Saturday, January 24, 2015

My love for technology grows more with ASUS EeeBook X205TA

If I have to choose ASUS EeeBook X205TA  vs ASUS All In One PC ET2040, my choice is undoubtedly ASUS EeeBook X205TA.

I am not a technology freak but I do need to use it because nothing happens these days without technology. I am in the medical field, where I require a system for purposes as checking patient reports, writing journal articles or researching on the technology that I am working with currently. With all this I am an avid reader and a writer. I have taken up a part time hobby of candid wedding and couple photography with my husband so I am someone who has become dependent on technology more off late. It is compact, easy to carry, light weight, sleek and mainly easy to learn. I am too bad at using gadgets. This would make me feel more friendly to the usage of a notebook. I can even carry it in my hand bag which of course is huge and has got lots of other things.

It has got more than what I could ask for. Windows 8.1 version which can help me with the latest updates.I can surf the net for almost 12 hours with full charge which is why I would love to have this. Especially when I participate in IndiBlogger Happy Hours contests I don't know how to send posts on time while travelling. This will come in handy and help me participate and win contests on time. I travel a lot and sometimes I need to send certain research journals across to my other colleagues which makes me more dependent on a notebook like this. I also read many e-books while I travel or during my leisure time. This feature will help me to a great extent. The cost is also not too much to afford. I would love to choose the colour red and it will make me feel more lively. I love the colour choice they have given. It seems different from the standard mundane black or grey colours of the electronic devices that we use. The screen 

I am solely dependent on Microsoft Office for my work. Especially when it comes to Microsoft word and Microsoft Excel and Access. I am not comfortable using google docs yet. This brings me more into the comfort zone. I get the splendid use of technology with good storage space and a wonderful touch screen. I don't have to depend on my phone too much. I am a movie buff too so for me listening to songs and watching movies without speakers is the best. The speakers here are front facing that will help me with good sound quality. When there is Quad Core Processing there can be smooth multitasking. So this is my choice that suits my needs. A cute, sleek and slim one for me which will suffice for my basic daily needs.

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