Monday, June 30, 2008

Something that I too believe in!

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

-Victor Hugo

A King Size Breakfast

This was the title which was given in a recent article published in ‘The Hindu’ Sunday Edition (29th June 2008). It is a common saying that one must not skip breakfast but the point here is how many actually follow it? Doctors say this, dieticians say, our parents at home say and even the researchers are saying this. It is not just for the sake of saying. It really has got something associated with it.

The article begins like- “Want to shed those extra pounds? Well, all you need to do is start having a king size breakfast, according to the new study conducted by Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz from Virginia Commonwealth University. They found that women, who eat half of the daily calories first thing in the morning, lose more weight in a long term than those who start the day with a small breakfast.

The reason being, probably because we don’t have breakfast we are more likely to get hungry before lunch and snack on foods that are high in fat and sugar, such as biscuits, doughnuts, cup- noodles, pastries etc.”

This cited articles means a lot. It is not something new as every other day such articles come up but if eating well can make one loose weight then what can be better than this. We all need to stay healthy and fit. Everyone is health conscious and we spend lot of time burning calories either in the gym , walking, cycling, doing yoga or any other physical activity which is essential but if one can cut down on the extra flab by eating a proper breakfast and not giving an entry to the junk, early morning then I think nothing can be better than this.

I have been following this funda from the time I was a child. I must say thanks to my mom for inculcating this habit in me. I can’t be without breakfast. That’s another thing which is weird in me because I can skip any meal but not my breakfast. For me the cliché suits well – Pet bhara ho to sab kuch achcha hota hai.

Ever realized why is it called – Breakfast and not something else? Just because after a night’s meal which is supposed to be having the least calories ( it’s not practical though but as per the dieticians ) we need to break our fast which lasts for more than 10 hours if one follows the proper eating habits. So, when we break our fast with a junk food then it is harmful for us.

To talk in my language I would say, the enzymes say, “Give me something good to digest. What is this? Early morning you are giving me lipids and fats in such high quantities to digest. I can’t do it so soon. Wait! Where are my friends, protein and carbohydrate?”

So, you see when the biological system gets awry we tend to get sluggish the whole day. Fats take a toll upon us. You may ask me; if not this then what must we eat with such a busy schedule? I feel if one has time to sleep, message and sit before the net, talk over the phone one must take out time for having a proper breakfast. Try getting a hand on some cereals, cornflakes, idly, dosa, bread, porridge, dahi chuda (poha as we call it), upma, paratha or anything that is the diet followed at home or whatever is available handy. A proper breakfast will do everything.

So, next time if you feel that you want to loose those extra pounds or want to stay healthy and active throughout have a good breaking of you fast.

Counselling@VIT( 24th and 25th June)

I am back again with my daily updates.

Phew!! I am done with the story. I am too lazy to type but blogging has made me do it regularly so at times I give my pen and paper some rest.

Last week I was in my college VIT for M.Sc Counselling. I had been called for attending it. My condition was still worse, I had got a pretty good rank in Manipal also and I had the course of my choice there but Manipal's counseling was scheduled after VIT's. I had no choice so I had to take chances in both places.

I went to Katpadi by Kovai express which is from Chennai. I was a bit late again and I had to wait for the local train which just left when I reach St. Thomas Mount.

My uncle said, " If you reach Park station by 6:05 you can catch Kovai otherwise you have to take a bus."

He started giving me options and I was not listening to them much because I had set one thing in my mind, reach Park and run............. I knew I would make it so I wasn't tensed. I was very calm.

The same thing happened. I reached Park at 6:05 and then I started running right from the moment I got down from the train. I had to cross the subway and then again run almost a km to enter Chennai Central. By then I was used to running but I was panting that day. Why? My legs gave away... may be because I had very less sleep or may be coz it was early morning and I didn't eat anything and neither did I have the time to drink water. I was gasping.. I looked at my watch, it said 6:09. I had 6 min. That was a lot.

I said, " Jai Bajrang Bali aaj mujhe shakti do and I ran again.

My muscles pulled and I wanted water but there was no time. Thanks to the biological system, my saliva was enough to quench my thirst. I saw the platform number in which Kovai was there. Seeing my destination nearer I slowed down a bit and got a bottle of water. It was 6:12. I had 3 min. I rememebered my coach number and seat number. I eneterd the train and sat. What a relief!! Again victory. When I was in VIT we took this train generally to reach college on time but we never sat. 2 hours passed just like that standing near the door , enjoying the fresh air in the morning and then paying the fine if the TT came. :)

That day time seemed to fly. I didn't get time to think. I took out my book ' Seizure' by Robin Cook to read but I didn not feel like. I closed my eyes and then I realized it was 7:30 already. How did time pass so soon?? Did i sleep? If I didn't then was I day dreaming?or was I in a lost world? By the time I realized Katpadi station was there. I didn't even see my college from the train!! :(

I luckily got my friend to accompany me in the auto. She had also come for the counselling. The moment we entered the campus the guard asked us in Tamil, “ID card enga ma?”(Where’s your ID card?)

We said, “Naanga VIT students’ ille anna.”(We are not VIT students.)

We said that as we didn’t have any other go then. We didn’t have the time to explain to him that we were pass outs and had come for the counselling, so that we become a part of this university again. I was feeling so bad when I said that but it was a fact. There was no proof that I was a VITian once except the student records bearing my name. I could actually take advantage of it too. The guard knew our face so he looked at us again mysteriously but didn’t say anything. We had to assemble near the Anna Auditorium for our counseling. We met some of our classmates who had joined VIT for MBA. There was so much of commotion near ANNA that we had to make our way through to find out what was the reason. There were six to seven big notice boards with the names of the candidates called for the counseling along with their rank. It was an alphabetic order so I didn’t have much problem. There was my name with rank-7 written beside it. Whoa!! I got an All India 7th rank. Good one but we know how easy it is to score in VIT if one works for it. My friend was also not far away. She got the 12th rank. Mostly VIT students only in the top ranks but the 1st rank went to someone else. Surprise actually, but good that someone else got it but no use, none of them came so it was only the VIT students who entered the counseling room first. We took our course and then went for the medical check up.

It was very organized and at every step I went I could only get one question, “Nee VIT student thaane? (You are a VIT student only, right?)

“Yes ma’am/sir”, was my answer.

I was happy to meet many of my classmates as well my roomie Aashi after long. It was somewhat exciting but still I wasn’t feeling so comfortable. I didn’t know the reason why?

This process got over and I was roaming with Aashi as she wanted to pay the fees for hostel and tuition that day itself. We had to run up and down as usual according to VIT. They make it a point that we loose some calories. Things aren’t that easy. Then I went to the Student’s record to collect my TC as well as Transcripts. Our certificates weren’t ready so if we had to get something it had to be through this so called ‘running procedure’ which means, get signatures from at least 3 authorities.
That was normal as we had mastered this act after 3 years.

I was actually seeing this kind of counselling procedure for the first time. I saw the number of seats reducing and the LCD monitor was showing it. There was no organization after three hours had passed. It ought to be. 790 students had been called for the counselling, though all didn’t turn up. There were parents who had come from different states and from places I had never expected. I was the first to finish with my work so I started talking to every parent who seemed confused and didn’t know what to do. When I told them that I was VIT student they felt all the more relieved. Questions about the college, faculty, placements etc etc. I could answer them in a very brief way telling them what was the actual picture and I felt happy doing that. Most of them were complaining of the disorganization but I consoled them saying that this system wasn’t there when I was taking admission 3 years back. At least they had something better this time.

I was on the stage where the crowd was more. One of the authorities whom I knew was seeing me there from quiet a long time. He called me and asked me, “Your counselling got over long back I think. Then what are you doing here? Go home.”

I said, “Yes sir. I am done but I am helping my friends.”

I saw some students whom I had met in some of the examination centers where I had gone a month back to give competitive exams like JNU, Pondicherry University, Manipal etc. I spoke to them and got an idea about their plans. They actually loved VIT . It was all done by 5 pm.

Aashi’s hostel admission was still going on and I was waiting outside ANNA when a slim girl came up to me and said, “Did you recognize me?”

I was actually confused. I generally don’t forget people or do I forget the faces if I have spoken to them but this time, I actually took time.

“Hum Pondicherry exam ke time mile the. Yaad hai?”she said excitedly.

“Oh!! Haan yaad aaya,” I said getting the whole picture clearly.

“Main tumhein poore campus mein kal se dhoond rahi hoon aur aaj tum mili ho,”she said.

“Kyun? Kya hua?”I asked her.

“Tumhein thank you kehna tha,” she said with a smile and brought three more girls who were standing nearby.

I didn’t know what was happening. I asked her, “Thank you kyun?”

“Tumhare chalet hum sab ka yahaan itne achche college mein admission hua hai,”she added.

Then, I got the point. I was in Kolkata for the Pondicherry University exam and there in the examination hall I started talking as usual to the people around just to get general information about them. This girl was interested in doing Bio Medical Genetics so I told her that VIT had no entrance exam and it had only admission only on the basis of marks. M.Sc BMG in VIT is quite good so I suggested her and gave her the website. I was also supposed to take her phone number but they went out of the exam hall very early and I lost track. After one month this girl comes up to me and says this. I felt so happy that I was of some good.

She said, “Achcha tumhara naam kya hai?”

We had spoken so much but didn’t know each others name. We exchanged our numbers and then she said, “Tumhara college bahut achcha hai yaar.”

I was all the more elated. I felt so proud when I heard this from her. It was a good experience for me. I felt, TALKING helps.

The next day, my cousin brother was also going to take admission in VIT for MCA and I was roaming with him too for the campus tour. Anyone would like. VIT is like that.

I actually got a chance; I went with him to the BOYS HOSTEL. It wasn’t in a bus but by walk. I was walking very proudly and all the boys who came from the short cut were looking at me as if I were an alien. I had my aunt there so I had some support. Some, whom I knew exclaimed seeing me, “Tum kaise???? Who bhi yahaan?”

