Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Modern Health Care- Making life meaningful

Modern healthcare aims at improving the quality of life of the people.  With the advancement of technology, diseases are also on the prowl mainly because of a sedentary lifestyle that 80% of us lead. Health deteriorates and so does the immunity. So, here are the health care providers of the modern day who aim to make living easy. The development that technology has made in the health care industry has acted as a catalyst in making life simpler and easier.

Gone are the days of invasive surgeries, extensive waiting time for diagnosis and testing. There has been a massive advancement when technology including the electronic and the IT Industry shook hands with the health care sector. There are latest diagnostic methods, imaging technology, surgical tools, investigative methods, state of art technology, quality and standard of testing, automation, innovation and speed. Methods are developed which are less troublesome for the patients and make it easier for the clinicians. The development of the health care sector has been overall. Modern day methods have used the applications of varied fields. With quality education, automation and mechanization, modern day health care aims to touch the lives of everyone.

When the cost of affording a health care facility in the modern day has raised leaps and bounds, there are alternatives that help the lesser privileged. There are various certified and accepted insurance schemes available at a yearly investment which is bare minimum. There are special trusts and funds that provide discounts for the advantage of the needy. Though many instances appear when the needy don’t get the right help from the right person. Here’s when media and sales come into picture. They help in creating awareness to the general public about the various options they have. Education itself has helped the common man to understand about the health care. Distribution of pamphlets, online promotions and in depth detail of the ailments has helped patients take a path called preventive health care. Lifestyle associated problems are solved at ease with simple methods like counseling.

For example, at the tap of a button an instrument is guided inside the body which can remove tissues. Within seconds these tissue slices can be taken and analyzed under a microscope that can detect the results with photographs. The next moment, this reports gets uploaded onto the hospital information software, any other clinicians sitting in any other part of the hospital can view. Next click of the button the report is sent via e- mail to the patients, a copy is handed over and a text message is sent informing to the patient that the report is ready. A chain of events occur within few hours that help in the early diagnosis of the prevailing condition.
Gone are the days when health care set ups had to slog hard to generate a diagnostic test report. The transporting of samples through the pneumatic chute system which allows the easy transfer within minutes from one corner of the premises to the other corner has reduced errors in all aspects.
The moment a radiographic image is taken, it gets uploaded on to a system that is pushed into a data base. The server detects the search based on the requirement by the clinician each time he/she wants to view it.

Little things like these have overall made the life of the people approaching the health care industry better. A patient walks in with an ailment and walks home satisfied for approaching a modern day health care center.
Being from the health care industry myself, I feel we are constantly striving to provide a better living.  

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