Monday, November 9, 2015

It is happy playtime for the baby

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Every mother worries about the safety of her child even whether the child grows into an adult. Even now my grandmother worries about my mother's health, then won't a new mother worry more about her toddler?
Mothers' are extra cautious when the baby has started crawling and slowly walking around holding the table or the stool. They fret about each step the baby takes, worrying if the baby get injured if he/she falls. Their tender and weak feet which are just set free makes the baby even more anxious to crawl/walk around while a mother makes sure the baby is safely put in one place. But how much can we control??? Infants are born smart and are very clever and active in breaking all rules and ensuring that they do everything opposite to their mom's will. They get that utmost happiness to see the irritation and troubled look on their mother's face when she runs around searching for them. Despite all the trouble, setting the baby free and allowing the baby to move around and see them do funny things is divine happiness.
So, mother's can decide to be smarter and solve this problem in easy ways. They can ensure that their child has a good time moving around and at the same time also make sure this playtime is #SoftestForBabySkin. I decided to follow certain steps which really helped me stay calm and relieved. 
Once babies start crawling, mothers' can make sure they keep a soft cloth around or make them crawl on a huge mat/cushioned soft bed. Babies will not go too far out of their comfort zones which is marked by the mattress, since they like being in familiar zones in the initial days. It is better to put the sleeping mattress down and allow them to roam around in that vicinity. This will prevent injury to their soft knees and palms. Their toys can be arranged on the mattress so that they can enjoy in the same place and also move around freely. 
Toys are babies first love, especially when their teeth have just started popping out. To ensure that they they do not get hurt while chewing and also while playing with them , it is most important to note the kind of toys that need to be bought. Toys should not have sharp edges and should also be made of non-toxic plastic or fiber material. Sharp edges can cause injury to their delicate skin. 
Babies love being without any piece of cloth on them. Basically, they do not like being bound by anything. Rough and thick cotton or synthetic material clothing should be avoided. Soft cotton/linen material which is feather light should be preferred over other fancy materials for an infant's clothing. Soft cotton cloth would be very light which will make them feel as good as naked. This will help them move around freely and play without any discomfort. Soft cotton cloth also does not cause rashes and injury due to excess movement. Synthetic or thick silk mixed fabric might look great but might lead to severe rashes when the babies move around. The most sensitive parts are the inner thighs, knees and stomach. 
The most important point to consider when babies are moving around is the kind of diapers used. Mother's try to reduce their frequency of bed sheet changing sessions by keeping the baby in diapers, especially during playtime. It is always better for the baby to be in soft diapers. Tight diapers may cause irritation while the baby moves around. They might also lead to rashes which will prevent the baby from being carefree and happy while playing. At the same time a mother can be relaxed and carefree. The baby's skin is safe and also a mother is tension free. 

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