Friday, May 15, 2015

Finally!! Airtel makes life easier.

I have been using Airtel network on my mobile since 2005. Airtel network has been very friendly with me in Tamil Nadu as well as in Karnataka. I could manage to be well connected always with my parents when I was in hostel. Even now, I am using the same Karnataka number which I got in 2008. There were problems with roaming connectivity when I travelled in the train to my hometown during college holidays. My parents got worried endlessly and I waited for network zones to inform them about my whereabouts. In 2008, the network connectivity improved and I could stay connected while travelling with my folks at home very well. In 2012, once I moved out of my home town again for work, I still didn't want to change my network. That's when I started getting many benefits through Airtel offers. I could travel without worrying about connectivity problems. Slowly my problems started differing when it came to Airtel. I was bothered about recharges. Initially the only option to recharge phones was through scratch cards or some Airtel recharge boothw/shopw. Since Internet has taken confidence over everyone, people forgot recharge shops and started recharging online. I used to stay in a place without a proper Internet connection. I started going to a local recharge shop where mobile phone recharge was done in minutes. Those times I used to always have problems calling up home because of ‘0’ balances. I used to wait for the next day until a recharge shop opens and then I got to recharge my phone. Slowly Wi-Fi and easy net connectivity forayed into everyone's lives by 2012 so as mine. I started recharging online. Seven months ago I used to struggle to recharge even through their website. It used to hang many times showing 404 errors. I used to get charged from the bank but recharge never happened. I also use Airtel Broadband at home. There was a time when I had to wait for a week to pay my Broadband bill. We even raised a complaint on their website. The issue was solved in a couple of days after their response. 

In 2015 they have introduced the new website which seems faster, easier and simpler. I haven't faced any problems so far. Hoping it remains the same. Now, because of the Airtel Loan facility and easy Internet recharge I don't bother about zero balances ever. I was happy thinking about the revamped Airtel website when they introduced us to their My Airtel App ( It is certainly making me feel more confident about Airtel now. I don’t even have to go to my desktop or laptop to recharge. I have it handy with me. All I need is an Airtel 3G balance to recharge my phone. Phew!! It has given me such a relief. 

I can only say that I am loving it!! I logged in and they say that I am a ' Platinum Member'. 

I can get to know my balance easily without typing or sending any codes. It saves me so much time. I struggle with recharges but now it will just be a click away. I can view different offers instead of calling up customer care and waiting in call center queues to know the best offer for the day. I can easily store numbers which I want to recharge frequently. If I use Airtel Money then I can buy products also buy recharging my wallet. 

With every recharge there are offers. Who wouldn't want a voucher or a discount coupon? I frequently keep recharging my phone as I spend a lot on talking to my parents at home. I can get to know the day to day STD calls offers and recharge accordingly. I get a bonus voucher for recharging. The offers are also useful, like on Pizza Hut, PVR, CCD, Flipkart, VLCC etc which form a part of our regular lifestyle these days.

Airtel seems to take you by surprise also. I shake my phone and there are multiple offers with promo codes exclusively for my phone. Offers and discounts are so elusive. Who wouldn't want to use them?

I can also save names and numbers to which I need to recharge frequently and set as my favourites. Every time ' I want to' Recharge for those I have to just click. Their payment gateway is very secure so I needn't worry about my account security. They allow card details to be stored also but it is secure.

Now Airtel will not allow me to go to '0' balance. It will alert me whenever I have low balance and force me to recharge

I am enjoying the App and I am also sure that there will be more surprises for me in store from Airtel. What are you waiting for?? Download the My Airtel App right away and don't forget to check out their page before downloading the App. 

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Abhijit Ray said...

Airtel is one of the oldest Indian private network. It is high time they improve and provide better service to native customers.