Monday, April 14, 2008


How much does having faith in anything matter? Faith is the pillar of all relationships and it does affect us a lot when the pillars of faith are weakened. I have faith in almost everything i do but my faith is deterred when my heart is broken. I have a lot of faith in the Almighty and i believe that whatever happens, is for good only but at times i am forced to be pessimistic. This is the time when i become a bit low and i have got Angels in Disguise around me who give me the strength to keep up my faith. I get emotionally attached to people soon and when my heart is broken then the faith that i hold in the relationship comes in handy. I get my confidence back and i learn each time, that i mustn't expect so much from anyone. This is one big lesson i learn everytime but in a harsh way. I am lucky to have some in my life with whom i share every damn thing that goes on in mind and i am thankful to God that i have got such wonderful people around. Just cause i have faith in myself and my close ones. I keep going on in my journey because of that. Dejection and disappointments are quite temporary in my life as i have some source of inspiration or the other.

My mom is my best inspiration. She always tells me , " Whatever happens happens for good. Just keep your calm and have faith in whatever you do." I have learnt this in the best way i can. There have been so many events in my life that have made me believe in her saying all the more. I think, just beacuse of the faith that my parents have on me , I AM WHAT I AM today!!

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