I was the happiest. It was my wish always to explore that part and here I was. I didn’t miss anything; in fact I went to ENZO or NZO whatever they call. I don’t remember the spelling. I went near J and H block and I was at the entrance. Of course I had to be stopped at some point but it was fun. I think at that time I was the only girl there who was a VITian. It might seem kiddish but I felt so proud to be there. I explored every nook and corner that could be explored by visitors.

Finally I did what I wanted to. Must thank my brother for it.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The End

The story gets over here with Part 8. I don't know how many have been reading this but I will surely love to have the comments from my readers. This story is just a very simple one but very close to my heart. I was in the train when I wrote it but when I started typing it, it was fun posting it in parts and then making my readers wait for the forthcoming updates. It was a tiring job to type but I enjoyed it.

It is not a real story. All charcters and situations are fictitious but the concept of 6 friends is from my observation. I had my circle of 6 friends in college and also saw some who were close had a group with 4 girls and 2 boys. Sunil is a character that is very close to my heart. It has a mixture of all the characters I would like to see in a guy who would be " My man". That's it.

Thank you all for reading it and giving your comments so far. Read the rest and enjoy.

Watch out for - Jaane tu.....ya Jaane na, releasing on 4th July. I think it'll have something like this. Again, there are 6 in this movie.

The Internship – Part 8

Finally, their hard work paid off. Their lab project got over a day earlier than it was scheduled to be. They planned to go to the mall, Forum.

All six were shopping addicts.

Archie was in Westside with Ashu. Ashu helped her select some nice fitted balloon tops that were in this season and he took some casual shirts for himself.

Sherin was in Landmark trying to find out some books.

Pri and Namu were in a shop, trying a hand at some cool bags that had been launched by some new company. They were very good at bargaining and they got the bags at a pretty good rate though the bargain wasn’t much. It was one of the biggest malls there and they had to keep that in mind.

Sunil seemed out of the picture. No one actually bothered as they were busy. They all had cell phones so it wasn’t a big thing to catch up with each other.

Ashu was standing in the billing section and waiting for his turn. It was done and they came out of the shop with three four plastic bags. They were done.

They were just talking as to what the others must be up to when Sunil came.

“Hey! Where had you been? See what all we got,” an excited Archie said.
She started showing him all that she had shopped. Girls generally had this habit. They wanted to show everything at that very moment while Ashu didn’t have much interest then.

“The other three girls are also somewhere busy I think,” said Ashu.

“Where were you all this while?” Ashu asked Sunil.
“Nothing, I was in Music world. Just caught hold of some of my favourite numbers,” Sunil said quite excitedly.

“Wow! Show me what you got,” Archie said grabbing the bag of CD’s from him.

“Wait, wait,” Sunil said getting a bit tensed.

“I’ll show you”

Saying this Sunil took out a CD from the bag and kept it in his hand and handed the rest to Archie.

“What’s that, in your hand?” Archie enquired mysteriously.

“Hmmm…Errrrr this is for you Archie,” saying this Sunil handed the CD to Archie.

“Oh!! Archie jumped with joy. This is my favourite. I love it dear,” Archie said jumping with joy.

Ashu was smiling and he was surprised seeing Sunil. Sunil had a different expression on his. It wasn’t usual. Sunil held Archie’s hand and prevented her from jumping more.

He took out a card from his plastic and gave it to her.

Archie was excited and her heart beat increased as she read the card.

It was a small card and just had one line written in it and there was a picture of a man giving a red rose to a girl.

It said: Are you the one for whom I was waiting all this while?

Then there was something that Sunil had written by himself.

I love you a lot sweetheart.

Archie kept looking at the card and at Sunil. She was blushing and the answer was there on her face. Sunil was so anxious but he was excited too. Ashu just patted his back and held him close. Archie didn’t know how to react.

She went close to Sunil and then turned back. She held the card tight and the CD. She saw Pri, Namu and Sherin coming. She ran towards them holding one of her best possessions in hand. She showed the card and CD to them.

Sunil and Ashu stood there wondering what Archie was up to.

“Oh! God! Sunil finally expressed it,” Namu and Pri chimed in.

“Did you say something?” Sherin asked.

Archie didn’t say anything. No body knew what was happening inside her. She was having goose bumps.

They all came near Sunil and Ashu. Sunil was still waiting with the same expression in his eyes. He looked so relaxed. He had said his part. Archie went towards him and hugged him tightly and just didn’t leave him. He held her all the more tightly.

“Yes. I think I am the one. Love you too,” Archie said with a lot of happiness.

“Idiot, for this you took so much time,” Sunil said caressing on her head.

“Hello, lovers. This can be done later. This is a public place. Do you want others to comment on you like we do,” Ashu said mocking at them.

All started laughing and then Pri, Namu, Sherin and Ashu shouted in chorus looking at both of them: So when do you know its love?

They all laughed again.( It was the punch dialogue of the movie Jaane tu..)

The answer is: No one knows until you realize it.

They went back to the pg house and the next day they left Bangalore and they went to college. They had to go home for a vacation. They had to pack everything in a day and they had to leave to their respective homes.

It was not the same for Archie and Sunil though. They would miss each other a lot.

Archie reached home.

She was talking to her mom one day when she got a call in her cell. It was an STD number and her cell was on roaming. She thought for a while and answered.

“Hello,” Archie said.
“Hello is this Archana?” the voice on the other side said.
“Yes, speaking. Who’s this?” Archie asked.
“Archana, this is Ms Reena.

“Oh, yes. How are you ma’am? How’s everything?

“Everything is fine with God’s grace. I called up to give you a good news.”

“The board has agreed to your proposal. We already consulted the other organization. We’ll get Deepti married soon. She has also agreed to this. A boy agreed to marry her. He’s working in a medicine shop as a sales boy and also a part of the NGO.”

“That’s great ma’am.”

“Thanks a lot ma’am”

“You are most welcome dear. I’ll keep you posted. Bye.”

“Bye ma’am.”

“Yippee!!!” Archie shouted.

Her mom got scared seeing her shout like this on phone. The moments were ecstatic for her. She had to explain to her mom and she was also typing a message in her cell phone. She sent it to all 4 but for Sunil it was different.

She typed:

Sweetheart, Deepti is gonna get married soon.
I just got a call from Ms Reena. I wish you were here.
I am so happy dear. Miss you.

I’ll call you soon. Take care.
Love you a lot. Muuuaaahhhh.

The Internship – Part 7

Next day Archie went to Deepti and told her, “Look, we thought of doing something good for you.”

“Will you…… Errrrr Will you, marry?” Archie said hesitatingly.

Deepti gave a stern look and moved away from her.
“I feel disgusted to talk about men. All are lustful and moreover who’ll marry me? Leave me here. I’ll be happy as time passes,” Deepti said in a dejected tone.

Archie said in a calm tone trying to convince her, “But… think about your future.”

Deepti repeated again, “Who’ll marry me?”

Archie got a confidence seeing her reaction that Deepti was interested in having a life of her own after all that had happened to her. After all, all girls want to get settled. This girl had seen bad times at such a delicate age in her life. She deserved to be happy.

Archie said, “That’s the problem of the NGO. Don’t worry, we’ll help you.”

“Do you agree?”

“Yes. I do.”

They went to Ms Reena and sat there.

Ms Reena: How is it going?

Sunil: Yes ma’am we are doing well. They kids are bright.
AN: Errrrr ma’am… we’ve come here…
Ms Reena: Yes, what, tell me.
AN: That girl, Deepti ma’am…..
Ms Reena: Yes, poor girl. She suffered a lot.
AN: Can we do something for her?
Ms Reena: How?
AN: We can.
Then she nudged Ashu with her elbow to continue but in turn Ashu instructed her to continue.

We can… we can….get her married ma’am.

Ms Reena: What?
All 5 looked at Archie. She gulped her saliva down and she felt that she was loosing confidence.

Ms Reena: We have never thought of such a thing and it’s not that easy as you think.

Pri: Ma’am but we can try.

Archie felt happy that Pri spoke for her.

Ms Reena: You are very good and you’ll give ideas. We’ve to find a way to deal with it.

Sunil: Ma’am you can consult the nearby NGO’s and then ask for a suitable match and also ask Deepti. She is educated and she can earn her living if she gets a caring husband.

Archie looked at Sunil with a constant gaze.

She felt, “Was it Sunil who spoke?”

May be Sunil had thought that they could pave a way for the deprived girl.

Ms Reena: Okay. If you all insist, I’ll put it in front of the Board of Trustees. If they agree, I’ll talk to Deepti and then search for a match who agrees to marry her.

Hmmmm….. (She started thinking.)

We’ve lot of contact with other organizations. May be they would be of some help to us.

All 6 in chorus: Thank you ma’am.

Archie added, “Thanks a lot ma’am.”

Ms Reena: It’ll be our pleasure to give someone a new meaning in life. You youngsters portray the stronger part of our country. I am proud of you. Hope you all do well in life.

When they came out of the room, Archie held back Sunil with her hand and said, “Thanks Sunil.”

Sunil gave her a wink and smiled.

Another three days and their work got over at the NGO. The rest of the days were in the lab. In those three days, Archie came quite close to Deepti and Banu. The other 5 had also made individual friends there.

The lab work seemed hectic and tough for them as they had to take extra precautions. It was for a professional lab and not their college so they had to get accurate results be it with the blood grouping, streaking, plating, bio-chemical assays or handling instruments like the spectrophotometer, calorimeter, fermenter etc. Their hands trembled on the first day. They had guides to help them but it wasn’t that easy. One mistake and then one has to repeat the whole thing.

They didn’t stop arguing in the lab too.

“It has to be done this way dumbo,” Sherin shouted at Ashu.

“Okay, chill. I’m learning. I never did anything much in the lab. Thanks to Pri and Namu, he said looking at Pri and Namu.

They gave a wicked smile as they knew how difficult it was to finish the lab assignments on time when one partner was sitting in the lab doing nothing.

They didn’t even have time to freak out. They came home and referred online lab manuals and kept themselves updated. It was a matter of prestige for them as well as for the college whose tag they were bearing.

The Internship – Part 6

Namu, Sunil and Pri exclaimed, “What! Are you out of your senses?”
Archie objected them saying, “Why can’t we?”

