Monday, April 7, 2008

Fights- Why do they happen?

Talking about trivial fights one can find many reasons... It can be among any group, be it friends, elders, colleagues or relatives. Off late my mind was working in different angle's . I was made to think on various topics of concern. One is this one. Rest will follow suit. I really dunno what I am writing , why I am writing...???? I am just writing for " my sake". All these days i always was a bit skeptical in expressing some of my thoughts here, just considering that they were a bit too personal. Even now, my diary has an upper hand but there's some force which is guiding me to write here. May be what I am talking about is a topic of concern in everyone's life.
Fights!!!They are a prominent part of everyone' s life . To consider the reasons for fights I can say that there are basically two main ones responsible for them: Girl and Money. Whatever happens , is all because of them. It's not that I came to know about this fact now that I am writing, but it's all based on my observation.
Be it a political grudge or in a friend circle or a family fight , these two factors play an important role. I was typing this when i asked my friend Harshit as to what could be reasons for fights to happen. He gave me four reasons( Girl, Money, Food and Earth). In the same way i kept asking many around me and got the same answer. Hope those who are reading this also have some answers to the question i have put up. your views are welcome.

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