me to watch videos/ movies and also see my stored photos. All Zenphones have good camera and great picture quality because of Pixel Master which is a unique ASUS-developed technology that combines software, hardware and optical design to deliver incredible image quality. We will be able to get high-quality photos. It is high quality 5 element optical camera. We get to capture all the moments with a high quality picture. 

I love reading e-books. I use Flipkart eBook app to read books. Because of the excellent 6" HD display and a wide screen I can read my books easily without causing any difficulty to my eyes. 

The upgraded Android version v4.4 (KitKat) would help me get closer and better with faster and latest technology. This will help me perform multiple tasks have as many apps as I can. I was restricted earlier in downloading many apps.  

I can also use both my office number and my personal number because of the dual SIM option. The ZenUI intelligent technology here makes me mobile friendly as I will not have difficulty in using the complicated technology. I wanted something simple without any confusion. 

The varied colour option present in their cases/ covers is an advantage as I can choose the colour I like. I can also put it in a case where it can be protected from knocks or falls preventing cracks and scratches. The touch is sensitive as well as smooth to use. Easy access. The extended warranty gives me an advantage to get any servicing done easily. There are also many ASUS service centres coming up to help us in managing the applications during problems in a better way. 

It is a beauty in all ways. I don't need anything more than this for a great day. A valentine gives happiness in all ways. If this phone gives me all that I need I really don't need a valentine. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Awesome ASUS IndiBlogger Meet 2015!

The first IndiBlogger meet of the year 2015 in Bangalore turned out to be the first IndiBlogger meet I have ever attended. I have been an IndiBlogger for almost 2 years now but I was never so keen on attending these blogger meets. Though it has been a long time since an IndiBlogger meet was held in Bangalore, I was skeptical this time also. When I got the link for the special invite after writing the post on Happy Hours- Go Sleek with ASUS , I was still confused whether to accept it or notI thank my husband for pushing me to accept the invitation  and attend the meet. It was worth a visit. 

Even though I saw the reviews of bloggers about their previous meet , I wanted to attend the meet and check for myself. It was organized in ITC Gardenia, Bangalore. I was very happy that they didn't delay much. Everything happened according to the agenda and they finished it also by 9:45PM. I loved the fact that they stuck to their timings. I could feel- Thank God Its Friday ( TGIF) while going back. 

The meet started with a very interactive rock band performance. It was short and sweet and they forced everyone to sing along , tap our feet to the numbers and also do head banging. This made everyone at ease. I had already met few bloggers and was getting to know about their blog when the host started a new way to interact with everyone. It was a short exercise for 15 minutes in which each blogger had to meet as many bloggers as they could and collect any personal item from them by convincing them to give those away. The one with the most number of personal items and unique items were given vouchers.This was just a way to get everyone interact with each other and share blog addresses. The best that could be done to interact with as many new bloggers we could in a short span of 15 minutes. This was followed by a short presentation about the ASUS EeeBook X205TA and  ASUS All In One PC ET2040. It was an informative session and also we could get to clarify the queries about the product. We were kept at ease and very comfortable with the refreshment that was being served and the great ambiance of the ITC Gardenia, Mysore Hall. There was time to look through the ASUS product. The best part of this break was to meet more blogger and talk to them. There were so many with common interests as mine. I had never gathered so much information and met the number of people I had in those few hours. 

The last and the best part of the session was a short group presentation about blogging, The crowd was divided in teams of 4. Each team was given a theme which they had to present as a team together in just 3 minutes. Every theme was related to blogging. It was great. A huge group, a common theme and everyone had to be on stage to perform. The team managers did a good job. It brought out the creative side of everyone in just 3 minutes. By then everyone had shed off the inhibitions. Although it was getting late I felt the meet shouldn't have ended that soon because there was so much to talk and share with everyone around. 

There was final group photo session followed by awesome dinner. I look forward to attend more Indimeets like these.

Sell with a cell chat( Ek chat pe bech de!)

With the e-Retail market becoming popular, people have started trusting internet sources more.  Not only for buying products, but also for selling them. The buying as well as the selling market should go hand in hand because when we want to buy something new we have to find a solution for the old one. 
Websites like ( URL : )have made it easier for us to sell products  and also advertise about them without any problems. It has saved us a lot of trouble. We can put ads on the website with pictures of the product we want to sell. The person who is interested contacts us through the phone number. There are different kinds of  services that they provide, even when someone is looking for property Quikr comes as a saviour. Quikr ensures while exchanging phone number that safety is maintained and the numbers are not misused. 

Quikr has gone one level advance by introducing Quikr Nxt where buyers and sellers can immediately connect with each other through chat across Quikr's mobile app. One can also access this through the mobile site and its desktop site. Calling sellers and contacting them on a cell phone and talking to them is dependent on their availability. The seller can be in an important meeting and might not be able to take calls from the buyer. He might lose a good deal because of that. Many a times calling a seller becomes a nuisance because they are not able to attend the call all the time. The buyers become anxious. Even the seller cannot contact the interested buyer at times as they might be busy on some other call. Sometimes it is too awkward to do these dealings on the phone. It is always better that things happen in a subtle yet clear way. Chatting will do away with all these problems. 

Too many phone calls disrupt the personal life at times. They might seem unwanted at times. By mistake if the phone is not kept on a silent mode during a meeting , too many phone calls can cause embarrassment. In such cases chatting is always better. Then the buyer/ seller might feel at ease. They might not intrude into someone's life and spoil their time merely to sell or buy a product. 

Even to inform the buyer about the pick up location and the directions to reach the place where the seller is, chatting seems a better option. This feature introduced by Quikr as Quikr Nxt will enable users to communicate with each other at their convenience and request more details about the product or service, without requiring a single phone call.

Chat will help us have a message back up too. the information given by the seller will be recorded and also there for future reference. In this way there need not be unnecessary phone calls to re-clarify the same things. Buyers will not be hesitant to ask queries about the product to the seller. Chatting is an easier option even when someone is busy with work or even travelling. 

I faced many issues when I had put an advertisement on asking for a 2BHK apartment on rent. Multiple sellers and agents started calling me. I was talking to one seller meanwhile someone else called. I had to call back each one whose call I had missed. This entire exercise took about an hour . I couldn't remember what each seller had told on phone. So I had to sit with a pen and paper and write in details about the price quoted, location and the kind of house specified by each seller against their names lest I do not forget. After talking to everyone I was so exhausted that I lost interest in looking for a rented house. I was not interested in a houses which some sellers had quoted. I was not showing interest in that property and did not want to contact them again. On the other hand those sellers kept calling me asking me to have a look at the property. It started seeming like nuisance later. I used to cancel their calls. It felt as if they are stalking me.Chatting seems a much better option. One can be very polite and yet refuse a buyer or a seller if the criteria one is looking for doesn't fit in well.