Sunday, May 17, 2015

Champi for Mummy

Probably the creator wanted one individual in each family who was always there for the family, a person who took care of the needs of the entire family, someone who could manage and hold everyone together, could bear innumerable pain to give birth to a new one and extend the family, one such soul who is selfless and full of love. The almighty wanted to bring someone as strong as him on this earth. That's when he sent Eve in the form of a woman who later on would take the role of a mother. From then on every family has a mother. I always wonder seeing my mom that how could she be so selfless? I would also be a mother in the future but I have this question in mind- Would I ever be able to be like my mom? I agree that they are the hormones post childbirth that helps a woman to mature emotionally and become stronger. The bond that is created between a child and his/her mother makes mothers be selfless and extremely loving. Giving birth to a child is not easy and also managing the family along with a growing child. We all are so attached to our mothers that we know- anything on this earth mom has a solution for it. We grow up eventually and there comes a time when we might have more knowledge that our mother but she is the one who always knows the best. 

In the modern day scenario women and being given more opportunities and with a good family support system mothers in families are trying to juggle between professional as well as personal lives. That doesn't mean that their responsibilities reduce. They have an additional responsibility of taking care of their career interest along with personal life. It has always been a mother in the centre of the family and the entire family around her is dependent on her. She has to divide the pie chart of her life equally in order to manage a family peacefully. 

Like all mothers my mom has been the pivot for our family. That doesn't mean fathers are any less but a family is dependent on a woman no matter how modern they can get. No one can eliminate a woman from their lives who later on will become a mother. My story is different because my mother had to undergo physical hardships just after my birth. She suddenly contracted an incurable but controllable disease out of nowhere. There wasn't even a genetic connection. She suffered with Psoriasis and she is still suffering without a proper cure. Sometime she used to cry in pain and I never understood the reason for her grief when I was a child. 28 years back there wasn't any cure for it and neither were there any discoveries done in medical science which could find a potential cure for this disease. Despite all this my mom never left any stone unturned in my upbringing. I don't remember now exactly how she did it but I have faint memories of her sufferings. She never made me feel that she was suffering; Right from getting me ready for school, packing tiffin for me, waiting to have lunch with me, giving me whatever I need, taking me out, staying awake at night with me so that I could concentrate on my studies, worrying and praying for me while I wrote my exams, sharing my tensions during exam preparations, worrying when I went out alone, had a strong heart to let me go to another city for higher education only to make sure that I become successful. Her gesture of waiting outside the gate when I came home for holidays, making a list of all the dishes I like, talking on phone for hours together sharing her feelings and most of all helping me maintain my long silky hair; mom knew it all and she did everything. As I grew up I started realizing that behind all the normal things, she was enduring extreme pain. She went through a physical, mental as well as a social pain. At times she used to feel extremely low about herself because of her disease condition. As her disease became chronic from acute her bones and joints started getting affected. Her condition went from bad to worse and she had permanent deformities in her small joints that could never be reversed to their normal shape. It was that time when she started refusing to even oil my hair. She couldn't even comb her own hair and make plats. I helped her till the time I was there at home. When I went to college she couldn't do everything alone so she was forced to cut her hair short. I felt deeply affected when she had to cut her long, silky straight hair short. There was no one to even apply oil in her hair. Post marriage I feel even worse that I was staying away from her. I miss doing things for her. 

Since I have got my hand on Parachute AdvansedAromatherapy oil I thought I could relieve her of her tensions and also massage her hair when she always used to do for me. It was time for me to give her a nice hair oil massage that would help her feel relaxed and calm. It was the right time for me to create a situation for her just like the times when her mother used to oil her long tresses. Her hair is still short but I hope that I could help her maintain the current length. I will ensure she will not have another chance to cut her hair shorter and be unable to maintain it. Hair oil massage is scientifically proven to increase blood circulation in the scalp and also relieve tension. When we massage the scalp with hair oil, blood flow increases in our blood vessels that are present in the brain. As blood flow increases it allows more exchange of nutrients and oxygen. The stress causing hormones like cortisol and epinephrine increase. Proper blood flow helps in reducing the levels of these circulating hormones and increases endorphins. I had read in some research articles that reducing stress could help my mom feel better and her medical condition would also improve. The amount of stress she has taken for all these years is nothing compared to what I would be offering to her but I could be slowly helping her release all that has been built in from 28  years. She deserves every bit of this relaxation. Since this oil is available in different fragrances like Lavender, Rosemary and Bergamot, I would choose the one she likes and feels the most relaxed with. I would prefer doing it twice a week so that she relaxes and feel fresh despite her physical ailments. Wishing this could help in improving her condition because research says that Psoriasis management can be done well by leading a stress free lifestyle.  This could be the best possible and easily accessible way to de-stress my mother. The number of pills she has popped from year together would someday affect her system. De-stressing would reduce the risk of side effects due to medications. Whatever it takes I want to see my mother relaxed and happy with herself. She has become so withdrawn and less confident about herself that she needs to be relieved of all the worries. I wish I could get ten percent of the strength my mom has got to endure any kind of suffering. 

I’m blogging about why my mother needs to de-stress with a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil massage for the #StressFreeMom activity at BlogAdda.

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