Sunil: See, we are not her parents and neither do we own her responsibility. Leave it to the NGO people.

AN: Why? Why do parents come here? They left her in such a condition and NGO people will take care but we can do……

Sunil didn’t let her speak more. He was quite hyperactive for the first time. Seeing that, the others became quiet.

Sunil: Remember, we are here for a month internship. We’ve just another 3 to 4 days here in the NGO. We can just make them feel happy with our care.

AN: So you mean it’s all temporary? Then, we are doing it only for money. Isn’t it?
Sunil: No. We aren’t. You are not able to understand me yaar.

Archie stood up to leave.

Ashu: Oh! Archie, sit down now. We’ll find out a solution.
AN: Look, isn’t it a good option? What do you feel?

Ashu supported Archie but rest all were quiet.

“I am not satisfied,” Sunil said rudely.

“Why do you have to be so rude Sunil?” Archie said with a kind of shivering in her voice.

Archie couldn’t believe that Sunil could be so rude to her.

Sunil: Use your brain. Don’t think with your heart. How can we do that?
AN: We can. We can talk to Ms Reena and tell her about our proposal and also talk to Deepti and see if she agrees.

Sunil: Now, where on earth will you find a groom for her? In the roads or Ashu, will you marry her?

Ashu: Hey, chill man. Why is this topic getting hot?

There was a sudden pause. Ashu was just taken aback by Sunil’s remark.

“Girls, can’t you say something,” Ashu said looking at Sherin, Pri and Namu.

Pri and Namu said, “We are just students’ yaar. How can we get someone married? How will we handle all that?

AN: Are you mad? We are not going to get her married. I mean we will but we’ll ask the NGO people to arrange everything. We can give the idea and let them proceed with Deepti’s consent. How can we search for a groom for her? We are still amateurs in this world.

Ashu: Okay. I agree with Archie. We can get this topic in front of the chief but do talk to Deepti first. We must not overreact. She might feel bad.

AN: Okay. I will.

Sunil didn’t speak a word. He stood up and went near the door. They paid the bill and left.

Archie was talking to Pri and Namu about her plan. Sherin and Ashu walked behind. Sunil was indifferent towards Archie. He wasn’t happy with her decision. Eventually, both chose to stay quiet.

Archie went to Deepti’s room as soon as she came back from the mini break. She spoke to her casually. She didn’t want to tell her about the proposal that day.

The day was over.

That night, Archie was feeling quite restless in the room as she thought about the day’s happenings. She couldn’t bear Sunil’s indifference.

She messaged him: “Don’t be angry dear. I want to talk to you. Are you awake?”

Sunil replied, “Yes. Come in.”

Archie went to their room. Ashu was also awake. Archie was quiet for a while and then started softly. She told him that she would put the idea before Ms Reena. Sunil explained his part again but Archie didn’t argue with him.

Sunil kept talking and then stopped just realizing that Archie wasn’t saying anything.

“Now what?” he said.

Archie’s eyes were red. Her head was bent down. She couldn’t bear the indifference. She didn’t want to face him.

“Archie, listen,” he said and then Archie nodded her head to show that she was listening.

Sunil continued talking.

“See, I agree that whatever you said is for the good but we are not the right people to take such decisions. Let us work. You become her friend and if you want to talk to her or visit her whenever you have time,” Sunil said calmly.

Archie nodded her head in agreement and said, “Okay.”

Ashu had to intervene to make the situation from good to better.

He said, “Sunil, you are also correct in your part but Archie isn’t wrong too. Let us try what she says. If it’s not feasible then we’ll leave this topic.”

“Hmmmm, okay. We will try,” Sunil said giving up.

“Now look up Archie,” Sunil cajoled her.

Archie didn’t look up. She wanted to hide her emotions before Sunil but she never could do that.

He put his hands around her shoulders. No sooner did he do that than she hugged him ever so tightly.

She said, “Don’t be so indifferent to me again. I am an idiot I know but I can also think of something good.”

Sunil said, “Yes, my idiot you can. Now stop those tears. They are very precious. Keep them for the best moments. What has happened to you? Is it a crying day?”

“Please, stop Archie. Sweetheart, stop now,” saying this Ashu put his hand around her shoulders and winked at Sunil.

“Sunil is not angry,” he added.

“Okay,” Archie said sniffling and wiped her tears.
“Now smile,” Ashu said giving her a chirpy look.

A smile flickered half way through her face.

“Nah! Nah! Not this,” Sunil said.

“Give that big big smile on your face,” Sunil requested Archie.

Archie couldn’t help showing her teeth.

She entered the room and the other 3 girls were awake.

“Fight solved!” Namu said.

Sherin said, “Look at her face. It shows. Now, let’s sleep.”

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Internship – Part 5

Archie couldn’t answer her. A tear drop fell on Deepti’s hand. Deepti looked at Archie. Deepti asked her, “Aap…” and she stopped seeing Archie’s face.

Archie realized then that she was crying. Archie moved her head to and fro to reply her. She meant: No. It’s not a curse to be born as a girl.

Words weren’t coming out. Archie signalled her that she wanted to have water. Deepti took her to a water cooler and moved from there.

As Archie drank water she found it difficult to gulp down water. Her throat was paining. She couldn’t drink fast. She wanted to stop her tears.

She walked fast across the corridor looking down. She held back her tears but they wouldn’t stop. She ran into someone and she lifted her head to see that it was Sunil.

“Hey! Where were you? We had a game period here. It was fun. I was searching for you,” Sunil said in a single breath.

Archie didn’t look up much. Sunil lifted her face by her chin.

Archie’s eyes were red and her cheeks were wet.

“Oh! My God! Archie!! What has happened to you?” Sunil exclaimed.

Archie cried all the more. She said, “Deepti…..” She couldn’t say anything more.

“Deepti…. Yes. What happened to her? You spoke to her right?” Sunil asked her wiping her tears with his hands.

Archie just hugged him and cried on his shoulders. It was the first time Archie had expressed her emotions in front of Sunil. He always wanted Archie to consider him as her best friend. Archie of course had a soft corner for him but never showed it. It was completely different that day. Archie needed Sunil’s care.

He brought her on one side and made her sit.
“Oh! We’ll talk. Now stop crying. I never knew my idiot could cry so much,” Sunil said trying to change her mood.

“Stop it Sunil,” Archie said hitting him on his palms and then pushed him away.
He came near and put his hands on her head.
“It’s okay dear. Don’t get angry,” Sunil said trying to calm her down.
He felt like saying, “I love you Archie. Can’t bear to see you crying like this.” But….he couldn’t say. His eyes did speak and Archie also understood his feelings.

In another 10 min the 6 were sitting in a nearby coffee shop. Ashu had taken permission from the chief for a mini coffee break seeing Archie’s condition.

Ashu started laughing at her and Sunil joined in. They said, “Hey, see Miss Perfection and Fighter Cock is crying.”

“Oh! Shut up. Will you?” Sherin said.
“What has happened Archie,” Pri asked.
Archie was feeling better and she told the whole story.
All 5 listened. No body questioned or commented. When she finished, all went silent and in their own thoughts.
Ashu and Sunil’s expression changed. They became gloomy.

Pri had a disgusted look on her face. She said furiously, “You men!! Yuck people!”

Sherin said, “Oh! Come on. Don’t blame everyone for that.”

Pri said “Then, what? Do you think even we girls are safe? Just because we are more privileged than her and we are more educated and we have good parents we can’t change the whole system.”

Sherin explained to Pri, “Laws have become strict and people who do such crimes are punished. We can do something.”

Namu spoke for the first time in the last 15 min saying, “How can we do anything?”

Pri said, “Why not? We must sue that man.”

Namu said, “How on earth? These NGO people didn’t do anything till now; you feel we students will be able to do something? We have not even completed our post graduation.”

Archie said, “We can do something but there is no use punishing that man. It’s Deepti’s life that is spoilt. Just by punishing him do you think Deepti will get back her self respect and her virginity?”

After long, one of the guys spoke.

Ashu said, “Yeah! You are right Archie. We can do something and Pri don’t blame men. All are not the same.”

Pri gave a stare when Ashu said that.

Sherin said supporting Ashu, “Yes, Ashu but what on earth do you think we can do?”

Archie, “Let’s get her married.”

How do the other 5 react to Archie’s idea? What happens next? Do they accept it? Keep reading the next parts for finding the answers.

The Internship – Part 4

Next day they went to the NGO. All dispersed and Archie walked towards Deepti’s room but she wasn’t there. Banu was still sleeping. Archie got a bit panicked. She went and asked the caretaker. She told Archie that she had seen Deepti going towards the garden. Archie went to the garden asking for directions from a guard. She walked slowly and looked around but she couldn’t find anyone. Her eyes were searching for the same figure and her gaze became fixed at one point.

“Ah! There she is,” Archie muttered to herself with a sigh of relief.

Deepti sat there in one corner, on a bench.

Archie went softly and sat beside her. Deepti was looking at the flowers and when she realized that someone was there she distracted herself from eyeing nature’s beauty. She turned towards Archie and said, “Oh! Aap….” Saying this she smiled.
That was Archie’s biggest achievement.

AN: How are you Deepti?
D: I am fine.
AN: What had happened to you yesterday?
D: I got reminded of the past. I couldn’t face it again.
AN: Oh! Okay. Are you in a mood to talk today?
D: Yes. I am feeling better. How come you all are here in this place? Where are you from?

Archie told her in short about their internship. She could understand a bit so she nodded her head and there was a positive attitude in her.

D: I used to work in the quarters with my mother. On Sunday’s I would let her rest and work the whole day. There was a house in which only 2 people lived; a mother and her son. He used to work in a company so only aunty was at home.

AN: Okay.
D: That’s the reason why my mother used to send me to their house to work. Aunty was very nice. My mother was also happy and on Sunday’s when bhaiyya was there I used to be extra cautious. I always had a feeling that he stared at me when I was not noticing. I felt very uncomfortable. On Sunday’s I could never work properly. Aunty used to get surprised at my carelessness and I kept getting a good dose every Sunday.

