Monday, April 7, 2008

Birthday Blast (21-3-2008)

This year my birthday was really special for me. I was in Ooty. We were a group of 9.
Arif, Mayen, Jayen, Ram, Karan, Ippu, Ani, Sandy and I. I surely knew my birthday and our trip will be fun but never had expected so much out of it. Apart from the normal celebrations we had, the weather of Ooty. It was raining there with chilling cold nights. The whole day we were roaming around in different places and every now and then my friends kept singing the birthday song. Wherever we went they made it so obvious that it was my birthday and always wanted to do something different for me.

MY BIRTHDAY had to be special this year. One reason is so obvious, my trip, and the
other is CCD. I was in CCD on my birthday. Not once but twice. (Nothing unusal in celebrating one's b'day in CCD but mine was different).There are namely, 2 CCD’s in Ooty. I visited the first one, near our hotel during the day and the second one after my treat. We were all very confused as to where we were going for my birthday treat. After thinking over it for long, we all decided to go to a Chinese Restaurant. It wasn’t very far from our hotel. The treat turned out to be a bit disastrous as the food was a perfect Chinese preparation. It was bland and we Indians want a hint of spice in Chinese food also, so all didn’t like it. We were walking back after the treat when we spotted another CCD. It was much bigger and spacious than the previous one. My face lit up seeing that and I went hopping, skipping and jumping within…..all seemed quite relaxed. Now that we entered CCD there was confusion as to where we will sit so that all are comfortable… We tried to sit in all the possible couches. The specialty of some of them was that they had a fire place in the middle but to our disappointment they wouldn’t light that now. We didn’t loose hope. We tried making ourselves comfortable but there was something that was making all of us uneasy. There was one thing to our advantage that at this hour of the night. No body was there except us. There was another small group who came later but was in one corner. In the event of making ourselves comfortable we forgot to even enjoy the music that they were playing. The sound system was pretty good and then came the number which set the mood. It was the …. “Gasolina….”song … Listening to this, Ram started dancing and then why would I stop… It was my solo number… I kept dancing on this track and all my friends were clapping and enjoying themselves too…
This went on…… and all were in action. We made our own corner now arranging the couches and there was room for all to sit comfortably.
But… but…. but .this CCD was not that good as expected as we didn’t get anything that we wanted. It was too late and they didn’t have anything left. We were dying to eat Sizzling Brownie and it was not there. Sad!! We managed with other things such as coffee, milk shake, ice tea, Chocolate sundae but the purpose of being in CCD was not served. We were about to finish when Arif went and asked them to play the song… “Every night…” (Titanic). It was just to irritate Ram and Karan who didn’t like this song but they got pretty serious and walked out of the cafĂ©. We all were about to leave when Arif suddenly started dancing on this …. Then we all joined as if CCD was all ours. We were enjoying as if the CCD was all ours. No body to stop us. We continued for a while and moved out. I didn’t want to go… I wanted to continue dancing but the fun has to come to a halt as we have to give way for other things to happen. We all were walking back in a jolly mood. My dream of dancing in CCD came true, that too on my birthday. At the end of the day when I just recalled the events of the day I felt that my friends made my day great. The BEST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION I’ve ever had.

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