Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mixed Feelings!!!

Kaise koi kaise kahe dosti kya hai ????……kya hai ????
Zindagi ki dhoop mein ye dosti chaav hai!!!!!
This was the punch line which kept going on in my mind. I was listening to the songs of Shaurya today, I like this because of the first two lines of this song.
I was sitting in the library today when I got in mind that I have just 10 days left to spend with my friends in college. I was not sitting in my usual place(the closed reference) in the library so was finding a lot of difficulty in concentrating in some other place as the tables were almost filled and each one there was up to something or the other. It was 8pm and I had just entered library after having my dinner. I was feeling very tired and sleepy as I had no time to rest after the exam. The problem is, if I am too sleepy I can’t control myself from dropping down any moment and anywhere. The a.c was also working properly so it was all the more good for me. I was reading Biochemistry book by Stryer. I didn’t know when I dosed off. I got up by the creaking noise made by the chair. It sounded very close to me so I just opened my eyes wide to see what it was. Just 2 chairs next me , 2 ppl say. It was a Tamilian guy (hosteller) and a Chinese girl. She looked very studious and was short and cute. A bit plump though. The surprising thing was they were not strangers but it seemed as though they were good friends. This was a bit surprising, not only for me but also for all the others who were witnessing this along with me. They both didn’t speak but conversed using a pen and paper. The girl looked so bubbly with her red frame glasses and she was very cheerful while talking to him. It seemed to me that they had just become friends and she was trying to learn how to converse in English from him. They were the center of attraction for almost 10 minutes. Everyone noticed the girl’s behavior and the way she was talking to him. None commented but all had a smile on their face. I also couldn’t help smiling. Seeing me smile, the girl sitting right in front of me also smiled and I smiled back. It was a good scene. I turned sideways and again tried to look just to see what she was doing and then went back to my book. I wasn’t sleepy at all now. I kept reading and smiling to myself. Then those two went to the close reference for some work. A small change in the atmosphere has got so much of impact on the mood of the people. I was a bit upset earlier and also sleepy.. my mood changed and again I got the same song that I had when I entered the library.
Kaise koi kaise kahe dosti kya hai ???? …….. kya hai ?????
Zindagi ki dhoop mein ye dosti chaav hai!!!

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