AN: Didn’t you tell your mother?
D: No. I didn’t want to tell her. We got lot of love from aunty and our monthly income was enhanced because of her. She paid us 600 rupees for the extra work we did apart from the monthly payment. I didn’t want to be a burden on my mother.
AN: Did you face this always?
D: Most of the time. One fine Sunday I went to their house. Bhaiyya opened the door. I went to the kitchen straight and searched where aunty could be.

I called out, “Aunty… aunty…..”
There was no reply.
Bhaiyya said, “Aunty nahi hai.” He laughed and it seemed scary to me.

My heart pounded. I wanted to run back home but I kept quiet and was praying within. I had washed the utensils and almost swept the room. Bhaiyya was there in his room and he went out after sometime. I felt relieved. I didn’t swab the floor properly. I just finished washing the clothes and was about to put them for drying when bhaiyya came home with one of his friends.

AN: Oh!
D: I didn’t bother. I went to the balcony and hung the clothes. I finished my work and went to the room to tell bhaiyya that I was leaving. As I turned to leave, strong hands ushered me into the room and next moment… I lay one the floor.

Deepti stopped……………. She began after a pause.

D: Bhaiyya and his friend were laughing seeing my petrified face. I was raped. I didn’t know what to do after that. I felt weak before 2 strong men. I couldn’t fight. My clothes were torn. I couldn’t move. I felt…..pain. I didn’t know what to do. At that moment I lost interest in everything. It seemed that the world had collapsed for me.

AN: Those rascals… Then did you go home?
D: Yes. I did. My kurti was torn. I put the dupatta around and ran. I forgot my slippers. I ran home barefoot in the hot weather. My legs were aching and my foot burnt. I felt I would faint any moment but I ran. I fell down somewhere near my house. I don’t know who brought me home. I remember that I was in a dispensary and I could see my mother sitting beside me and crying. I could only hear her wails. She had bent her head. I thought the doctors would have told her.

Deepti stood up and went towards a tree. Archie went behind her slowly.

D: I couldn’t speak. I woke up and started crying. My mother pushed me away and asked me about the whole incident. She told me to be quiet and not utter a word about the whole incident to anyone. I wasn’t able to bear that. I had my mom as the only hope and when she herself told me to be quiet, that day things changed for me. I didn’t feel like believing anyone. I felt that why was I ever born in such a family. I felt weak and I closed my eyes. The anger and frustration was still inside like a poison. I was discharged the next day. Everyone in my ‘basti’ spoke ill of me. The news had spread that I was raped but no body knew who it was.

AN: You should have complained to aunty. She would have helped you.

D: I didn’t have the courage anymore to go that side. I stayed at home in one corner. One week passed. Reports came and they showed that I was not pregnant but… I was no more a virgin. My mother cursed me everyday and because of me she couldn’t work in many houses. She suffered a lot because of me. I couldn’t bear the atrocities of my father. He was always drunk and least bothered about his children. I had a younger brother who was only 5 years old.

One day, I found a chance and I ran from home. I could read and write and I had saved some money so I could travel. I took a local train and I came to Bangalore station. I tried to find some work. I started working for an aunty in an idly shop. She paid me less but it was enough for me. I slept in the waiting hall. 15 to 20 days passed like this but life had to go on and this was not the end. I couldn’t stay in the station forever.

Archie could feel a lingering pain in her throat. She couldn’t speak and she kept looking at Deepti.

D: The aunty in the shop sent me to this NGO. She supplies idly and dosa for breakfast to the staff members.
These people took good care of me. I want to work and study more. I am still not able to forget all that has happened.

Deepti looked at Archie and asked, “In this modern age also is it a curse to be born as a girl?”

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Internship - Part 3

Deepti didn’t move but she was awake. Archie gave a gentle tap on her shoulder. She called her again, “Deepti! Main tumhari dost jaisi hoon. Meri baat suno. (I am like your friend. Listen to me.)”

She didn’t respond. Archie didn’t want to give it a third try. Her limit was only twice. Sunil used to always fight with her for this. Archie turned her back to leave, when a feeble voice stopped her, “Aap kaun hain? (Who are you?)”

Archie turned around to see Deepti. The light was enough for her face to be clearly seen. Only her pink lips shone brightly and her black eyes that were glistening because of tears drops in them. Her features were neatly cut. Archie went towards her and bent a little. Deepti moved back a bit with Archie’s sudden reaction.

“Daro mat. Main yahaan tumhari dost ban ke aayi hoon. Mujhpe bharosa rakho (Don’t get scared. I have come to be your friend. Trust me),” saying this Archie made a place for herself beside Deepti and sat there.

Banu looked at this whole situation quizzically. She had seen Deepti respond so quickly for the first time.

Archie put her hands on Deepti’s palms just to give a friendly gesture. Deepti moved her hands away. Her face was all the more clear then. She was dark complexioned but her features made her look all the more beautiful. In fact, she was even more beautiful than Pri. Pri was known to be the ‘Aishwarya Rai’ of their college.

After a pause, Deepti broke in suddenly saying, “Bharosa!!!(Trust!!!). Kispe karun? ( Whom should I trust?)”.
Archie had never handled such a situation with anyone except her friends so she said, “Achcha, kisi pe mat karo.”(Okay, don’t trust anyone).

“I am here to just listen to all and solve problems. If you wish to you can tell.”

Deepti gave her a look as if she were to say,” Oh! Go away. Who are you to solve my problems?”

Archie was about to say more when Banu interrupted saying, “Didi achchi hain. Baat kar lo na.”(She is good. Try talking to her).

The whole room was quiet. Archie was looking at Deepti with anxious eyes. After a long pause, Deepti spoke and that too so openly.

She continued in Hindi but could also speak English.

Here D refers to Deepti.

D: I came here a month back.
AN: What problem did you have? You seem to look perfect.
D: Nothing. I was forced to come here.
AN: By whom?
D: Circumstances.
AN: What?
D: Haan. (Yes.) I used to study in a nearby literacy school.
AN: Do you have parents?
D: Yes. I have.
AN: Where are they? I mean why…………….?? (Archie was about to say,why the hell have you come here? but she stopped.)
D: Everything got spoilt. I was in the 8th standard.
AN: How old are you? (One cannot guess their age by the class in which they are studying.)
D: I am 15 years old.
AN: Oh! Okay. Continue………… what happened?
D: My dad works as a rickshaw puller and mom as a servant in the nearby quarters. I am basically from Karnataka . I assist her after my school.
AN: Okay. Then what?
D: This continued for years and then……….

She stopped abruptly and burst out crying.

Archie was taken aback by the sudden reaction. She put her arms around Deepti’s shoulder and told her, “It’s okay. We can talk later. Take care. See you tomorrow.”

Archie sat there for a second but Deepti still continued to cry. She bade good bye to a chirpy Banu and left the room.

Archie met Sunil and Sherin. They were talking about something. Archie was still thinking about Deepti and was confused by her sudden reaction. She wanted to know what could have happened.

Sunil and Sherin together asked, “How was it?”
AN: Just fine.
Sunil: You don’t seem to look fine though.
AN: Nah!! I’ll be fine. (Archie didn’t know how to tell them).
They met the other 3.

Ashu, Namu and Pri were quite happy and they started talking about their experience.

Ashu: It feels great to meet them. They are such lovely people.
Namu: They seriously need love and care.
Pri: Yes. A bit of love also works here. Look at us. Even if someone gives us love we don’t seem to care. We always want more.
Sherin: You are right dear.
(Saying this, Sherin looked at Archie.)
Ashu: What Archie? You are quiet. How come?
Namu: Yes. How come?

Namu never had an intellect of her own. She blabbered what the others said but she was a real good friend. A bit dumb but very pure at heart.

Sunil & Sherin: Yes. We also asked her the same thing but she says she is fine.
Pri: Look at her. Does she look like the same Archie?
Sunil: Leave her. (With a fed up look on his face).She won’t tell. It’s her mood.

On the way back all 4 were talking something or the other. Ashu was walking beside Archie.

Ashu, for the first time was nice to Archie. He said, “What has happened Archie? You can at least tell us, right?”

Archie felt that a miracle had happened. Ashu was the one who was like the ‘don’t care’ types and always full of fun. He was asking with so much of concern, so Archie had to blurt out. That time Archie felt that boys ‘do care’ but they don’t show it always like girls do. They express less.

AN: I met a girl called Deepti .

Then she continued with the whole story.

Archie’s voice was so loud that the other 4 could also hear everything while she was teling Ashu.

“Yes. She pointed out that girl to me yesterday,” Sherin nodded in agreement.

Archie continued and by the time her narration got over they had reached their room. Ashu was listening quietly. In fact, all did. Even Namu didn’t speak.

Ashu broke the silence and said, “So, you are worried thinking what could have happened to her?”

AN: Yes.
Ashu: Don’t worry. We are going tomorrow. You can talk to her.
Sunil: Yes Archie. Ashu is right. Don’t think over it again. Let’s have dinner and sleep. I am very tired.

Pri: Dinner is so bad here.
Namu: Oh God!
Sherin: It’s a matter of one month gals. It’s almost a week now. We’ve three more to go.
AN: I am not able to realize how fast the days are passing.

After dinner they went to their rooms and dosed off. Archie couldn’t sleep. She was eagerly waiting for the next day.

Sunil messaged her:
Take care dear.
Sleep well. Don’t think much.
I know you’ll be thinking about her now.

Archie smiled, set the alarm and closed her eyes.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Internship- Part 2

Six of them, reached Agilent Technology. They were greeted well by the employees there. The Central Team Head, Dr. S. Kamalkar gave them a briefing of the things to be done in this one month of their internship.

“The internship is divided in two sessions. The first half is for 10 days in the NGO and the second half is in our lab, Sri Raghavendra Biotechnologies. The first 10 days are all yours. You can try living another part of life. The rest is dependent upon your hard work. We are always there to help you out. This is a learning stage. Don’t miss out on anything,” Professor said in a very experienced tone.

All 6, listened carefully and nodded their heads in agreement as obedient students.

“All the best!” saying this Professor left the room. the murmur went on. They started discussing among themselves.

