Monday, April 14, 2008

Chemistry In life!!

It sounds too much related to human physiology, right??
No… it isn’t. It has nothing to do with Bio chemistry. This post has just got something to do with the concepts of Chemistry applied in our day to day life. The moment I think of Chemistry what strikes in my mind first is Chemicals and Chemical Bonding.
Now how are these related to our lives??

Talking about Chemicals, there is so much of “Chemical locha” in our minds, everyday. Here I don’t mean the literal chemical locha. I mean confusion, a war within, thoughts clashing in the mind and so much of thinking which goes on in the conscious as well as the subconscious mind.
Talking about chemical bonding I would say that just the way all elements are having some bond with each other, call it the strongest bond like the Covalent Bond or the weakest one like the Vander Waal’s Force or the hydrogen bond. The bond strength matters in case of relationships also. The stronger the bond strength the longer the relationship lasts but there is much more to it. At times in order to gain stability the atom or molecule or the element has to react with other elements in order to become something better. In such cases the bond has to be weakened. Relationships are also like that. Even after the action of emotions and clash of ideas and thoughts if a relationship holds strong then the bonding is really good. There are some bonds which break and they result in something better. So we needn’t worry about relationships also. There might be tension but this tension will just result in some distortion. It will not have a permanent effect. There might be some time for which the atom might be distorted, later it’ll regain its own shape when it reacts with other atoms or molecules. In the same way, time acts as the best healer and even helps in resolving clashes and also tension. It brings things back to normal and the bond is strengthened more. That’s what happens when one has faith. Bonds get stronger.

Now let me talk about stability. All want stability in life just the way an atom also wants stability. When atom gets excited and then goes to a higher energy level, it can’t stay there for long. It has to come back to its ground state to become stable. In the same way how much ever one attains success, one has to come down a bit after sometime to attain stability. This is how chemistry is applied in life.

These are some basic concepts that we all know and need to just understand. My Chemistry sir (Mr. A.K. Tripathi) always explained these concepts and there are many more. If u find some concepts in chemistry which can be applied in life then do suggest!!

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