Sunday, April 25, 2010

Seasons of Love ( Part- 3)

Shruti calls up Aditya and says, " Can we meet up tomorrow sweetheart?"

(She is expecting a yes but with that long pause after her request had been completed she senses that her request could be turned down.)

Well her intuitions were right.

Women have a very active sixth sense. They know exactly well how their man will react. Sometimes they just want their intuition to go wrong.

Aditya, " Hmmmm... errrrr.. actually sweetheart, I have got some work. I don't think we can meet tomorrow. What about day after?? Will that be fine with you?"

Aditya wanted to agree to her request as he wanted to meet her as much as she wanted to but he had practical constraints. He felt sad when he tried to turn down her request but he had to do it.

Men don't rule everything emotionally. They have a more practical approach. That's how they set their priorities.

Shruti ,who was very upset with her request being turned down didn't know how to reply to him. The first thing that came out of her mouth was , " It's okay dear. We can meet on Sunday."

She did not want to meet him a day later. She wanted to meet him the very next day but understanding his condition she acted sensibly and said a yes. She was fully upset as her plans had not worked accordingly. She tried to cheer herself up by planning to go shopping and trying to do other important things which she had decided to that particular weekend. This made her feel a little better and self-dependent.

The best way to relax in a woman's dictionary is to shop. It can be anything. Women shop more when they are upset or depressed.

Shruti had made these plans within minutes while she was in a conversation with Aditya.

She told him about her plans which made him feel even better.

Aditya replied in a relieved tone, " That's great. At least you can spend time doing something good instead of wasting it because of my work. We will surely make it on Sunday dear. Once again I am sorry."

When Shruti decided to be self dependent and didn't let her plans of the day be spoilt because of Aditya, he felt relieved. He felt he was not blamed and when men are out of this guilt of the blame game, they have enough reasons to make the woman in their life happy.

They have the freedom to do what they want and when that freedom is entwined with understanding from their partner they feel happy.

Aditya is all set to finish his work as soon as possible and surprise his girl by meeting her on Saturday. He has another reason to make her even more happy so he plans something special for Sunday too. He tries to take her out on a outing on Sunday without her knowledge.

He feels excited to work faster as he is not under pressure. On the other side, Shruti, also starts feeling good slowly and plans things for the day. She decides what she has to wear and also plans what she needs for herself.

Men like women who are independent and they feel happy for those women who do not depend on them for their happiness. A man thinks that a woman should be capable of keeping herself happy even when he is not able to.

Shruti goes for shopping and ends up enjoying half of her day. She is quite content with herself and the happenings of her life. On the way she drops down at one of her friend's place and spends her time there. She gets her house all set and clears up the mess that had been piling up and she also gets some time out for herself to make herself something good to eat.

It's 9:00 Pm and Shruti just wonders as to what Aditya would be up to at work. She looks at her cell and tries to type a message when it says : Aditya calling.................

She eagerly receives the phone.

" Yes sweetheart," She replies in an enthusiastic tone.

Listening to her chirpy voice Aditya feels overjoyed. He is excited to even imagine how she would react when she would see him in a while.

" Listen dear, can you please come down. I am outside you apartment. I need a little help, " he tells this in a very serious tone only to see the mixed emotions in her.

Perplexed, Shruti runs down her apartment wearing her home slippers, her hair tied up in a careless knot with a clip and few strand falling on her face. She looks relaxed yet red because of the sudden flush of emotions when she sees Aditya.

" What happened? Are you okay?" she asks in a caring tone.

Aditya kept smiling at her seeing the confusion on her face.

They didn't talk much but kept looking at each other. Shruti somehow senses the playful attitude of Aditya and begins to smile.

She looked even more beautiful with that mixture of expression on her face.

Men love to see all kind of emotions on a woman's face when they know they have done a good thing. Anger is something that they love to see on a woman's face when they know how to do away with that anger. Otherwise, a woman's anger is something a man can't bear.

Aditya walks up to Shruti and gives her a hug even before she could speak a word more.

" Let's go for a walk dear," he says in a very demanding yet lovable tone.

" Oh, how am I supposed to come like this ??? Give me 5 minutes to get ready," Shruti requests in a child like tone.

She's so happy and excited seeing him that she doesn't know what to do.

Aditya says, " You look good like this. Come on... we need to hurry."

Aditya feels proud that he could do something to make his girl feel even more happy.

They keep walking for a while without talking much and just feeling the silence.

The presence of each other being there makes them feel happy and secure. It's not words that counts here. It's every breath that each one takes in their presence that matters.

Aditya asked Shruti, " So ... how was your day sweetheart?"

Shruti very excitedly replied, " It was just amazing. (Pause)It's even more amazing because of your surprise."

Aditya was on cloud 9.

Everything he had thought was happening and he had finally managed to give that extra happiness to the girl.

It was the time when both had learnt to make each other happy after all those seasons of endurance.

There was a time when they hardly had any time to talk to each other or meet other in their busy hectic schedule. They hardly communicated and there were times when both thought the relationship on a stand still. That's when Shruti tried to break the monotonous schedule and bring in some life. They needed to meet and be with each other in order to welcome the spring in their love after a cold winter.

Generally this is a time to rest, reflection and renewal. It welcomes home the season when there's only love, caring and understanding.

Aditya and Shruti had somehow managed the situation by understanding each other and giving time.

Communication is very important for women. They express easily as compared to men. So, when a woman communicates it is easier for a man to understand what she goes through and he tries to help her out in his own way.

If men are asked for support and they have the full freedom to say ' NO' then they will be more willing to help and support. That's how their brain works.

" Thanks a lot for this cute and lovely surprise," Shruti said looking at Aditya with lot of love in her eyes.

Aditya smiled and he smiled wider looking at her.

He held her hand softly and gave it a squeeze to show that he was really happy that he could make her feel good.

He could feel her trust and confidence in him.

Women have this magic. They say the most difficult things in a very simple way. Men speak better with actions.

Men feel better when asked for support.

Aditya started talking, " You know dear it was horrible day at office today. There wasn't anyone to work and we had a very irritating client."

Like this he continued with his office woes and Shruti listened to him with extreme interest and admiration. Finally, he had made an attempt to share everything with her. She felt important. It wasn't that she meant any less to him before but when one shares it feels great.

Women in Venus believed in sharing and caring. That was one of their ways to show love.

They took a walk for almost one hour and then finally it was time for Aditya to leave.

He said good bye and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

Shruti was walking back to her apartment when he called her back and said, " Be ready tomorrow at 8:00 AM sweetheart. We will go out somewhere."

Saying this he gave a big grin. Shruti looked surprisingly at him and said, " You are one surprise package."

Women love surprises and men love to surprise women just to enjoy the look of their face.

She came close to him and gave him a kiss and said, " See you tomorrow then."

This was the end of Winter and beginning of Spring.

They tried to overcome their shortcomings and took time to understand each other.

Love is always in the air. It's all about the various seasons which need to be enjoyed. It requires a lot of endurance. After all it's everyone's cup of tea.


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