“ No use talking about it now. We’ve to be active and work,” Sunil said breaking the disturbance that was there just a minute back.

A staff entered the room and said, “ It’s lunch time. You all can go and have lunch in our canteen. We’ve given food coupons. It’s with the instruction manual.”

All were silent during lunch. It was good. It was much better than their hostel food.
They walked back to the pg house. The weather was good in Bangalore so the walk didn’t affect them at this hour of the day.

AN: I am already feeling so professional. Aren’t you all too?
Pri: You are right Archie.
Sherin: We’ll get to learn a lot. It’ll help in future.
Ashu: That’s the reason why we gave the interview and were craving for the internship.

They reached the room and relaxed. Dinner was as bad as breakfast but they didn’t bother about the taste as far as it was palatable.

The next day they reached the NGO. It wasn’t that far. They took a bus and went to the center. It was built in a place where there was not much of air and noise pollution. It was divided in to different sections. One seemed to be for the boys and the other was for girls. As per the statistics, there were only 15 in this center. It had been inaugurated just 2 months back and it was getting popular slowly.

They went to the Chief’s room.

“Welcome. It is really a great thing to see the youngsters of today, to have taken up this responsibility,” the chief said with a warm smile.

“Please sit down.”

AN: It’ll be our pleasure ma’am. What do we have to do Ms……?
[She started looking for the name plate.]

“Ms Reena,”the chief added putting the name plate on the desk properly. It was turned towards the other side.

“You’ve to divide yourself into two groups. We’ve two sections. You decide among yourselves who’ll go for which section; try talking to them, befriending them and asking their problems. They might be happy to share their feelings with youngsters like you. They are taught to read and write and we’re slowly employing different people who can help them in the development of the skills they are good at. They need care and above all love,” Ms Reena continued.

She was young and dynamic. By looking at her one can judge that she could be somewhere between 30 and 35 in age.

“They’ve been deprived of all that we are privileged to have. Our constant effort is to make them feel that they are no less than the others.”

She paused for a while and looked at all the six faces. Their faces looked as if somebody had placed a burden on them. They all had the same question in mind: Will we be able to do this?

“Don’t worry. We’re here to help you out,” Ms Reena added.

The comforting words helped them.

“ So, are you all ready for it?”

“Yes, ma’am,” all 6 spoke at the same time and they left the room.
Their voice had a confidence now.

After discussing a bit they all dispersed. Ashu, Namu and Pri were in one group. They took the boys section. Sherin, Archie and Sunil formed the other group. Both the sections had been partitioned just that the rooms could be separate. Otherwise, everything was common for them; the playground, classroom, art room and the dining hall.

They walked across both the corridors just to have an idea. As they passed by, some kids peered from them rooms and were looking quizzically at the new visitors.

A boy who came out to drink water asked Namu, “Aap kaun hain?”

Namu said, “Dost!” and put her hand on his head.

They went and spoke to the respective caretakers and got an idea about those staying there. They were really affected after hearing the stories which the caretaker told. No body spoke much during lunch.

After lunch was the games session. Everyone was involved here. They were playing ‘Dog- n- The Bone.’
They couldn’t do much today as they needed to give time to the people there. It was a day when they had to observe.

Some were very small, 8 to 9 years of age and some were from 13 to 15 years of age.

Archie pulled Sherin’s sleeve and asked her to look at one girl. She was a tall and looked the eldest among all 15. She was wearing a green salwar kameez. Her hair was oiled and neatly pleated. She was dark and her nose ring was shining when rays of the setting sun were falling on them. She didn’t seem very enthusiastic and was very quite during the whole game. She didn’t clap her hands when her team won and neither did she feel sad when they lost. There was remorse in her face and it showed some kind of hatred towards life. She seemed to have attained puberty that is why there was some kind of a maturity in her face.

Archie could observe people very well and she always had an art to attract everyone whom she spoke to. She was a social butterfly and she always considered Sunil and Sherin to be the most sensible ones in their group. They were very comfortable with each other as they had the habit of working together in the lab, back in college.

After the games session was over, the teacher called them and introduced all 6 personally to the children. The kids seemed very excited. Archie kept looking at that girl from the corner of her eye. She didn’t want her to be conscious.

Archie wanted to go to that girl and personally talk to her so she sent Sunil and Sherin to take care of the others in their section.

Archie entered the room, it was not lit up properly. As she opened the door, the girl was lying in bed just in front of her with her back facing Archie. There was another girl in the room. Archie thought of talking to her first.

Archie asked her, “Tumhara naam kya hai?”( What's your name?)

“ Banu,”the girl said spontaneously.

“Aapka naam kya hai?”she asked immediately.(What's your name?)

“ Archie… Archana,” Archie said.
She started feeling a bit comfortable.

“ Kab se ho tum yahaan?”( Since when have you been here?)

“ Do mahine hue.”( It has been two months since I came. )

“ Kyun aayi?( Why did you come here?)

“ Main ghar chhod aayi. Maa ko dama ki beemaari thi, ve to mar gayin. Baap piyakkad hai aur wo mujhe bahut peetta tha. Isliye main ek din ghar se bhag aayi. Raaste mein ek madam ji ne dekha aur yahaan ye aayin.”
( I left home. My mother was suffering from asthma and she died. My dad is a drunkard and he beats me often. So, I ran from home one day. a lady from this center saw me and brought me here.)

“ Achcha….. tum yahaan khush ho?”( Are you happy here?)
Archie raised her voice a bit so that the other girl could feel her presence.

“ Haan. Achcha lagta hai.”( Yes. I like staying here.)

“ Ye kaun hai?”( Who’s this girl?)

“ Iska naam Deepti hai. Ye yahaan ek mahine pehle aayi.”( Her name is Deepti. She came here a month back.)

“ Ye bahut zyada bolti nahi. Roti rehti hai.”(She doesn’t speak much. She’s seen crying always.)

“ Kya hua ise?”(What happened to her?)

Archie stood up and went close to Deepti’s bed and called softly, “ Deepti……”

Does Deepti respond to Archie? Is Archie able to find out Deepti’s problem?
For answers to these questions check out the forthcoming post.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Internship- Part 1(Scene 2)

Archie had a good sleep. Her first job in the morning was to go to the other 3 girls’ room and give them the news.

Archie kept banging the door and then comes Priya, quite hyperactive. She opens the door, looks at Archie and exclaims, “Ah!! What’s the time? What’s the time???”

“Wait! Don’t get tensed. It’s 10,” Archie said calming her down.
How come all 3 of you still sleeping?

Pri: [In a sleepy tone] we were awake till 2 in the morning.
AN: What? How come you………….???
Then she stopped….
Priya gave her a warm hug.
Pri: Congrats! We all did it.
AN: So you 3 also know? Why didn’t you all tell me last night?
Pri: You said you’ll sleep early so we didn’t want to disturb you.
AN: Must have checked by a message na… Sunil told me so, I came to know. I woke up at 12 and I slept at 2.

By then, Archie was lying on Pri’s bed beside her.
Pri: Okay! Then sleep for some more time.
AN: No ways. All of you all get up. We better leave. We’ll meet the guys for lunch at the dhaba today. We need to discuss about our stay.

“Wake up you lazy…….,” saying this she hit Namu on her buts.

Namu: Oh! ho… you’ll never let me sleep. Go look at your eyes. If you give your eyes less sleep, I am sure you’re going to loose you beauty one day.

Namu pulled Archie by her side and said, “Sleep for some more time darling. There’s lot of time. We’ll go.”

Archie had to agree. She chose to sleep beside Sherin as she could fit in there. Sherin was sleek and thin. Archie cuddled her and pulled her blanket and tried to sleep for a while but she couldn’t sleep in peace.
After 45 min, she got up and woke them up again.
All three sat erect on their beds.
“We’ll be ready”.

AN: See you at 12:45 in the lawn. We must be on time at least today. Otherwise, the boys will get a chance to complain that we are always late. Let’s break the rule today.

As Archie closed the door behind her she heard Namu saying, “Oh! This girl. She’s a perfectionist. She will fight and fight. Who cares if we are late?”

Archie smiled and walked towards the stairs.

“Boys will say that even when we are on time. I am sure Ashu will take a lot of time. I wonder whether they’ll themselves be there on time.”

They all were there by 1. The girls were quick and for a change Sunil and Ashu came there at the right time. No complains.

Ashu: Hey! Hello girls! What’s up?

Pri: Do you always have to say what’s up? Come let’s sit. We’re very hungry. We missed breakfast today.

Ashu: What on earth were you 3 doing?

All four spoke together: “Checked our mail.”

Ashu: For?
Sherin: Internship, dumbo!
Ashu: What? You mean, we all got it?
Sherin: Then why are we here for?
AN: Sunil didn’t tell you?
Ashu: No! He said we’ve to go for lunch. That’s it.
[All 4 girls looked at Sunil at the same time.]

Sunil: Eh! You….. I told him. He was sleepy and couldn’t hear then what can I do?
Ashu: Oh! [He bent his head down].

Namu: He’s always like that. Don’t ever believe his words.

AN: Guys; order now.

Archie was writing down the menu.
2 paneer paratha, 2 aloo paratha, 8 tandoori roti, paneer tikka masala,Chucken 65, chicken tikka masala and 6 glasses of lassi.

Sherin interrupted, “4 glasses without malai bhaiyya.”
“Ah! Yes!” Namu, Pri and Archie joined her.

Ashu: You figure conscious girls. How much do you do to maintain it, still, no use?

None of the girls bothered to reply him.

Sunil: Oh! Stop. No more fights now. Listen, I called up one of my friends’ in Bangalore and booked a pg for 6 of us.

Namu: Are we going to stay together in one room?

Pri: Are... bevakoof!! Let him complete.
Sunil: We got 2 rooms and the rent for a month us 3000/-. Is that okay? For you girls it will be okay I think but we 2 have to shell out more.

Ashu: [Nodded his head] No problem yaar. We are getting 10,000/-.
Namu: It is costly! We’ve to spend for food and travel also.
Sunil: Food won’t cost much as lunch will be provided there. Breakfast and dinner will be provided by the aunty in house we are going to stay and… Agilent Tech is just 1 km from the pg. So, we can take a walk.

