Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Manipal and it's unpredictable weather

"Oh, what a horrible day! Can it not rain today? I am feeling so hot and sticky," I exclaimed to my lab partner looking outside the window from my lab.

I went out of the lab for lunch. There was no sign of the blazing sun. I think, the sun had heard my comment and went to hide behind those clouds. I felt one or 2 drops of water on my face. Even before I could think that it will start raining and I should open my umbrella, large drops of water hit my face and it started pouring. I managed to open my umbrella before I could get drenched. It seemed as if someone had just poured a bucket full of water on us. No sign of thunder or lightning but it poured for quite sometime. Those strong water droplets hit the ground hard only to make my dress wet. It's only because of this that we need to carry those huge umbrella's always like warriors carry sword to protect themselves.

Sometime later, the sun peeked out from the clouds. There was soft sunshine, yet it hit the eyes. The stagnated water in the puddles and on the road seemed to shine like diamonds spread wide. One part of the sky seemed cloudy with it's magnificent blue-black colour while the other part gave a slightly clear appearance. I looked up wondering, " Is nature playing a game ?"

I felt so uneasy walking with my sticky, muddy and wet slippers and still feeling hot. I came out of the mess after lunch and there it was, the rain was back.

It was drizzling. I walked ahead for 5 minutes, suddenly the intensity increased and the effect of the wind that made the rain drops fall at an angle. It seemed as if someone had suddenly increased the speed of the water tap and the water spurted out from a hose pipe. It was raining hard.

Now, this is what is Manipal's weather. One day it will rain like cats and dogs and we pray that the rain should stop so that normal life resumes again. The next day, though our prayers are answered and the rain does stop but in turn it becomes so hot that we wish that the rain were back again. That's called the complexity in this weather. Half the time it puts us in a confusion weather to like the weather or not.

The cool breeze is heavenly and visiting End point during the rain is heavenly. It's one place where climate change is so evident. Fixing the gaze at the valley and enjoying the weather makes stay in Manipal worthwhile.

It might be chilling cold and a weather so conducive that once can sleep the whole day doing nothing but just relaxing and having coffee and the very next day weather will become such that we can't think of sleeping.

That's what making it interesting!!!


Santosh C said...

Hey Archu... a very lovely depiction of ...i could actually 'feel' the weather there :)

Power of Words said...

@ santosh- Thanks dear:)u must come here