Thursday, April 10, 2008


We all have someone or the other from whom we draw our inspiration. We don't realize that but often we do get inspired seeing things around us. This theory of inspiration has worked a lot. Based on this only, the preaching’s of Swami Vivekananda are so popular and even there have been stories about the spider climbing up to reach its web. I am also one, who draws inspiration from various sources. Ya!! It depends for what I am drawing my inspiration and how much i am learning. Many think that I don't observe much and neither do i learn. Well... that's not the case with me. I do learn and i put it into practice also and my level of observation varies.

For example, The Hindu newspaper has got a supplement on called " The Sunday Magazine", each time i read it i get inspired. There is space for upcoming writers to express themselves and also for the established ones. There is space for book reviews, articles and discussions on some topics which are of public concern. Every week I get a new inspiration to write and i do write after that. It is a mixture all the thoughts that i get, which is put down in paper. In the same way, after every novel, every story i read, i get an inspiration. Based on that I can say I am about to finish writing a book too. Robin Cook's booked and his style and the topics which he deals with, the Medical breakthroughs, inspire me to read more about my subject. This was just a literary inspiration which I am talking about.

When I listen to songs I am inspired to understand them more and get to know about the emotions. It soothes my mind, it touches my soul and i am made to wonder each time on some of the beautiful lyrics that are written.

To talk about, an inspiration to talk, i get it from all the people around me who keep talking and are energetic.

When I feel that I am not the only one who has got so much of tension in the world but when I see the smiling faces of the workers and the people below the poverty line i feel a smile can lessen all the worries we have. I am inspired by every little thing i see and there are some who come to know about the source of my inspiration. Of course, this some includes people who understand me.

Okay!! Now let me tell you all about my latest inspiration. As i have mentioned in my previous post about my trip to Tirupati, there was something which gave me the strength to climb up.
It's not only about me but also about each person who was there with me. We were climbing a very steep stretch of stairs. There were almost 100 steps we had to climb, at one go .There wasn't much space to rest. We all got exhausted and were panting for breath. We held the rod in the middle and sat on the stairs for 15min.Meanwhile, I saw a 5 yr old child who come running up the steps, leaving his parents behind who were slow but not like us. Seeing that little boy climb so fast and seeing that enthusiasm in his eyes we all stood up. I said to myself," When such a small child can climb with so much of enthu why can't we who are much stronger than that kid."
All we needed was an inspiration and then we never stopped for long during our whole journey. We continued our journey in the name of God and the rest of the path seemed easy for us.

Guess..... after writing this I am inspired to write more. :)

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