Namu: Hmmm...Then it’s ok with me.

Pri: Good!
Sherin: Good work.
Archie didn’t say anything but smiled. Somewhere she knew that Sunil would arrange everything.

Ashu: Here comes the food. Stop talking now and hog.
Sherin: Give me the salad...
Pri: Pass me the chicken.
Namu: Yummy… This panner paratha is so good here.
Sunil: I need coke. This chicken has to be digested.

Clutter, clutter clutter, the sound of the dishes being served with spoon went on.
Ashu licked his fingers. He couldn’t leave a bit of the paneer.
No body spoke. All ate.
As they were sipping their lassi, Sunil gulped his last sip and said, “Guys, I got something for you all.” He handed over some printed material to all.
“Read this. It is about the company and the work we have to do in the NGO and in the lab.”

Everyone flipped through the pages.
AN: Cool! When did you do this?
Sunil: At night. I mean, officially morning.
AN: When? You were talking with me till 2.
Sunil: After that.
AN: didn’t tell me.
Sunil: Nah! I didn’t want to keep you awake. See your eyes girl. You need sleep. Sooner or later you’ll get dark circles.
Namu: Yeah, exactly. I told her the same thing.
The other three also joined. Ashu needed a chance to scold Archie.
Archie kept quiet and bent her head down.
Sunil held her hand and said, “It’s for your good baby”.

AN: It’s ok and she drew her hand out immediately. It was as though she wanted that care but she didn’t want to accept it.

Pri: We got an idea now. Let’s leave. We need to go to hostel and do some cleaning work and packing also. Our internship will begin in another 3 days. We need to call up home also.

“See ya... bye bye!!”
“Bye, girls.”

............................ contd..

To know what happens when these 6 end up in Bangalore for thier internship, keep visitng!!

The Internship- Part 1( Scene 1)

Beep…. Beep. Her cell phone blinked. The vibration woke her up.
It read: ‘Ae... Idiot! Awake?'

It was from her friend, Sunil. She looked at the time. It was 12 AM. Not the usual time for her to sleep as it was ‘Net Surfing’ time. She rubbed her eyes and strained them on the message again. Her hand felt for my specks box and she wore it.

There was a missed call from him too. She just selected the reply option and typed, ‘Yes, just got up,’ when the phone beeped again. Thinking it must be him; she deleted the message and checked it. She was right! After 2 years of such good friendship, Archie knew when and what he would think.

(Here AN refers to Archie)

She called him.
Sunil: Madam, is this the time to sleep?
AN: Yes, for normal people. Not for nocturnal people like us.
Sunil: (With his sheepish smile). Yeah.
AN: What happened? Is there anything imp?
Sunil: Congratulations you Idiot! Are you aware of the things happening around you? Keep Sleeping.
AN: After hearing this idiot from him she got irritated. Oh! Just shut up. Congrats for what? And… it’s only today that I slept. You know this lab work gets so tiring still, you say this…..?
Sunil: Interrupting her. Will you stop with your stories now? ( pause)
Now may I continue?
AN: Yes please. I’ll be obliged.
Sunil: Listen carefully. Don’t ask, what? Okay? We have been selected for the internship by Agilent Technologies.
AN: She opened my mouth to exclaim, what? But… stopped. Okay! How many have been selected?
Sunil: All 6! Guess what? We’ll be paid 10,000 for this internship.
AN: When is it? What is it about? What’s the duration?
Archie was about to ask more when she was stopped by him.

Sunil: Hey you! Lazy girl! Open your laptop and check your mail. Don’t ask so many questions. You girls….. can’t stop asking questions.

Archie was very happy but couldn’t believe it. She followed suit while he continued talking. He was laughing at her. She was just out of her slumber so couldn’t retaliate much.

AN: Hang up now, you…. . Let me see. (She shouted).

Archie cut the call before he could say anything more. She didn’t want to listen to that ‘idiot’ again.

He called again. “Idiot!”, he said and kept the phone before she could even react to it.

“You idiot,” she muttered to herself.

She checked her mail. It read:

Dear Miss Archana N,

Congratulations! You have been selected by our company for this summer internship. You’ll be undertaking your duty from 2-5-2008 to 1-6-2008. You will be paid 10,000/- for the internship and in this course you will be a part of the NGO we have collaborated with and Sri Raghavendra Labs. We are glad to have you with us.

With regards,
Central Team Head,
Agilent Technologies,
Bangalore- 560001

AN: Phew! Something interesting, this summer. She had a winning smile on her face. She wanted to share it with someone. The other 3 , Sherin, Namita and Priya were in hostel and Ashwin was the fourth one. That Ashwin would have slept and the 3 girls, chanceless to find them awake at this time. She didn’t have any other option but Sunil. He had spoilt her mood already but on the other hand she was in no mood to do anything. She turned off her system was lying on her bed looking at the ceiling. Archie’s roommate was also not there.

Huh! She picked her phone, went to the last dialed numbers and said, “Hello!”

Sunil: Yes, Miss Idiot!
Archie didn’t feel like replying. There was a pause.

Sunil: What happened sweety?

AN: Nothing.
This word is quite common with girls. It meant a lot, actually.

Sunil: Oh! Come on. Sweetheart, speak na? Can’t see you quiet. How come the FM is suffering from bad signals today?

If a guy is sweet, any girl’s heart would melt when the guy is your best pal too.

AN: Dude… I am really happy that we all could make it. They told that they’ll select only 4 but we 6 are in. Lucky na?

Sunil: Yes!! Very lucky.

AN: All God’s grace.

Sunil: Ah! God’s grace!! You girls………..
AN: Why do you bring in girls every time?
Sunil: Just because you 4 are like that. What else must I think?
AN: Okay! Cut the crap. It’s a never ending topic. I don’t want to fight with you.
Sunil: Oh! Is it? (Saying this he laughed. It was kind of a taunt for her.)
AN: Stop joking you ass! Just remembered you again as there’s no one here to talk.
Sunil: What about Prerna?
AN: She’s gone home for the weekend.
Sunil: Okay. So tell me, what else? Not chatting?
AN: No. No mood.
Sunil: Not sleepy?
AN: No mood.
Sunil: Not eating?
AN: What sort of a question was that? Why are you after my eating habits?
Sunil: No, actually I thought, it’s your ‘Maggie time’ na. You won’t have dinner properly. You’ll eat Maggie and become fatter and fatter.
AN: Enough Sunil! You’ll spoil my mood.
Sunil: Okay! What else should I say? What has happened to you Archie? You say no mood, you are happy, you say that you aren’t sleepy and then you say you want to talk.
Man!!! Girls are so confusing?
AN: What? What did you say?
Sunil: Errrrr… Nothing. Nothing my dear.

(And…. A guy’s nothing always meant that he didn’t want the girl to hear what he said.)

AN: Okay... fine.

Archie went on talking for a while about her daily life and other topics. In between they had arguments; Sunil just shared some of the funny moments in his life just to keep her mood alright. He was the best person Archie could go to when she was in a bad mood. He had always been there to support her. He actually loved her. In fact, Archie also had a soft corner for him but both didn’t know that they were in love.
There were 6 in the group. Priya, Namita, Sherin, Ashwin, Sunil and Archie.

Sunil: It’s 2 AM. Buddy we must sleep. My ears have turned hot and I am sleepy. (Yawn!!) You too sleep.

AN: Ya, I will but do not sleep na. Let’s keep talking. It;s been long that we got a chance to share so much.
Sunil: Are you nuts? Just go and sleep. We’ll meet tomorrow and discuss about our plan. Message the other 3; I’ll come along with Ashwin.

AN: Okay! We’ll meet for lunch at 1 tomorrow, in dhaba.
Sunil: Yup, done. It’s been long that we all have had lunch together. Last was the Agilent interview.
AN: Yes..right! ( Yawn!!!) See yawning is contagious. It passes over the phone too.
Sunil: Yes. Good night Idiot! he…he..he…he. Sleep well.
AN:[Pause]. She didn’t speak a word.
Sunil: Hello…. Are you there?
AN: Yes….continue.
Sunil: Oh... my baby! Love you. Sweet dreams.
AN: Now, what was that for? How can you get so sweet at times Sunil?
Hmmmm… bye now. Hang up. Love you too. (Saying this she smiled).

Friday, June 20, 2008

Watch out...

Well... I am not able to post much these days as I am a bit busy with my admission and other things. In my free time, I wrote a story. I kept writing and writing. Didn't know it would go extend so long. So check out for my new series coming up :
The Internship.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

3 mistakes of my life..

My Epilogue

Well the epilogue here just says that :
- One must try to realize ones own mistake and try to put them right.
-One must think before speaking or doing.
-Never yearn for anything too much that if you don't get it, it leads to depression.
- Life is not always meant to be handled emotionally.
- Business and friends. Be careful.
- Money can spoil relationships.
- Don't think about the pros and cons before doing something good.Rest all is up to our own self. Life will be easy.
- Hard work with a bit of luck leads to success.
- I can round off by saying : It's the POWER OF WORDS.

One saying of a lifetime : Don't let anyone become the priority in your life when you are just another option in their life."

3 mistakes of my life

Book Review

As the book says : 3 mistakes of my life

This book will be high in the expectations of the people because the author is such.

It starts on an interesting note but goes dull when one actually starts relating it to reality. then one has to think, it is FICTION.

257 pages with 22 chapters, one prologue and 2 epilogues, this book is a typical Chetan Bhagat kind. As it onvolves friends, unacceptable relationships, mistakes,failure and despair.The new thing here is 'Cricket'. Just to throw light upon the Indian ness in the writer.

Slowly after chapter 5 &6 the stroygets pace.

- It talks about cricket, religious politics, calamaities, unacceptable love and the mistakes , about 3 friends Omi, Ishaan and Govind.

- It talks about Ahmedabad, probably more coz the author has direct relation with it.

- It talks about business and it's position in India.

- It talks about Gujrati's and their mentality.

