Monday, December 24, 2018

'TRUE BEAUTY' is You and Me

I believe every woman has TRUE BEAUTY within her in all the roles she plays. For over 18 years across 650 plus salons across the country, Naturals has been helping the Beautiful Indian Woman get more Beautiful.
Today Naturals Salutes the Beautiful Indian Woman.
Presenting Naturals TRUE BEAUTY… 

Thank you Naturals and Women's Web for giving me such an opportunity to pen my words down- A pen whose ink had dried for long and a mind whose creative juice had hardened due to life's unnatural circumstances.

This topic kindled many thoughts in my mind and raised questions which I always had different answers for.

If you ask a 5 year old, ' Who do you think is a True Beauty?'. 
 'My mother,' would be the prompt answer. 

If you ask a 10 year old, ' Whom you think to be a True Beauty?' 
' My teacher,' pat comes the answer. 

If you ask the same question to a 15 year old,' Deepika Padukone/any other actress would be the answer.' 

If a 20 year old is asked,' How would you define true beauty?' She may say,' P.V Sindhu/Sania Mirza/ V R Lalithambika/ Manushi Chillar....'

At 27, a woman may say, 'Mother/Mother-in-law/aunt/even a daily wage labourer/ household maid/ Nirbhaya/ fighters/ survivors, someone like Laxmi Agarwal.'

At 35, ' A woman might say,' My little daughter.'

At 50, may be, 'My daughter- in-law.'

This circle of life will continue and our perspective of beauty will keep changing with time as our life goes on. There might be many who might have that 'one person' whom they admire or consider as true beauty but I have always felt that true beauty lies either deep within or superficial in all women no matter who they are. It is defined by the way we women look at ourselves and move forward in society, despite all odds. The courage, love, compassion and grit that we all display defines us who we are. We spend a lot of time giving to the society, giving to the family but true beauty lies in giving some love for our own selves. I was in this delusion for a long time thinking that true beauty is only judged either by looks or by our talents/ capabilities, be it educational or our skills, but the word, 'TRUE BEAUTY' is every single woman on this planet who enjoys, loves and respects being who she is. 

I hadn't realized this until life threw certain challenges at me, which I was unprepared for.  

Life had turned topsy-turvy with sudden near death escape, hospitalization, surgery, consultation and getting in an out of the doctor's chamber- not for academic purpose or for diagnosing other patients, but this time, for ME. I had always been on the observing end when it came to pain and suffering because of the profession I am in and had been consoling many such parents at my diagnostic laboratory but suddenly one day, life chose to turn the tables and I was put at the 'being consoled' end as a mother to be , who had lost a precious life due to an ectopic pregnancy. Suddenly,  a swarm of well wishers surrounded me, trying to console me and get me out of a mental state of shock I was in, that time, I was on the OTHER SIDE

Incidents that followed post this during my physical and mental recovery process made me realize my true worth. I was in a disheveled state appearance wise as well as from within. I did not want to look at myself in the mirror as I was too scared - to see those red-swollen bags under my eyes, those heat boils and acnes on my face due to medications, to look at my stitches or my hands with swollen veins with the I.V. cannula inserted in. I forgot the purpose of being alive; I forgot to love myself in those times. I felt ugly not only from outside but from within.
In this state of melancholy that I was in, my husband held my hand one day and said, 'Look at yourself with a smile for what you have been, what you are and what you will be.' 
That statement was strong enough to shake me out of that delusion I was in and made me think deep. Situations can be circumstantial but what we think about our own self shouldn't change ever. I am just a minuscule representative of an entire community of women who would have faced worse circumstances than I did. But. the day we start feeling good about ourselves, that day we become the true beauties.

True beauty is nothing but You and Me

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