Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ek Nayi League- Revolution in trading!

The videos of Kapil Dev talking about a different kind of cricket must be making everyone very impatient. All cricket fans would like to know what is this all about. I was also confused looking at the short fifty second and one minute videos which were posted on Ek Nayi League website. Guessing by the video where Kapil speaks about a different kind of cricket, I feel it is not about playing cricket but about playing a game in a very different way.

The line where he says," Itne din saare khiladi dil se khelte the, par ab dil se khel nahi sakte." This could just mean that the kind of game which he is going to introduce is not just about playing with our heart and soul but it is about technicalities. Any player who wants to be attaining success by winning these kinds of matches should know about the theoretical as well as the practical aspect of the game. One cannot win just because luck favoured the player for that day. If we play with just the heart and with anxiety may be a bad shot can be ruining us. I feel that Kapil would be training celebrities on such aspects.

#EkNayiLeague would be about finer aspects of trading which cannot be won easily. Players would have to struggle to get past such a game. There would be strict rules yet they would manage to ensure that players know how to handle such a game and they play it the right way. Money games involve the mind and not the heart. If one's mind is not focused while dealing with money and trading money it could create major losses. Kapil is helping the common man who has the knowledge and the money to invest in the right stocks and trade a good amount from it. There are also chances that if one registers into India's newest trading platform one can win an amount as huge as Rs. 1 Crore. One can also get a chance to become India's Smartest Investor. Investment is a mind game and winning it is very difficult but not impossible. Many investors learn the art of trade through their family business, through forefathers and some study about it. Kapil here brings a platform where anyone can become a smart investor by knowing the details about the trade and also investing smartly.  It is the Indian Trading League (ITL)which is a pan India competition that will allow participants to showcase their investing and trading skills where they compete with other market participants in a real market environment across asset classes including stocks, derivatives and commodities. In this way participants or players can win the ultimate title of being India’s Best Trader and win a Cash Prize of Rs. 1 Crore and many other prizes. This competition is open to Intraday Traders, Investors, Positional or Short Traders , Systems/Algorithmic Traders and Female candidates. Everyone who participates in the Indian Trading League will have only one clear goal , which is to generate the Highest Possible net percentage return. This league will commence from 19th May 2015 and will go through the entire financial year till March 2016. The competition is divided into different timelines- Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. Prizes will also be announced accordingly. Participants can participate in these anytime according to their will. 

To know more on what Kapil Dev has to say about Ek Nayi League, do check their website - and also Indian Trading League. 

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