- It is a treat for die hard cricket fans who eat, sleep and drink cricket. For a person like me who is least interested in cricket this book held on my spirits.

- To add 0on, there is romance in between, just for a change in the track.

- As the narrator talks about the 3 mistakes of his life the readers are forced to plunge into their own lives as well. Coz mistakes are made and they have to be corrected. May be they are not the same in everyone's life.

- Ending of course was good.

- It shows the power a writer has and i think it is another commendable job of Chetan Bhagat.

- many would like it and many would not as it has a dull beginning to it.It is not like the other 2 books of his but if one finds this book as a learning guide then it is worth it.

- I can say when i finished reading this book which took, a day for me, i was out of that guilt. I felt i had got something out of it.

Many may or may not light book but it depends on how one interprets.

If yopu have not yet tried this do get yourself a cpoy or if you have read give your views about it.

It surely has got the Chetan Bhagat magic in it.

The 3 mistakes of my life..

My prologue

This is the third book of Chetan Bhagat. As usual, when I saw this yellow and black combo cover page in the store with the writer’s name, I knew I had to take this. Actually, I was waiting to get hold of a copy of this but I have never bought any novel for more than 50 bucks, till date. I get most of my books from the library, through friends or the pirated copy books vendors who give it at a reasonable rate.

This time I didn’t think much. The printed price was 95/-. I got this book for 85/- after getting a bargain of 10/-. I thought I should buy or not but I had already paid the money by then.

One mistake I do at times, ‘I think after I do’. Now this book was mine and the shopkeeper handed me the change also. On the way back home I had guilt, within. Questions came up in my mind. Did I do the right thing by shelling 85 bucks for this book? I could have downloaded this book or I could have waited and got it from any vendor at a much cheaper rate in the station or by the road side.
Then at the same time I got points like: ‘Why should I think so?’ Let me cut down on the other expenses like, buying a big tube of a face wash instead of a small one or just not eat any of my favourite snacks like Pav Bhaji.
Done! No more of thinking on this. I came home. My mom saw the book. She didn’t ask the price but still I had that guilt left. I was over with it when I started reading the book.

I had 100’s of things to worry about. One is my story of unsuccessful attempts in some of my Post Grad entrance exams and the anxiety created by the patient wait for the results.
To top it all I got a call from my own college, VIT. I had no options but to pay 10,000. Ah!! Wish I could get a course of my choice in some college. Thoughts like, “Am I that bad?” started coming in my mind. Some people call me intelligent and they are the ones who have spoilt me. Didn’t I study enough?

Of course I had burnt the midnight oil to study for my entrances but was this hard work enough? There were people better than me, no doubt in that but I didn’t work less either. I don’t have this luck that favours me much. I started debating with my own self.
MCQ’s… Nah!! They take a toll on me. I make mistakes there. Confusion!
Should I hope something?
This is the second mistake I frequently do. I expect a lot (either from myself or from anyone I am close to). I generally DO NOT get what I expect. It is either nothing or something less than my expectations.

No use attending phone calls and answering friends, “Archu, you, you are coming back to VIT?? Don’t bluff.” This is a standard question my friends ask. What will I say??

I wasn’t happy with my own self on the other hand my parents were very happy. They were just upset that I wasn’t getting the course of my choice. For the first time in my life I felt so low and I couldn’t find even consoling words enough to console me. I was angry with my own self and also along with that many things came to my mind. Medical Bio-Chem. and Medical Biotech was something that I craved for…. I really didn’t know if I could make it to those courses. For the first time I felt, “Wish I could change my fate.”

So far I had always got what I wanted and believed that whatever happens is for the good but none of these theories seemed to work now. When I saw some of my close friends getting into colleges with just 0.5% of the effort I put in, I felt… for me it was nothing but a basic slogan…’ Slog’, ‘Slog’, ‘Slog’. I knew that for me life had never been that easy as it has happened from my school days. I always used to get stuck at 89, 99 and a difference of 1 mark made me miss my gold medal. ‘Struggle’ is a word, which is in everyone’s dictionary but some are lucky enough to surpass them easily. I am not one of them. It lasts long.

Even with friends, I haven’t been as lucky as I haven’t got good friends very easily. Though I can vouch for the fact that I make lots of friends and also maintain the relationship but I have not been that lucky. Those few, who are really close to me, staying close to them has been a really difficult job for me.
Here comes the third mistake I make: Possessiveness. (Be it a living thing or a non-living thing) A typical Arian trait I would say but can’t help it.

I love everyone. That’s the BIG problem. One has to always chalk down people in priority list but my list is never a list then how can I organize it? I have faced big problems because of that and when I give IMPORTANCE to someone, then it is 100% but I have never got one who gives me importance as much as I do. Of course I am wrong in expecting so much but I get people like, “ What the fuck does it matter to me if I am important to you?” ( This is a reciprocation I get as gestures from some people whom I just can’t live without) but then there are also some who have given me more than I deserved and I love them more than my life. It hurts of course but what to do my life is like that. Still I have the flame on as I can’t let go anyone who’s a part of my colorful world.

I am egoistic (in certain cases). I think everyone has top be but when it comes to people I love and care, I can even loose my self respect, and coz I love them. My friend once said, “Have some self respect dude. Don’t waver on the way you talk. Be firm. Either be rude or sweet. Don’t try to be both.” But I was like: “Can’t you understand that when you really love someone you don’t consider self-respect, ego or anything.”
One can do ANYTHING for friendship.

In this journey, because of over possessiveness I lost a brother from my world. The mistake lies in way he looked at relationships. He couldn’t bear me getting close with any other guy. I bent the maximum in this case but when the other person refused to show flexibility, I left the verdict on him and got back 2 rakhis in stead which I had tied for 2 years. I do not have any brother of my own. I have only 3 cousin brothers’ who are close to me. Still, in 14 years of my school life, I hadn’t tied Rakhi to anyone or even considered anyone as my brother as I felt relationship must be strong and carried with responsibility. I found one in VIT: One among my group of friends. I loved him to the core. Then what, his possessiveness towards his sister made his mind think crap and he broke the bond forever.
I DO NOT use slang’s but I felt like shouting out loud, “What the fuck do you think I am? Is it that easy to make and break a relationship?”

Then I decided, “I will not tie Rakhi to anyone in my life after this.”
I can’t bend more when the other person doesn’t seem to even care a shit for my feelings.

Well, I left all that. My life was in ruins then but eventually I got over it.

So many mistakes made and corrected. I found this in the book; though they weren’t the same.

PS: I am not used to using slang’s but for the first time situations forced me to us them.

Entrée…. Jab We Met Style..

“Thank You babaji. Aaj meri train phir nahi chooti,” Kareena heaves a sigh of relief saying this in Jab We Met.
A perfect ‘filmy’ shot but this happened in my life also. I faced such a situation two days ago.

16th June, 2008, 2:30 PM:
Dad: What Archana, if we start by 3:00 it’ll be okay, right?
I: Yes, appa.3’o clock will be very fine for the train at 4.

No sooner had I said this than there was thunder and lightening and it started pouring heavily. Monsoons had set in finally. Fortunately, this year summer was not that troublesome.

Dad: Suddenly woke up and asked me. Shall we start? It’s raining and we must start early. Get ready soon.
I: Ok. I’ll. I was so lazy that I didn’t move from the bed.
Mom: Go Archu, otherwise he’ll shout at you.

Finally, I had to get up and get ready in 10 minutes. My suitcase was ready.

I: Yes, pa. I am ready. Let’s go.

3:00 PM
The rain didn’t seem to stop. Somehow, I managed to put my suitcase in the car as soon as possible. My dress was already half wet. I bid my mom good bye. Her eyes spoke, as if they said, “I don’t feel good that you’re going and for the first time I say tears in her eyes. Never had she cried before when I left home for college. I was going to come back in 10 days.
I said, “Tum kyun ro rahi ho? Main wapas aa rahi hoon ma. Chalo, bye ab.”

We started off. The station is just about 6-7 km from my house and on normal days it takes just about 20-25 min to reach there if one drives at a normal pace as traffic jams are rare in Jamshedpur and this was one of those ‘rare occasions’.

We were 2-3 km near the vicinity of the station when the care came to a halt. There was a traffic jam. Buses, cars, vans, two wheelers and heavy vehicles, all were in one file. It was actually long line. The rain had slowed down by then. Dad peeped out and asked an auto driver, “O. bhaiyya. Kya hua? Gadi aage nahi jayegi kya?”
Nahi bhaiyya aage paani full ho gaya. Pul jam ho gaya. Bus truck aur bus ja sakte hain. Aapki gaadi to phans jayegi. Jugsalai ho kar jaiye,” he replied.

Hmmm…. Dad turned the steering, put the car in 4th gear and then turned the other way. When we reached the other way, there also the same situation was there. In fact it was worse. It was a two way road and all the more narrow with pits and also bumpers. Why was there such a long queue I wondered? Ah!! The train just passed. There was a railway crossing ahead. All vehicles were gain in motion. We kept moving slowly. After 10 min there was halt again. It was 3:35 already. Dad was getting tensed though we were not very far from the station. Till 5min the vehicle refused to budge. I got down and went ahead to see the problem. A Maruti 800 had come in the wrong way and it was stuck in the middle blocking the way. Neither could it move in front nor back. The road was also narrow. I said silent prayers continuously as nothing but some force could help us move out. 6 min gone and there was no change in the condition. A policeman came there and cleared the road. It was like, “Better late than never condition.”

We went smoothly and then near a school there was a halt again. It was 3:42. A lorry had blocked the way this time. Dad said,” Gone. We will not be able to make it to the station on time. It doesn’t seem to clear soon.” Meanwhile mom called up. She was all the more surprised to know that. I didn’t know how to react; whether to calm down dad or get tensed. He kept saying something or the other asking me what to do and I didn’t know what to say. I just said, “We should try some other way. Do you know another way out from here?” He said, “I don’t even know the way out from here.”

It has been 55 years of his stay in Jamshedpur even then this place seemed strange to him. We followed an auto rickshaw and took the risk. After going for a while we found that we were in a jungle. There was a road and hardly people inhabited there. “I don’t even know where we are going? “dad said.

