Sunday, September 27, 2015

Paint it colourful!!!

“I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association with BlogAdda & Bed Bath & More."

As the name of my blog stands, the world where I live in should be colourful. I want a blend of different colours in my house. I am attracted to various themes used in hotels, cottages and home stays where I have stayed over during holidays. I would love to style my house and decorate it according to various themes pertaining to mine and my better half's taste.When we decide to style our house according to various themes the first thing that comes to our mind is the colour of the walls. I would choose each room according to the mood requirement in each space. My husband and I have similar taste when it comes to doing the interiors of our house. We stay in a rented house which is extremely beautiful with its original colour but if given a chance to change it we would blend it with beautiful themes and colours. Considering our house is a two and a half BHK( Bedroom Hall Kitchen and Study), we decided to set themes accordingly.

Bed Bath More has given good options to choose from their colour themes. One can actually visualize the look of the rooms through their feature which is really helpful. Sometimes we get attracted to colours and choose something but later we find out that the colour would not look good on the walls. It might be a disaster to get the house repainted after putting in a lot of money and effort. Their website makes it very simple. Do check it out :-

I would prefer starting with our master bed room which we have always wanted of a lighter shade with a dash of bright colour mixed in it. This would add a romantic feel to the room and keep it light and bright at the same time. So I would go with Luminous tones for this room. The colour will be bright and at the same time warm to provide comfort to our eyes. Sleeping in the dark and waking up to the brightness should be gradual and peaceful in such a room.  Using the #Paintfinder feature, I have selected Melon Code-2110 Nerolac Paints for our bedroom. 

The master bedroom
For the other bedroom we would choose the Ethnic Jade theme with the colour Green Cascade 4A Code-413 Berger Paints,  which could add an ethnic touch to the other room. We could use it as a guest room or also our room whenever we wanted to feel closer to nature.
The second bedroom

I would choose from the Lemon Cooler theme to paint my dining hall with  a colour that would reflect freshness and at the same time calmness. For this my choice would be Dry Pine Needles 3D Code-831 Berger Paints. 

The dining space

For the living room I would prefer a lively yet cool, beach theme colour giving a Mediterranean feel to it. My colour choice would be Garden Glory Code-2431 Nerolac Paints. It should look great with a blend of white in it. I would style the living room according to the colour of the paint chosen with appropriate furniture and upholstery. 

The living  room

  The kitchen should have a bright and a woman like feel to it so I would prefer Old Country Roses 1D Code-463 Berger Paints. This would add mode liveliness to a space where I would spend ample amount of time in. The place where I would love to experiment with different cuisines and feel pumped up and recharged about being the woman managing the kitchen. For a change, when my husband comes to cook he has to adjust looking at the pink colour around. I haven't chosen a very light shade of pink in order to avoid giving it a baby like look. 

The lively kitchen

The study room would be a shade from the colonial red theme where we would love to enjoy our happy time reading a book and enjoying it over a cup of coffee. My colour choice would be Deep Orange Code-506 Asian Paints. I would like to read books, listen to music, write and just sit back and and enjoy my time there. 

Study room where I would replace sofas with bean bags

The bathroom would be a shade of light purple mixed with grey. It is just to give a calm feel to the bathroom. I would like to just relax and enjoy the peace around, while I soaked myself in the lather and warm water and ease out my nerves in the bath tub. My choice would be - Carefree Breeze Code-7171 Asian Paints.

Having said all this I wish some day I am able to execute my plans. 

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