Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Life is going to be really Jinga La La with #TATASkyTransfer

With everything under the sun possible by just swiping over our fingers on a smart phone, television series cannot remain behind. Tata Sky is helping people to use technology to their advantage when it comes to watching their favourite television series. 

Tata Sky brings to us the Tata Sky+Transfer feature  : Using this feature one can watch their favourite television series on a smart phone without fighting for the remote. All you need to do is register for this Tata Sky+Transfer application and your television series are just a click away. Just Record, Trasnsfer using your Wi-Fi to your mobile phone, carry the smart phone along and also your favourite television series and stream it without internet. This allows you complete freedom when it comes to clash of choices related to watching television at home. Each individual in the family has his/her own choice when it comes to entertainment. So, be smart and avoid clashes at home for just the remote and the television screen. One can rewind and watch a particular episode of a TV series, HD mode is also available which will give a great picture and video-sound quality. The storage space is 500GB which is enough to store our favourite television series for a long time. We have the freedom to watch anything available in the channel anytime and anywhere. There is a separate set top box available for this feature. It is the Transfer box that comes with a remote. Keep the home Wi-Fi connection ready. Advisable to invest on a good Wi-Fi connection so that downloading/transferring is faster. Having said all this, if given the opportunity I would like to use this feature  for watching some of my favourite television series, which I can watch online anytime and anywhere. This feature is compatible with Android and Apple based phones. 

I love to watch movies in my free time. My favourite channel is Romedy Now and the newly launched MN+ HD.  These channels show really good movies. There hasn't been one movie so far that has been streamed in these channels that I haven't liked. For a casual watch I switch over to Hindi movie channels also such as Star GOLD HD, Regional Movies K TV - Tamil and in English - Star Movies and HBO

Apart from watching movies I listen to songs and like switching over various music channels like MTunes, MTV Indies, Vh1, Sony Max that has a mixed of old and new songs, Mastii and Music India. 

My latest favourite in watching regular TV Hindi TV series is EPIC channel in which every Monday and Tuesday there are stories of Rabindranath Tagore compiled in the form of TV series directed by Anurag Basu. I have not missed a single episode of the different stories that are shown every week. 

I used to watch House M.D till it was telecast in Star World. Apart from that I also follow Vampire Diaries which is shown occasionally. I have followed few episodes of Grey's Anatomy which is also great to watch. Now, I am eagerly waiting for Quantico to be telecast in the same channel from 3rd October 2015. ZEE Cafe also had some interesting series like the House of Cards which I follow at times. 

I love watching episodes on Travel and Living Channel ( TLC), adventure and wildlife stories on Discovery, at times catch up on the stories from the wild on the National Geographic Channel. I am also liking the episodes in Nat Geo people channel which have shows on the similar lines as TLC. 

NTDV Good Times is a very informative channel when it is pertaining to India. Be it the show of Rocky and Mayur or a show like Band Bajaa Bride I love watching the shows here. They also have health awareness shows which I really like a lot. 

Few days back I was following Indian Idol Junior 2015 episodes in Sony channel. Apart from these few channels I do not particularly follow any specific TV series. I keep switching over channels and if I find something interesting I do watch. 

I am sure Tata Sky+ Transfer feature is going to help me be up to date with regular TV series which I would not want to miss. 

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