It was 3:55. We had just 5 more minutes. “Is it possible to reach in 5 min?” I asked dad.
“I don’t think so,” he replied loosing hope. “Ask mama to book another ticket for tomorrow in tatkal,” he said.
Who would have thought that such a thing could happen in Jamshedpur also? I had an exam on the 19th and one day’s delay meant a lot. I could miss the exam as well.

We kept moving, passing through narrow lanes, crossing such tiny ditches, few man holes. Thank god the road was clear. We kept asking someone or the other for direction, who could be spotted.

We came to the main road then. Dad asked in a panicked tone, “Kahan aa gaye Archana?”
“Papa, station saamne hai. Chalo chalo aage se mudte hain. Pahunch gaye,” I shouted.
I was ready with my hand bag. He hadn’t even stopped the car when I jumped out of the car. I shouted at one porter, “ O, bhaiyya, 1 number platform mein le chaliye saaman. jaldi”. It was 3: 58 and I ran. The porter also ran along with me. The ac compartment wasn’t far but the train was not in front. I had to run as if it was marathon race. Poor man, the porter also ran with the same speed as I could. The station was slippery because of the rain. I almost lost balance and was about to fall. I struggled to balance myself beating my hands in the air and then I dashed against a man. I held him and got back to normal. I moved along saying, “Sorry, sorry.”

Ah!! I saw the ac coach. I asked an uncle, “Ye B1 hai na?”
“Haan, haan B1 hai,”he replied. The porter gave me my luggage. Dad was there by then. I waved him good bye and I train started. He was drenched in the rain. “Take care beta,” he said waving good bye.

I had a smile on my face; a triumphant smile. I drank water and with a sigh of relief said, “Thank God.”

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My recent craze.....

This is my recent craze or can say this craze may last for long also.
This is from my recent favourite movie which is yet to be released , i.e-
"Jaane Tu ya Jaane na...."
I have never been waiting for any movie so much.. I don't even remember which was the last movie I was actually dying to see. hmmm... I can't think more.. forget it.
Well, this movie as I have already mentioned in my blog before is ' kind of love at first sight for me.' I don't know why?' ( I am not so good at giving predictions about movies but this movie certainly has got some magic.)

I loved the song.. Kabhi kabhi Aditi and now this lyrics and the song is running in my mind always. I can vouch for this movie songs lasting for quite a long time in my memory.

This song has been sung by Runa Rizvi and this song has got " a रूहानी " touch to it.

The songs goes like.....

Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai, Jaane Tu Mera Kya Tha
Tu Hi Mera Har Pal, Tu Hi Har Lamha Tha
Jaane Kaisi Kashish Hai, Jaane Kaisi Khalish Hai
Kyun Yeh Saans Thami Hai, Aankhon Mein Kyun Nami Hai
Hai Dosti Humko Yakeen Tha, Dosti Aur Kuch Bhi Nahin Tha
Hai Kaisa Ye Dard Naya Sa Kyun Dil Lagtha Toota Toota Sa
Jaana Dil Jaana Kaise Meine Na Jaana
Ke Pyar Yahin Hai, Yeh Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Jaana Dil Jaana Kaise Tune Na Jaana
Yeh Pyaar Yahin Hai, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai, Jaane Tu Mera Kya Tha
Tu Hi Mera Har Pal, Tu Hi Har Lamha Tha...............

Hothi Thi Tujh Se Subha Har Din Ki
Teri Dopahar Se Shyam Ki Dhun Thi
Hothi Thi Raathein Teri Baathon Mein Khoye
Tere Khayalon Mein Jaage Aur Soye..
Tu Jo Nahin To Kya Raha.

Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai, Jaane Tu Mera Kya Tha
Tu Hi Mera Har Pal, Tu Hi Har Lamha Tha
Jaane Kaisi Kashish Hai, Jaane Kaisi Khalish Hai
Kyun Yeh Saans Thami Hai, Aankhon Mein Kyun Nami Hai
Jaana Dil Jaana Kaise Maine Na Jaana
Ke Pyar Yahi Hai, Yeh Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na..
Jaana Dil Jaana Kaise Tune Na Jaana
Yeh Pyaar Yahi Hai, Yeh Jaane Tu Ya JaaneNa.............

If you haven't heard it , give it a try once.It's worth it.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I don't know why?

This is my punch dialogue. Most of the things I say or do and at times, a person like me who believes in expression falls short of words and I say, " I don't know why??"
I really am not able to explain myself at all. I am actually going through a very bad phase in my life now. I am WORRIED cause nothing seems to be working out. I am having faith but it seems to weaken day by day. I really Don't know what I am doing and what I amblabbering here. That's why nothing seems to ineterst me of late, even my own blog.

I don't know why??? I am like this now!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


यूं तो मुझे दोस्ती करना बहुत पसंद है और मैं बहुत बातूनी भी हूँ. जिसको मैंने एक बार अपना समझ लिए उसे मैं दिल से चाहती हूँ. मेरा दिल भी शीशे की तरह है. टूटता है उसमें किसी तरह मरहम लगा कर जोड़ लेती हूँ. मैं जब भी एक्कांत में बैठती हूँ तो मेरे मॅन में कई ख्याल आते हैं और वोह भी मेरी कल्पना को इस कदर पर देते हैं की जो लिखती हूँ मुझे नहीं लगता की वाकई में मैंने ही लिखा है !ऐसे ही सोचते सोचते कल मैं बरुंदे में बैठी थी . मुझे जागते हुए एक सपना आया की मैं एक सुनसां जगह पे हूँ और मैं किसी एक नए मित्र से दोस्ती करना छह रही हूँ. वो कौन है ये तो मुझे पता नहीं चला.

तभी मेरी कलम से कुछ ऐसी पंक्तियाँ निकली जो मैं लिखने जा रही हूँ. ये मैंने अपने बारे में बताते हुए लिखा है.

मैं हूँ अलबेली सी, चुलबुली सी,
दुनिया के इस मायाजाल से वाकिफ़ हो कर भी अनजान हूँ;
थोडी सी हैरान, थोडी से परेशान,मेरे पर लगे हैं मेरे साथ उड़ चलो;
मैं अपने कल्पना रुपी पर से तुम्हें इस दुनिया की सैर करूंगी;
मेरी रंगों से भरी इस दुनिया से तुम्हारी इस बेरंग से ज़िन्दगी में रंग भरने दो ....
मुझे अपनी व्यथा और पीडा से वाकिफ़ कराओ ,
मुझे अपने प्यार को अर्पण करने दो.
मेरा हाँथ थाम कर तो देखो .....
मुझे आजमा कर तो देखो....

मैं हूँ- तुम्हारी अर्चना !

ये वर्णन भी मेरी विचित्रता का एक उदाहरण है .ऐसे भी सपने देखा करती हूँ.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Little Princess

I was on my way to kolkata a couple of days back. It’s a four hour journey by train from Jamshedpur. I was getting really bored in the beginning as there were all elderly people around. My dad was already in deep sleep. I wanted to keep myself engaged as I was already getting mad of thinking a lot on useless things. Suddenly there entered a foreigner lady with her kid. A small girl of about 4-5 years. She was the center of attraction of all sitting there. The girl was carrying a balloon in hand and she came moving her blonde hair from one side to the other. The girl was just someone from fairy land. She had slightly brown eyes, short blonde hair with a pink-n- blue dress and a pink hair clip and blue shoes.

Her seat was just one ahead of mine in the chair car. The moment I saw her, I exclaimed, “How sweet!” she was actually so beautiful and so was her mom. I had never observed a foreigner’s kid so closely before and this little princess was so cute. She was walking to and fro in the train and every person she passed by she gave a bright and a shy smile. I smiled at her and called her. She gave a wink and ran to her mother and hid her face there. She did this every time when anyone tried to call her. Then there came an Indian family with a boy of the same age and kids have their own knack of making friendship. Both somehow managed to share a warmth friendship just by looking at each other. Finally she came near me. I pulled her and made her sit on my lap. She was struggling to go but I held her firmly. I caressed her soft hair and then asked her, “What’s your name baby?” she blinked again and ran to her mom. I desperately wanted to just cuddle her like a doll but she wasn’t coming.

Then she started drawing attention of the others by climbing the seats, jumping and she kept on saying something to her mom. I couldn’t understand it at all. It was so fast, smooth and soft but this attracted the little boy also. There was no Hi no hello. Both joined in the tantrum and the whole atmosphere there changed from boredom to liveliness. They were talking in their own language. The boys was making sounds and also singing the song, “Ye Ishq hai...” but this cute little girl was copying everything. She was also singing along not understanding a word yet enjoying. She was dancing along with that boy on the seat, shaking her golden hair and then also tapping her feet. I loved their ‘language’. It was beautiful to see two kids irrespective of the race to which they belong and what was there was just friendship. The boy was a bit shy though and tried to move away and take rest but ‘this princess’ wouldn’t let him sit. She pulled him and brought him back to the place they were playing. It was so cute...

Finally after lot of struggle I found out that they were Russian and there was no use talking in any other language as I didn’t know anything of Russian. Her mom was as chill as she was also very polite. Alas! I caught the girl firmly and started talking to her in sign language. I gave a flying kiss to her and she just pressed her lips on her little palm and…what one expects?? A flying kiss back... but… she said, “Booooooo”, instead. I burst out laughing and then I made faces with her. Both the kids came near me and they started making some weird sounds like- ta ra reee ree tum tum tum... teeeee ta ra raaaa.

I was also enjoying it and I realized that I had started humming that tune myself. What I notice next was surprising. My little princess whose name was Liza was wearing a locket in her chain. It was of Lord Ganesha. Meanwhile, it was time for us to get down and she wasn’t leaving that boy at all. I said, “Bye Liza.”

What she said just filled my heart with so much of love that I went and kissed her. She said, “No Bye. No Bye.” And hit on my head with her balloon. I did not want to leave her. She was ‘My Little Princess.’ I didn’t have a camera then to capture her but her face is still very clear in my memory.

All kids are cute and sweet but she was somewhat extraordinary for me. She filled in energy in me.