Thursday, January 29, 2015

Living our dreams together on Valentine's Day


The most special person in my life is my best friend, my partner in crime, the one whom I depend on the most in this world- 'My husband'. If I were to be endowed with unlimited powers on the coming Valentine's day I would like to use them to fulfill my husband's dream and make it the most memorable day in his life. 

He is an adventurous person by nature, an extensive traveller, a biker by passion, a freelance photographer and a very lively man. Travelling to offbeat destinations is always on his list. He chooses to do something unique and different always. For him life is all about getting to know new places, meeting new people, understanding different cultures and foremost experience everything in life. Currently his dream destination is Iceland, where he wants to spend almost a fortnight. He also should have his best gear for photography before he takes this trip. He wanted to upgrade his present camera to a Nikon D750 full frame one with an 85mm f1.8 prime lens. He loves this combination and has been waiting to buy this camera and lens. He keeps imagining that we both will be travelling to Iceland for a relaxed trip and we would be staying there at leisure capturing the beauty of the place with the camera.I was saving up all this while just to give him this gift. I wanted to gift him a travel experience and a camera of his choice that could help in capturing the beauty around. This camera was available easily in India in any certified Nikon showroom.

I have been very lucky to have been granted this wish to choose anything I want to make my husband feel special. There couldn't be a better day than Valentine's Day 2015. Since our Anniversary and Valentine's Day coincided on the same day. This gives us one more reason to celebrate. Another advantage we had was that, Valentine's day will be falling on a weekend, I wanted to plan the trip from the first week of February till mid February 2015. 

I will choose Comfort 4U in Keflavik as the accommodation of my choice via Airbnb. I chose Airbnb because it was comfortable, reasonable and homely. This could also help us in getting to know the people who were staying there and also know about the place in a better way.

I would book the flight tickets and also try to get hold of a travel agency for arranging a Schengen Visa. Everything could be done online so that it will be easy to coordinate our trip once we reached Iceland. The very fact that I was organizing something myself and arranging it just for my husband and making him feel good was making me nervous as well as excited. Never had I done something so great for my husband in our one year of marriage.

In Iceland we would go for an Ice Climbing tour, which is unique to  this place. We would involve ourselves in hiking activities where we could see the large areas covered with colourful mountains, lava fields, glaciers, hot springs, lakes and black sands. I also wanted to take him for a cave expedition. It has been told that due to its position of Iceland on the Mid-Atlantic ridge, it is one of the most active volcanic regions in the world. Its unique geological conditions make for some awe-inspiring rock formations, both beneath the surface as well as above it. Various tube caves that have been formed by magma flowing underneath the earth's surface after lava has solidified overhead, which can be safely explored through guided tours. This could be the best activity for us on our trip. The rest of the time we would spend shopping, bird watching, whale watching, eating out and tasting the local cuisines. Overall, I would be able to cover all the important places of attraction that he would love to go to.

Before leaving Iceland, I would like to take him to Vatnaj√∂kull National Park, specifically for Valentine's Day celebration, so that he can enjoy the beauty and the diversity there. It has been told that it is the best place to take amazing photographs. My husband is a swimming buff. He is like a water animal. His love would grow more when given a chance to swim in the geothermal pool and spa. After an adventurous tour and a relaxing swim in the geothermal pool,  I would like to take him out to the best place, ArgentinaSteak house for dinner in Iceland. It is one of the best places to have good food, drink and enjoy a quiet and peaceful dinner. On the website the ambiance is so beautiful that one could get lost in it. The reviews of the locals also add on to it. I wanted to choose the best place for him. The romantic feel and the atmosphere with a glass of wine and chilled beer would make us get blended with the atmosphere. It would act like a balm to our aching soles. We would be already in half a mood to leave the place and our holiday would end in a day’s time. This could be our best antidote. I really wish this entire trip plan would be successful and my husband will be contented by the trip. It is so rare that one gets a chance to fulfill their dream. This wish that I was granted was a unique one. I consider myself very lucky to have been able to do this trip and buy a camera.  I just wanted a chance to make my husband feel special on a special day.

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Unknown said...

Wonderful.Let the dreams turn to realty.Best wishes.

Power of Words said...

Thanks mom and dad.