Saturday, July 31, 2010

It’s something called love…………..

They say that there’s always some madness hidden behind being in love. They say we fall in love but there’s also something, where one rises in love. There are wings attached and we fly high using those wings of imagination. It’s a journey to a world full of desires to be fulfilled, dreams to accomplish and those fantasies. Those sheepish smiles, bright sparkling eyes, wandering thoughts, dispersed attention, funny ideas, wondering at everything normal as if it were new and finding new things. Talks about romance become more interesting. Romantic movies that seemed a bit dull have an added spark as in all those the characters have been replaced by one and only one.

There’s always someone with whom the day ends and begins with. There’s always someone who is wanted and thought about. There’s this only one who knows everything and listens to every word one says. When in love, people become poetic, thoughts seem pouring in, there’s always something to laugh or to cry about. There’s a longing, there’s a motive in love, just to be with that loves one. Creativity soars high. The brain races fast but so preoccupied with other things the brain and the heart have a tiff. They struggle to manage the same person at the same time.

That’s what leads to absentmindedness. Thoughts seem scattered. Sometimes, hours pass sitting and staring into thin air or just those bare walls seem to bright that one can smile looking at them. There’s always something great about a good weather, a cool breeze, the pitter-patter rain drops that can seem irritating at times, the smell of that strong cologne, the sound of those bikes whizzing past, the very sight of messiness looks adorable. There’s always a reason to argue, to get angry and then wait for the time to sort it out so that there’s always more love. There’s a time when waking up in the morning one feels like just hearing one voice and sleeping at night becomes so easy on those terrible days when nightmares can replace beautiful dreams because of just one person. When even little things matter and every word is coded in the brain.

You look at your cell phone and smile, go back to those messages and read and re-read. Sometimes, one’s own pictures on the desktop replace someone else’s. Looking at that person and admiring him gives such a relief. That bright smile and those naughty eyes demand for more attention. There’s that one who just want all the love and appreciation. There’s someone who makes someone’s life meaningful and there’s this someone who makes one feel wanted and loved.

There’s always someone somewhere who feels something like this sometime in life. Everyone wants to be loved. It sounds a little complicated just as in reality it is. It’s COMPLICATED.


kartik subramanian said...

I seriously think you should consider writing a romantic novel..........

Power of Words said...

@ karthik- Oh.. thanks... that was a nice suggestion. Hope i am able to do that some day