Saturday, July 31, 2010

Morning Walk

Jogger’s track seemed full that morning. Generally the population in the morning seemed scarce there unlike that morning. Ananya didn’t feel like taking that path today. Those married couples who seemed to give her an inspiration made her feel very insecure. There was a gang of boys of some sports group who had come with their coach. The sound of that whistle, the sound of the bikes that were screeching past in the silence of the morning, irritated her. She walked a little distance away from the hustle-bustle and managed to get some peace. Those dry leaves that looked beautiful reminded her of the Maple leaf effect in the movie Mohabbatein , seemed lifeless as they were. Something was pricking her and Ananya wanted to run away from the noise. She wanted a peaceful morning.

She walked nearly half a kilometer on that grey cemented track that certainly looked grey to her that morning. She spotted a couple holding hands and walking by and trying to argue on a silly topic like tying as shoelace. The girl bent down to tie her shoelace when her guy pushed her aside naughtily. She lost balance and fell aside. She got up brushing that mud off from her hands and her track pants and looked at him with fiery eyes but those eyes were sparkling with love. Ananya felt like smiling but she controlled her giggles and walked away. Finally she was at peace. She walked and walked and kept walking not realizing where she was going. There were just trees around her and she reached a different lane where she had never been before. She continued walking and came to a halt suddenly. That path seemed familiar yet strange to her. Where was her mind? She couldn’t recollect any past memory with that place but she certainly felt spooky thinking about her own behavior. Ananya closed her eyes and tried to calm down. Thousands of questions pooped up.

She asked herself, “How do I go back? Why was I so absentminded? What was I thinking about? What made come this far? Am I going to ask for a way back to my own house where I have been staying for the past 15 years? That place which has always been my home seems strange to me now. How did I manage to run away from the crowd and come here? Am I worried about something? Is something pricking me? I hope I have not become psychotic.”

Drops of perspiration accumulated on her forehead. Ananya was worried without knowing the actual reason. She took out her cell phone and looked at the time. It was 7:30AM. It was one hour since she had left home. She thought, “What if dad calls up and asks me where I am. I don’t know where I have come but I certainly have to find a way out to reach home.”

She wandered in that lane for some time. There was an abandoned house behind which there was a lane that could possibly lead her to a connecting lane. There was no way out but to jump over that fence. She climbed the wall and got to that lane somehow. A rough path led to the main street. “Phew, I have never done like this before,” Ananya said heaving a sigh of relief. She could now get an idea to go back home taking the right way.

She was back on track and finally gave forethought to her weird behavior. “I think I know the reason for this stupid behavior,” Ananya said to herself.

She took out her phone, scrolled down to N and dialed Nishant’s number.

“Hi, what’s up? Good morning sweets. How are you doing? I have been waiting for your call from past 5 days. Where have you been? Are you okay?” Nishant uttered in a single breath.

“I was not able to move out of the house these days so couldn’t call you. I have been feeling irritated and weird. I acted crazy this morning too but I think I know the reason now. I miss you,” Ananya said very enthusiastically. Finally, she knew the reason of that irritation.

Nishant smiled to himself and replied, “I know. I………”

Ananya’s cell phone battery gave away at the right moment. She cursed her fate and her cell phone and rushed inside her house.


kartik subramanian said...

he he he she should have charged her phone at night

Power of Words said...

@ kartik- That's the thrill in the situation. The charge in the phone goes down only at the most important moment

suresha said...

hai friend i want your friendship
only my email id